Lady Serena: Hello again! This is chapter two of a hot yaoi threesome story!!

Ichigo: So…that mysterious figure was Toushiro? Didn't see that coming!

Ishida: That's because you're an idiot. She gave plenty of clues throughout the story as to the person's identity.

Ichigo: She did? Hey! Don't call me an idiot.

Ishida: I call it as I see it.

Ichigo: pout You don't think I'm an idiot do you Toushiro?

Hitsugaya: Of course you're a baka! And it's Hitsugaya-taicho!

Ichigo: cries in a corner

Lady Serena: Excuse him for being emo…it's that time of the month.

Ichigo: Hey!

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Warning: rated M for a reason!

Song: Lay Me Down by the Wreckers

You let me in
'Cause after all
It seemed like the right thing to do

"So, what happens now?" Hitsugaya broke the silence.

Ishida took off his glasses and put them back on the night table. He slowly approached the seemingly nervous captain and pushed him onto the bed. Ichigo watched with amusement clear in his brown eyes. Hitsugaya had to admit that he was surprised by how strong Ishida was in the bedroom compared to his normally meek self in battles.

"This is what happens Hitsugaya-taicho," Ishida whispered in his ear, causing the shorter boy to shiver despite the warm air.

Ishida licked the outer shell of Hitsugaya's ear and smirked at the panting the short captain was producing. He grasped the white-haired youth's chin and pressed his lips to his. They began moaning after Ishida pushed his way into Hitsugaya's pliant mouth. They battled for dominance, Hitsugaya being the less experienced finally relinquishing control to Ishida.

Ichigo licked his lips, growing increasingly eager to join in as Hitsugaya's soft moans re-hardened his arousal, "Come on Ishida, now is not the time for slow and easy. I've been waiting to come for hours!"

They broke apart and smirked at Ichigo, the scene too much for the orange-haired Shinigami. Hitsugaya's white hair was soaked with sweat, making it soft and messy, strands half covering his sparkling teal eyes. Ishida's shirt had come undone and his chest was glistening with sweat that dripped temptingly down his abs to the lining of his pants. Ichigo needed to use all of his self-control not to come right there and then. They both looked delicious but he wanted to see more.

I closed my eyes
And let you fall
I wonder what you could possibly know
About breaking down that I don't

It was Hitusgaya raising a finger to gesture for Ichigo to come closer that was his undoing. He became a wild animal, jumping on Ishida's back and pushing the Quincy down to the bed. He began to place sloppy wet kisses on Ishida's neck and back as he tore off his top. Ishida proceeded to undress the white-haired boy completely in-between kisses with both of his lovers. It became an Ishida-in-the-middle free-for-all as Ichigo continued sucking and nibbling on his neck and Hitsugaya focused his small mouth on Ishida's nipples. Eager to make some progress, Ichigo stripped Ishida of his pants and boxers. Hitsugaya stopped his ministrations to observe Ishida's body.

"Wow…you're so big! And your skin is glowing," he said in astonishment.

"Yep…he's a beauty!" Ichigo boasted, making Ishida turn red in embarrassment.

"Ok, enough with me being toyed with, now it's my turn to make you both sweat," he announced before pushing his lovers down to the bed.

"Oh Ishida fuck me already!" Ichigo groaned as Ishida began to suck on the area beneath his ear and with one hand pull down Ichigo's zipper.

Hitsugaya smirked and asked Ishida, "Is he always this impatient?"

Ishida nodded in response and used his free hand to untie Hitsugaya's robe. He stopped his ministrations on Ichigo's neck and turned his full attention to undressing the others. Once they were all naked, they took the time to observe each other.

"Not bad Toushiro! You look really good for a shorty!" Ichigo joked.

Hitsugaya growled and was about to pounce on Ichigo and beat the snot out of him when Ishida held up his hands and said, "He didn't mean any harm. It's just that you're too beautiful for words to convey."

Ichigo nodded frantically, practically drooling as Hitsugaya glanced down at his knees, blushing cutely and covering his arousal.

Ichigo reached across Ishida and pried Hitsugaya's hands away from his length, "You don't have to hide it. It's just as beautiful as the rest of you."

