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The Agreement

Chapter 1: Agreement Proposal

Sasuke watched as Naruto bounced around Ichiraku Ramen's happier than Sasuke could ever remember seeing him. Sakura had finally agreed to marry Naruto, and Naruto was letting the entire world know. Honestly, he was – he was so loud that Sasuke was surprised that he hadn't gone deaf yet. He had thought that Naruto had been the loudest possible when Naruto had announced that he had finally convinced Sakura to date him two years ago. Sadly, he'd been wrong. He watched the scene bemused. Naruto was happy, and his happiness was contagious. Sasuke couldn't help but smile –

Despite the fact that he felt as though a knife had been shoved into his heart.

He had wondered for sometime if he still had one, metaphorically speaking, because anatomically speaking of course he had to have a heart to live. Yet his ability to feel emotions, especially after being so emotionally damaged since his family's slaughter at the young age of seven, had always been questionable. Again, despite being glad to realize he still had the ability to feel after his depressing life, it was at the cost of feeling such a terrible pain that he almost wished he couldn't feel such things.

Naruto had been his most precious person for years, and to have Naruto choose another as his most precious person hurt. It didn't help that Sasuke had realized long ago that the only person he had ever had feelings for was – and probably would always be – Naruto. In the back of his mind, he knew that Naruto would make him happy if he ever had the chance to snare the blond and convince Naruto that he would make a fine homosexual male, but Sasuke had always known of Naruto's sexual preferences towards females.

Though even that hadn't helped Hinata much.

Sasuke glanced over at the small blue-haired girl as she watched Naruto bounce happily around the ramen stand, everyone grinning, even Hinata. Sasuke knew that if he was taking this hard, Hinata was taking it just as hard, if not harder. Everyone – but Naruto – had known that Hinata had fallen in love with Naruto years ago: faults and all. She had been the first to "see" him; her ability at seeing such pure light and happiness was something that even Neji's genius byakugan did not have. Still, she was smiling. Like him, above all, she wanted to see Naruto happy.

Three years ago, when he had come back to Konoha, Naruto had been the person that stuck up for him, saying that since he had killed Orochimaru that he was not a traitor. Naruto had even gotten Tsunade to say that he had been mentally disturbed due to his horrific childhood. To be called mentally disturbed had been a slight blow to his ego, but it had helped Sasuke's return to Konoha be much easier than it should have been. With Naruto's help, the village, for the most part, had welcomed Sasuke back with open arms. It was with that realization that Sasuke saw just how different the Naruto he had known as a child had changed. The once feared and rejected demon-vessel had become the bright sunshine of the village after he had begun to mature and finally been allowed to show everyone who he really was.

That was when Sasuke had first realized he had liked Naruto in more than just a friendly way. There was just something about his friend that had made Sasuke want to spend as much time with him as possible. A year ago, Sasuke had realized that he had (against his will and better judgment) fallen in love with Naruto. And any good person knows that if you truly love someone, you will put their happiness above everyone else's – especially your own.

And that was what Sasuke planned to do – to a certain degree.

Sasuke wanted Naruto more than he had ever wanted anything else in his life, which was saying something considering the lengths he had gone to in order to "avenge" his family. Though Sasuke would be the first to admit that he had attempted to prevent himself from becoming so obsessed with anything (or anyone) as much as he had when chasing after his brother. Yet his obsession with Naruto was becoming more and more prominent to the point that Sasuke truly did wonder if he was mentally disturbed. Sasuke was well aware that his obsession with Naruto was not healthy.

He had tried, for all his might, to ignore the feelings, to pretend it was nothing more than friendship or perhaps an instinctual desire. Instead, the feelings wouldn't go away and only got stronger. It felt as though his emotions would rip him apart. Yet, if he truly wanted Naruto, there was no way he could force the blond to stay by his side. So he would do the next best thing; he would take a part of Naruto to keep for himself and see if Naruto would change his mind and want to be with him.

As he watched Sakura and Naruto, Sasuke knew that he didn't want to break Naruto's heart if he could help it.

But if Naruto decided that Sasuke was capable of giving him something that Sakura couldn't through some well thought out persuasion, well then that was a whole different matter. Which was of course what Sasuke planned on doing in order to convince Naruto just how much Naruto needed and wanted him and him alone.

Sasuke walked over to Hinata, a plan already in his mind, something that he had planned out ages ago when he realized that there was a large possibility that Naruto would never reciprocate his feelings without a little (well, rather large) push in the right direction.

"Hinata," Sasuke said in way of greeting to the blue-haired woman. While Sasuke felt extremely jealous that Hinata had feelings for Naruto, he couldn't help but respect her because he felt that out of anyone, she would do anything to make Naruto happy. And if she were smart, she would eventually figure out that Naruto would be happiest with him. Once again, it was only a matter of persuasion to get her to help him win over Naruto.

"Hello Sasuke-kun," Hinata said, still genuinely smiling as she watched her beloved Naruto's happiness.

