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Chapter 1

One thing I was absolutely sure about...I HATE Edward Mason. I currently lay awake on my bed waiting for my alarm to go off. My eyebrow twitched at the thought of that asshole. (AN- lol, eyebrow twitch...i just thought that was funny.) My alarm went off, I walked into my personal bathroom and turned on the heat of the water. Stop thinking about him Bella, don't let him ruin you week. My brain told itself. I agreed. I didn't need Edward Mason to ruin my week.

I wrapped the towel around my lean body, as I stared at myself in my mirror. I was an average height 5'4 to 5'5. My hair was long and wavy tumbling to the middle of my back, it was a light chocolate with a reddish tint. I had a heart shaped face with soft check bones and my lips were a pretty rosy color.

I picked up my brush and ran it through my hair making it as glossy as possible. I then walked into my large closet and picked up a long sleeved Chanel top. It was baby blue with long-sleeves. The top rested on my shoulder then tipped down. I picked up a pair of tight faded jeans and put on a pair my designer boots.

My parents were rich. My father started out as a police officer when he was young but he was smart. When he was 16 he was accepted to Standford College. He skipped his Junior year of high school and later went on to become a lawyer. A little while after that he got all of his credentials and was instantly accepted to Harvard Law school. Within a couple of years he became the top lawyer. That's were we got half our money. The other half is thanks to my mom.

My mom, Renee, is one of the most famous fashion designers. She dropped out of high school but soon found her calling: fashion. She quickly went to fashion school, and got a scholarship to the top fashion school. In a couple of years she was well known in the fashion industry.

When my mom's friend, Julia, was a witness to a first degree murder, she went to the court, and that's where she met my father. The rest of the story is, as they say, history. They got married and my mom was soon pregnant with me. My being born just made their life even better. As a child I was never the kid to be called a spoiled rotten brat. Don't doubt that I wasn'tiled though cause I was spoiled. The difference was that I never acted like I was. I was shy, but as you began to get to know me, I was very outspoken but gentle.

I tied my hair in a pony tail, and added a pair of diamond earing's. I grabbed my backpack, and walked downstairs. We lived in a small town in Forks Washington. Why do we live here you ask, well both my parents, before I was born, had decided that the city life was to crazy. They then found this town name forks, and moved there. We found one of the biggest houses they had, and added even more to it.

I rounded the corner and stepped into the kitchen. We had two maids that live with us, they where close friends of my mothers, and had their own rooms. Very large rooms of course way bigger then your average room. They where treated like part of the family. My parents paid them well, and they could take a week off once a month for a week. But they couldn't leave at the same time, so Marie couldn't leave the first and come back the seventh, if Lucy had left the second and came back the 8th. They both couldn't be gone at the same time.

"Good morning Bella, here is your breakfast." Lucy said as she put a plate of eggs and two strips of bacon and a glass of milk. I smiled up at her,

"Thanks Lucy." I said. My mom sat on the other side of the stretched table. She had her head down and was sketching a new design.

"Hey mom, is dad away?" I asked. She glanced up. Everyone said I got my looks from my mother, she looked the same as me but with shorter hair, and laugh lines.

"Yes sweetie your father went to New York to present a case he has been working on." my mom said smiling at me warmly as she went back to work.

I went back to eating my breakfast, as I gulped the last of my milk I looked at the clock, 7:14 am. I had one minute before Rosalie and Alice where going to pick me up. I said good bye to my mom, and grabbed my backpack, and my Gucci purse that held my credit cards, wallet, and my keys.

And to no surprise Rosalie was there in the drivers seat with Alice in the passengers seat.

"Hey!" Alice yelled out of the car. I smiled at them as I slipped into the back.

Alice and Rosalie had been my two best friends ever since pre-school. I had to admit Rosalie was definitely the most beautiful out of all of us. She had the golden blonde hair, the brilliant Sapphire eyes and the unfairly perfect model body. Alice was the pitted one, but with black hair that stood out in all sorts of ways no one could complain that she didn't have her own look.

We arrived at school within minutes and found we were the only ones there. So we stayed in the car and chatted about the latest fashion and what we did over the weekend. I couldn't wait! Summer was practically upon us! it We only had one more week of school.

By the time it was 8:15 students began to fill in.

We stepped out of the car and walked into school. Some of the guys gave us lustful stares while the girls merely glared. We were popular. Our group of three were the only three girls, not just girls but students, that hated the Dominator's. (AN- okay i know lame name but stay with me here please) They were called the Dominators because thats just what they did. They dominated the school. They even had power over the teachers.

I opened my locker to retrieve my things when I heard the front doors slammed open. The cold air penetrated the warm hallways. Then screaming girls began running to the source of the sound and I could guess what was happening.

"God, do they have to make such an entrance?" Alice hissed at me. I looked up and saw our enemies. Edward Mason, Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen. They were the top playboys of the school. Their parents were as rich as ours, they got the top fashion just like we did, but they where the biggest bastards you would ever meet.

They smirked in that annoying way of theirs as they walked down the hall way with girls clinging to them. They passed us and flashed us the biggest smirk plastered on their faces. They were up to something. We just gave them icy glares as we slammed out lockers shut and stormed off to our first class.

As we sat down and the teacher was about to begin the loud speakers buzzed on.

"Good morning students of Forks High. We, the Dominator's, have an announcement." I heard Jasper Hale announce. All the girls were already squealing with delight.

"As everyone knows, summer is coming up and we have come up with a competition for all of you girls out there." Emmet Cullen continued.

"The competition is to find OUR Dominatrix-es. They will also be our official girlfriends for over the summer and throughout next year!" Edward Mason added. All the girls were screaming with excitement, I mean even senior girls worshipped the Dominator's.

"We will be picking the selected few that will be able to compete in this competition. By the last day of school, before summer vacation begins, some of you lucky girls will receive a red envelope. Until then we hope to see all of you later." Jasper ended. You could hear the click of the loud speaker go off, and, as if a switch was turned, all the girls errupted into an excited frenzy of chattering. The teachers would have a hell of a time getting the female student body to calm down.

This was going to be a long day.

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