Ishida suddenly cleared his throat and grabbed both of his lovers' hands, kissing them lovingly. The other two blushed at the romantic gesture.

"Come on you two, let's do this," he said strongly.

It's been awhile
Since I begged for
Anything but now I want more

Ten minutes later they were positioned like this: Hitsugaya had Ichigo's legs wrapped around him, his length positioned at Ichigo's prepared entrance. Ishida was behind the captain who was on his hands and knees above Ichigo and Ishida was eager to be inside Hitsugaya's firm rear end.

"Alright you two, let's go!" Hitsugaya said firmly, making both Ishida and Ichigo break into huge smiles.

Without further adieu Ishida sheathed himself fully into Hitsugaya, resulting in the same scream from both Ichigo and Hitsugaya as Hitsugaya's length entered Ichigo. Ishida waited for them to adjust before moving. Hitsugaya made sure to move in time with his lovers and the waves of pleasure from both entering and being entered drove him to his edge faster than the others. He quickly began to pump Ichigo's neglected need as he felt himself getting closer to coming.

"Ah! Toushiro! That feels so good!" Ichigo screamed out.

"I have to agree, you're so tight Hitsugaya-taicho," Ishida muttered from behind.

Hitsugaya panted and tried to catch his breath before whispering, "It's Toushiro to you both," and he came suddenly and violently inside of Ichigo's ass.

The feeling of being filled pushed Ichigo over the edge and he sprayed out all over Hitsugaya's hand and chest. At the same time, Ishida felt Hitsugaya's walls clench around his length and he came with a shout.

"Ichigo!" Hitsugaya yelled as he came.

"Toshiro!" both Ishida and Ichigo yelled as they released as well.

So lay me down
I'm lonely
You don't understand me
And you'd never even try to

Exhausted, the threesome pulled away from each other, Ishida collapsing on the bed next to Ichigo and Hitsugaya falling on top of the orange-head. Ichigo lifted Histugaya's head enough to plant a warm kiss on his lips before a smiling Hitsugaya passed out. Ichigo turned so that Hitsugaya landed in between him and Ishida and he threw an arm around the short Gotei 13 captain. Ishida mirrored him and softly kissed the top of Hitsugaya's forehead.

I hear you say
It's not the same
I'm sorry
It's something I just can't explain

"That…was amazing," Ichigo stated softly after catching his breath.

Ishida smiled and said, "Completely amazing."

Ichigo chewed on his lip, deep in thought before replying into the darkness, "Hey…should we tell him that we planned this?"

Ishida chuckled and reached over to kiss Ichigo gently before shaking his head and saying, "No…I think it's best we keep that secret…just a secret between us conspirators ok?"

Ichigo laughed and said, "You're right. He would probably kill us if he knew!"

So shut your mouth
And hold me close
We both know
It's better than being alone

Unbeknownst to them both, the sleeping Hitsugaya heard every word and planned to keep it to himself. After all, he got what he wanted anyway. If they planned to sleep with him then that meant they had to have some feelings for him right?

"Hey Ishida?" Ichigo called out after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

"Yes Kurosaki?" the sleepy Quincy replied, slightly annoyed at the interruption to his sleep.

"Does this mean we can keep him?" Ichigo joked.

Ishida sighed and said, "I hope so. But in order to do that we'll need to make sure he knows of our feelings for him. He might be thinking that this was just about the sex."

"What?! Why would he think that? We're not like that!" Ichigo yelled.

"Quiet down Kurosaki…unless you want to wake him?" Ishida sighed.

Ichigo blinked owlishly before grinning sheepishly at Hitsugaya's prone form, "Oops. Sorry."

I don't mind
Killing time
As long as I can't see it in your eyes

Ichigo pulled Hitsugaya closer to him and whispered, "I love ya Toushiro. Don't forget that ok?"

Ishida smiled and snuggled closer to Hitsugaya's other side, "Don't worry…we won't let him be alone ever again."

As they drifted off to sleep, teal eyes snapped open and tears of joy crawled silently down his cool cheeks. What a pleasant surprise this was. He was loved…wanted.

"I promise I won't forget," he whispered to his lovers.

If wanting you is so wrong then I'm wrong
I'll admit it
Time after time you'll realize
You don't mean it