A/N I heard somewhere about what the dr and rose say to each other when they meet again so i thought I'd do a fanfic on it, no spoilers or anything


She's here, she's actually here! So many years have passed since that day on the beach and so many companions, but none that have ever entered my heart the way she did.

Rose was always there for me after the Timewar and no matter what I tried to tell myself I found myself falling in love with her, but then came the battle of canary wharf and I found my whole world crashing and falling apart.

Yet Rose was HERE! She was standing right in front of me, eyes wide with arms crossed under her chest. She looked older, but then who knows how much time has passed for her. I knew she was back, I had already seen Mickey and knew Donna had run into her but to see her actually standing in front of me with that same blonde hair, albeit a little longer, the same wide brown eyes, which seem to have hardened over what ever dangers torchwood had put her through in Pete's world. Oh Rose I never wanted you to lose your innocence, never.

She's staring at me now; we're both stood about 15 feet apart, with me with my hands in my pocket and a hardened face. Why am I just stood here? Why wont I go to her and sweep her up like I long to, to kiss her the way I have denied myself for far to long.

I finally get my brain into gear and can utter the two truest words I have ever said.

"Missed you"

She's just standing there, not saying anything or doing anything, her eyes are filling with tears, and then I hear it, soft and filled with emotion.

"Missed you too"

We look at each other for a few more seconds, then, as if in mirror image, we run to each other, and as me collide I scope her up in my arms and swing her around. We look into each others eyes and feel my eyes fill with tears as hers falls over her eyelids. And as I set her down, without thought I crash my lips to hers.

The kiss is hard and passionate, as if I am a drowning man given air.

Rose it home, and she will never leave it again if I can help.

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