"You love Naruto, ne?" Sasuke said bluntly. Hinata blanched, blushed, and then shyly nodded. Everyone knew how much she loved Naruto (minus Naruto), and she knew that everyone else knew.

"Would you do anything for him, to do what was best for him?" Sasuke again asked bluntly.

"Of course!" Hinata said vehemently.

"Bear his children?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow. At first, Hinata didn't seem to register what he had said. Such a question was not appropriate discussion, and Hinata clearly had never expected to hear such a question from him. Sasuke was about to repeat his question when he finally saw what he said register in her face. Her shock turned to one of deep embarrassment, and Hinata's face flushed a deep crimson.

"Sasuke-kun, I-I don't think that is an appropriate question, especially not now that Naruto is taken. Sakura-chan will be-"

"She is barren. There's no way that Sakura could give Naruto a true family with children," Sasuke whispered conspiratorially. Hinata's white eyes widened as they gazed upon him in bewilderment.

"What – how?" Hinata asked sadly.

"Sakura was caught in one of Gaara's crushing sand traps years ago that made her barren. She's been barren for years. It happened during the Sound and Sand invasion of Konoha at the final Chuunin exam our first time through it. Gaara caught Sakura in a sand trap that slowly crushed her. The sand trap continued to crush her during Naruto's battle – as well as my own battle – with Gaara. While she was seemingly fine on the outside afterwards, she was damaged irrevocably internally. Her uterus, both ovaries, left kidney, and part of her left lung were severely damaged. She cannot physically give birth," Sasuke said, revealing a secret that he had not told anyone.

Sakura had not even been the one to tell him of her inability to bare children, but he had known because the ANBU medical nin that had come to their aid after the battle had revealed her condition before rushing her back to the hospital. He had been the only one conscious after the battle with Gaara; thus, he wasn't even sure if Naruto even knew of Sakura's inability to have children. However, during the time that Sakura had still chased after Sasuke, Ino had told him of Sakura's inability to have children, as though to say that she was a much better choice since she, unlike Sakura, could carry on the Uchiha line. Needless to say he had been rather disgusted with Ino's attempt to try and woo him. Sakura had found out that Ino had told Sasuke, and it had made Sakura think that was the primary reason he didn't want to be with her. And the last Sasuke had heard Sakura was still unable to have children, and especially unable to give birth. "If she tried to give birth, it would kill her."

"Surely there must be some way to cure her –" Hinata was almost in tears. Sasuke saw that despite having been the one to steal away her beloved Naruto, Hinata was still overly concerned about Sakura. Sasuke was more concerned at the idea that Naruto, who had gone so long without a family, would never be able to have children if he stayed with Sakura.

"There have been attempts to cure her. She is a medical-nin after all. Like I said, if she tried, it would kill her. She knows this," Sasuke said mechanically and harshly. He remembered with some discomfort the way that Sakura had come to him, saying that she would do all that she could to bear his children, even if it meant her death. Sasuke and Sakura had talked after that, and he hoped that he had managed to finally get through to her that even if she could bear children, that he was just not interested in her in that way. She had finally stopped pining over him, and had finally moved on to Naruto.

If only Sasuke had gotten to Naruto before Sakura had! Sasuke sighed, wishing that he had realized his desperate love for Naruto earlier to try and woo his friend before Sakura had.

It was something that still bothered Sasuke greatly. He had a strong feeling that Sakura had only chosen Naruto because Sakura felt that Sasuke would not settle for a woman who was barren. It made his blood boil to think that anyone would consider Naruto second choice, no matter if she seemed to care about Naruto or not. Naruto had to be the best, and if she didn't see that, then she wasn't worthy of Naruto. It was also one of the determining factors in Sasuke mind that had made going to Hinata a better choice. She loved Naruto, period. Sasuke could relate to her because of it.

There were times that Sasuke wondered how much Sakura truly loved Naruto. He was sure that she did to a point, and he wasn't sure if he was being slightly egotistical or not, but he couldn't shake off the feeling that Naruto was her second choice, second choice to him no less. Naruto didn't deserve that. Sasuke had come to the realization long ago that there was no one that could compare to Naruto, and he was flabbergasted that he had taken so long to realize it. Well, that wasn't true. He had let his ego get in the way. Sasuke had foolishly assumed that he should be better than Naruto at everything. There was no denying that Sasuke was better at certain things than Naruto, but when it came to people, everyone should like Naruto. Hell, everyone should love Naruto – as first choice. That was why, of everyone, he had come to Hinata since she too realized Naruto's worth.

"I ask again, would you bear Naruto's children?"

"Y-you mean be a surrogate mother? Transplant Sakura's egg to my uterus?" Hinata asked timidly.

"Something like that, except that you would be the biological mother. As I told you, Sakura's ovaries were severely damaged, so retrieving her eggs could possibly kill her," Sasuke said, seeing the look in Hinata's eyes, the spirited determination to help the one she loved.

