So you want to be murdered by Kankuro? Here is your guide! This list is sure to make Kankuro kill you without even a second thought!

1. Say that his face paint is make up and tell him only girls should wear make up.

2. Steal all of his puppets and replace them with dolls.

3. Sigh loudly whenever he enters a room and say to the nearest person "He just HAS to come in when we start to have a good time!"

4. Say "Look its cat woman!" whenever he walks by.

5. Make Gaara cry.

6. When you see him, gasp and say "it's a miracle!" Then when he looks at you say "Oh sorry I thought you were the fourth kazekage. You look just like him!"

7. Accuse him of having a love affair with one of his puppets.

8. Draw on his forehead with a permanent marker when he's sleeping.

9. Say "Here kitty kitty.." instead of calling him by name.

10. Go into his room, steal his bunraku outfit (and all of his other clothes) and replace them with identical clothes that are too small for him. Then when he puts them on tell him he needs to lay off the junk food.

11. Paint the walls in his room pink!

12. Pour water in Gaara's sand gourd and tell him Kankuro told you to do it because he wanted to make a sand castle.

13. Imply that he has a crush on Lady Tsunada.

14. Follow him around and play the song "Puppet" by thousand foot krutch on your ipod (with the volume turned up loud enough for him to hear it). When he asks you why your doing that say "Its your theme song!!"

15. Punch him in the face.

16. Write a KankuroXOrochimaru fanfiction.

17. Make him bleach his hair blond then call him Ichigo.

18. Point at him and say "YOU! You're the reason that Gaara cuts himself!"

19. Ask him if the fourth Kazekage dropped him on his head as a baby.

20. Steal his face paint and paint puppets faces with it.

21. Steal one of his puppets and dance with it!

22. Order 5000 pizzas and tell the pizza guy that Kankuro will pay for them.

23. Take some of Shino's bugs and put them in Kankuro's bed.

24. Do his laundry for him and fade his blacks.

25. Follow him around and scream "Make way for the great puppet master!"

26. Break Tamari's fan and blame Kankuro.

27. Spray pepper spray in his jar of face paint.

28. Take his hood, put it on, then run around, flap your arms and scream "look I'm batman!"

29. Burn all of his puppets.

30. Draw a love Kanji mark (like Gaara's) on his head when he's sleeping then tell his siblings that he has decided that the only way to survive is to love only himself. Then look at Gaara and say "And yes Gaara, he is mocking you."