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Ch.1 - True Love Never Fades

Even though he couldn't sleep,Edward would still daydream. He would see her face. Her smile that made him weak in the knees. Most of his human memories had faded but Bella Swan,his first and only love,would never fade. He never wanted to leave her. Never wanted to stop kissing,holding her but he had to. To keep his beautiful Bella alive,Edward had to stay away from her.

Edward can't remember that night so well. Somethings are cloudy. He remembers walking home after saying good night to Bella. Then he remembers being tackled by someone who was very hard. Edward doesn't know who it was,just that those three days were horrible and very painful. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to be with Bella. Just having her near would take all of the pain away. He did try to see her but the smell of her blood made him turn around. He couldn't and wouldn't kill Bella. So he ran away from her. Edward spent almost thirty years feeding on humans. He hated himself everything he took someone's life. So when he found out that feeding on animals would be just like feeding on humans. He made the switch. Edward was alone for awhile until he meet Rosalie. She was dying in the middle of the street. He knew he couldn't let her die so he turned her. Edward hasn't and never will regret doing it. He found a sister in Rosalie,even if,she couldn't stop talking about herself. Emmett came into our family a couple years later. Edward didn't really know where he came from,just that Rosalie was on a hunting trip and came home with a very loud,wild,sometimes funny newborn vampire. Edward wanted to angry at his sister but knew she was falling for him. So he let it be.

"Edward!...Edward!". Someone was trying to get his attention. Even though, Edward would rather stay with the memories of Bella.

It was Emmett,Edward's brother.

"Oh,Sorry. What's going on?". Emmett rolled his eyes.

"Rose and I were talking. Well Rose was talking and I was listening..." He was losing track at what he was saying. Probably, thinking about his beautiful mate. "...Oh yeah,Well we think we should check out this Cullen guy"

"Alright. Did you found anything new about Carlisle and his family?" Edward asked

"No. All I know is he lives in Forks,Washington. He has a mate named Esme and they have three children but I don't know any of their names. And they don't feed on human blood like us. " Emmett smiled.

It was rare to meet vampires that didn't feed on humans. There was only a hand-full of their kind who feed on animals but it was harder to found the ones who didn't care if you once killed humans.

They left later that night. All of three of them were nervous. They didn't know what to expect when they met the Cullen family. Were they going to accept them or would they tell them to get lost? Even though Rose drove very,very fast,it would still take a couple of hours so Edward closed his eyes and thought of only one person. Bella.


Bella tried not to think of him. The way he kissed her. The way he touched her. The way he smelled like something sweet. It killed her over and over when she thought of Edward Masen. He was her true love. Why did he leave her? Bella knew she would never know the answer but she never gave up hope that Edward was waiting for her somewhere. She was a fool. Edward was long gone,just her old self. Bella Swan was died. She was now Bella Cullen - A vampire that could never feel Edward's love again.

It was over a month after Edward left Bella,when she decided to take her own life. The pain was too much to handle. How could she live without him? She kept the note he left her. All it said was 'I'm sorry. Love,Edward'. Every time Bella would cry over him,she would want to rip the note to pieces but she never did. She waited until there was a very big storm,wanting the ocean water to be dangerous for anyone to swim in it. Bella went to the top of the highest cliff. She whispered his name over and over then let her body fall to the water. She doesn't remember anything about drowning or Alice turning her. After Bella became a vampire,she didn't want join Alice's family. Even though,Alice,Jasper,Carlisle, and Esme were very nice and welcoming,she was angry that she was still in this world without Edward. Bella was on her own for a year. She only feed on animals,just like Carlisle told her to. Bella couldn't stand being alone so she made it back to the Cullen family. That's when she started to feel happy again.

Bella and her family were sitting in the living room,talking about their last hunting trip.

Esme broke into laughter when her son,Jasper talked about the grizzly bear he was having trouble getting. "I'm sorry,sweetie. It was very funny." His face went bitter.

Bella,Alice, and Carlisle started to laugh. Jasper soon joined in. "Ok...It's a little bit funny"

Everybody was laughing together when Alice went very still. Her eyes went cold. They all knew what that meant. She was getting a vision. Jasper was holding Alice,his mate. Bella and her parents were now standing in front of them. They all went very still like Alice.

"Vampires like us. Vampires are coming. They want to join our family. Emmett,Rosalie,and Edward" Alice finally told them.

Bella's eyes became very wide. Edward. It couldn't be her Edward. Right? She shook her head,trying to make that thought leave her head. She started to walk backwards from her family. Bella didn't realize that everyone was looking at her.

"Bella,are you ok?" Carlisle asked,confused. Esme and Jasper had the same look on their face.

Alice jumped up from the sofa. Her arm was around Bella's waist in a second.

"She's fine. She just forgot that she wanted to go shopping because there's a big sale in Port Angeles and it ends tonight" Alice smiled.

Bella finally got out of the daze,she was in. "Um...oh,yeah. A big sale. Can't miss it".

No one was buying it,of course. "A big sale?" Carlisle asked.

"Yep. The kind of sale where if you miss it,people will call you a dumb ass" Alice never letting her smile fade.

"Oh,I see. Well you both have fun." Carlisle was done with the questions. For now.

Alice drove to an open field,far away so no other vampires could listen. Bella didn't say anything. Her brown eyes stared out the window.

"Come on,Bells" Alice told her sister as she got out of the car.

Bella followed what Alice said. They both sat the hood of Alice's Porsche 911 Turbo. The car was a gift from Carlisle. She couldn't stop freaking out. Screaming and jumping up and down,acting like she didn't already see her gift in one of her visions.

"I'm pathetic" Bella finally said something.

Alice shook her head but Bella started to talk again "Yes,I'm pathetic. I have a panic attack when you say his name. It's so fucking sad. I will never just be fine."

Alice took Bella's hand in her own. "You need to stop being so hard on yourself. You love him. If I was in your shoes and Jasper lefted me,I would be the same way. There's nothing wrong with you."

Just with that,Bella felt oddly better. It didn't take much for her to feel ok again when Alice was near. Maybe it was that she knew more then anyone else about Bella's past or that Alice is who turned her into a vampire. Bella didn't know which one but was very glad,she has a sister like Alice.

Bella rested her head on Alice's shoulder "Thanks,big sis"

Alice kissed her head "Anytime,little sis"

Alice knew something Bella didn't know. The vampire named "Edward" was Bella's Edward. She wanted to tell her sister but there was some doubt about it. Alice could never hurt her sister when she has any doubt. Bella could never take losing Edward again so she kept her mouth shut.

"You know if we go home without any new things,they will call us dumb asses"

Alice laughed "I could bet on it"

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