"Of course I would help Naruto-kun and Sakura, i-if they a-asked," Hinata said, wondering where this was going.

"Well then, will you marry me?" Sasuke asked. Hinata blinked her large white eyes at him, clearly not believing she had heard him correctly.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun. Will you please repeat that? I could have sworn you asked me to m-marry you," Hinata said shyly, not understanding the connection between doing anything for Naruto and marrying Sasuke.

"I did," Sasuke said softly. "You love Naruto, don't you? And if I'm not mistaken, you've recently been pressured by your father to find someone and settle down, haven't you? The only person you have ever loved, and probably will ever love is Naruto. Therefore, you and I are perfect for each other, because our love is marrying another." Sasuke looked over at Naruto who had finally quieted down, talking to Shikamaru and Chouji. Sakura looked sheepishly embarrassed but pleased by his side. Sasuke had always gotten along well enough with Sakura, but the jealousy that he felt since he had realized how much he loved Naruto had made it harder and harder to like her. He found himself trying to find ways to make it so that it was somehow her fault that he had failed to act. Yet there was no denying that Naruto was happy with Sakura and not with him. That thought left him feeling rather hollow.

Sasuke couldn't help but smile sadly at the look of bliss on Naruto's face. Naruto had called for a lot of his friends to meet at the Ichiraku ramen stand to make his announcement. He had so many friends now. Hinata followed Sasuke's gaze over to where Sakura was standing faithfully by Naruto's side.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun? Do you love Sakura-chan? I didn't think you liked her like that," Hinata said confused. Sasuke could see the thoughts going through Hinata's eyes that surely Sasuke could have won Sakura over ages ago. Hinata sighed, probably wishing that he had so that Naruto would be available for her.

"No, not Sakura," Sasuke murmured. Hinata looked bewildered for a moment. Then her eyes widened in understanding.

"N-Naruto-kun? You love Naruto-kun?" Hinata whispered, breathless. Sasuke was sure that it made sense once people looked at the facts – the way that Sasuke acted around Naruto versus everyone else, but it still seemed to come as a shock to the Hyuuga girl.

"You and I are a lot alike. We are both expected to carry out our clan lines. We both love the same man, but must watch as another makes him happy. And of course, neither of us would be happy without Naruto as our lover," Hinata blushed at the mental image that the word lover had given her. Hinata opened her mouth to argue that she was sure she could learn to love someone else, but couldn't bring herself to correct him. She knew it would be a lie. She had been trying for the past couple years to find someone else when Naruto had begun to date Sakura. Sasuke could practically read all of Hinata's thoughts with the emotions dancing across her face.

"I would like to be with Naruto-kun," Hinata admitted. "But I don't understand how the two of us getting married would help either of us."

"Firstly, I would never come to you, as a man does a wife. I have no interest in women. However, if I am to restore my clan, I need someone to be a surrogate mother to mine and Naruto's children. You see, being under Orochimaru, I learned a great deal of medical information from watching Kabuto and his experiments: one of which was how to make males or females mate within their own sex. Naturally the male cannot physically carry a child, but he can produce eggs. Females can likewise produce sperm." Hinata looked at Sasuke with a mixture of hope and skepticism.

His plan was ridiculous. Marry Sasuke, and have Naruto's children – Sasuke's and Naruto's children? It all sounded absurd, and yet...

She looked over as Naruto kissed Sakura on the cheek. She wanted Naruto happy. She had always wanted to make him happy. Yet, she wanted to be happy too. Yes, Sasuke definitely understood where Hinata was coming from. Sasuke understood that though she couldn't be with Naruto, having any connection to him, any sort of knowledge that she could be so connected with him, made Hinata's heart flutter. Hinata wondered at her sanity, as she slowly nodded her head.

"I agree," Hinata whispered, her eyes locked on Naruto as he laughed. Sasuke smirked, his eyes also on the blond. "He's special, isn't he, Sasuke-kun?"


"Do you think he'll hate us if he finds out?" Hinata asked.

"No. Naruto will be furious, but he would never hate us. I tried to kill him, and still he came for me," Sasuke murmured thoughtfully. Hinata gulped, her eyes leaving Naruto and turning to look at Sakura.

"Sakura might kill us," Hinata whispered, knowing and thus fearing the pink-haired ninja's wrath. Sasuke chuckled.

"Don't worry. I already told you, women do not appeal to me Hinata, but I will protect you and all of Naruto's children with my life. I cannot bare children on my own, and you have therefore promised to grant me something I cannot do without your help. I do not take that lightly," Sasuke said.

They both turned to look at the happy couple, their eyes lingering longer than usual on their beloved blond, glad to see that at least he was happy at the moment.

Sasuke's eyes flashed in jealousy as Sakura kissed Naruto. He would allow Naruto to make his own mistake and marry Sakura, but he would be damned if he sat by and did nothing to show that Naruto was meant to be with him.

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