A/N :Hello people of Earth and beyond, crimson-obsidian-rose is back with another new FMA fan fiction. This is another childhood Resembool trio one-shot series set, because I don't think there are enough stories with Ed, Al and Winry as little kids. I hope this brightens up your day!

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Memoriae Tenere

Chapter 1- Dandelions

The last of the snow had faded away weeks ago, and the sun was shining very brightly over the residents and grassy fields of Resembool. It was spring time, and the people of the small village were returning to their farm work once again. But there was one small section of the farming village where the start of spring didn't mean planting crops; the section which held the Elric and Rockbell homes.

"Come on guys, hurry up!" Winry Rockbell stood at the top of the high hill behind their homes, hands cupped over her mouth in an effort to get her significantly slower friends to hurry up. It wasn't really their faults they were moving so slowly; Ed had bruised his knee yesterday and it was hard to walk on; Al, being the kind brother he was, was staying behind so that Ed didn't take the full of Winry's shouts. Winry, as much as it hurt her to see her friend's leg wrapped up, was excited at the prospect of finally being let out of her house without her big winter coat and couldn't contain herself any longer.

Eventually the Elrics had reached the top of the hill and stood beside Winry; the trio looked down upon a large, empty grass field. It was their field, the one they had played and laughed together on since they could remember; the one that led up to the river and large oak tree they'd sat under for shade on many a hot summer day. But today they weren't here to play or sit in the shade or swim in the lake. They were here to wish.

By this time of the year the field was scattered with dandelions, big, puffy white clouds of pollen stood out against the green of the grass. None of them could quite remember when they had started this unofficial tradition; they could only remember Sara Rockbell teach them the power of a dandelion wish and Trisha Elric as she waited for them at dusk on those long days. But every year, on the very first day that they could come outside with no outer clothing whatsoever, they made their wishes.

And so it began; the trio quickly scurried down the hill (even Ed, who was trying to ignore the pain in his knee) and grabbed one of the white weeds, holding it tightly in their arms before making their wishes. They each had their own approach to the art form; Ed, of course, blew as hard as he could on the plant to get all of the pollen off at once. Al would make his wish and blow them off gently, watching as all of the white tuffs flew into the air with shining olive eyes. Winry took the most time, though; she would first close her eyes and focus hard on her wish before opening them and blowing very softly on the dandelion, letting the pollen float around the air at a much slower pace then the others.

And so this would continue until either they ran out of dandelions or out of breath; and in both cases they would plop onto the floor and watch the white puffs of pollen dance around in the wind before boredom struck and a game of tag began (though this year they skipped rocks in the river instead to make it fair for Ed). And soon enough they would hear Trisha calling there names "Edward, Alphonse, Winry," and they would realize the sun was setting before rushing back up the hill and back home.

There you have chapter 1! I hope you guys enjoyed it! And just in case you were wondering, the title a the Latin expression that means "To remember"