The Agreement

Epilogue: The Divorce (20 Years Later)

"This is just fucked up. It's wrong. After twenty years of being family, this is just wrong," Tenpi snarled, crossing his arms over his chest. He and two of his siblings paced outside of the courthouse where their parents' divorce was taking place. Tenpi was all for bursting inside to stop it from occurring, but Seiryuu was there to stop her brother from doing anything foolish. Muchuu had followed after them since Tenpi and Seiryuu had both promised to treat him to food afterward. Kitsu was currently elsewhere, pretending that all of their parents had never been married in the first place, pretending that Hinata hadn't been his surrogate mother.

"Tenpi. Shut. Up." Seiryuu hissed, her usually beautiful face contorted in a nasty growl as she told her brother to shut-up for the umpteenth time that day.

"Wow. That's such a neat looking butterfly," Muchuu said absently as he watched a butterfly flitter past him.

"Shut-up, and focus," Seiryuu and Tenpi said at the same time. The two glared at each other before clarifying.

"Focus so we can make up a plan that will stop this from happening," Tenpi said, clarifying what he needed Muchuu's attention for.

"No, you need to focus so we can smile and tell them that we will support whatever they decide to do. It's what they have decided on. It will make everyone happier in the long run."

"How can you say that? We are family – all of us. They can't do this to us! To me. They just can't," Tenpi said angrily, though a trace of panic seemed to be slipping through his anger. Seiryuu's expression changed slightly, and she took on a more comforting tone.

"You know they will not love any of us less. We'll still be a family," Seiryuu said, trying to comfort him.

"It won't be the same. It's different, and it's wrong. I could understand Mom getting 'divorced,'" Tenpi said as he made quotations in the air around the invisible word, "from them all on her own, really, I could. But she's not just getting 'divorced,'" Tenpi said, once again making quotes around the word as he spoke. Helplessness seeped into his eyes. "The reason behind this divorce is just unacceptable. And it's all Dad's, stupid fault."

"Dude, chill. We're all over twenty-one now. We're all not living at home any more anyway. What's the big deal?" Muchuu asked confused.

"Muchuu, you're not helping him see the big picture," Seiryuu hissed. Muchuu shrugged.

"They're coming out now," Tenpi said, suddenly spotting both Naruto and Sasuke. He walked over to them his face angry and confused.

"Where's Mom?" Tenpi snapped when he didn't see Hinata.

"She was speaking to Sakura for a moment, and then she had to use the bathroom before she left," Naruto explained.

"Tenpi, don't start-" Sasuke said, but Tenpi didn't listen.

"Did you go through with it?" Tenpi demanded. Sasuke narrowed his eyes. If Tenpi's anger had been directed at someone else, Sasuke would have been proud with how well Tenpi mirrored Sasuke's tone despite not being related to each other biologically. Tenpi had developed certain mannerisms from Sasuke even though they were not father and son, just as Seiryuu, Kitsu, and Muchuu had all picked up certain mannerisms from Hinata even though she was not their biological mother.

"Yes we went through with it. Tenpi, we've talked about this before. The divorce is finalized," Sasuke said.

"How could you do this to me? To us? We're a family, and you're breaking us up!"

"Tenpi, we're still a family. No one is breaking us up. We'll always be together," Naruto said, trying to soothe his son.

"It won't be the same! It's different. Why can't it be the way it's always been?" Tenpi asked, his anger fading as sort of helplessness seemed to set in. Muchuu rolled his eyes and mouthed what Sasuke thought might have been "Get over it. You're an adult," but he wasn't one hundred percent sure.

Naruto sighed and ran his hands through his hair as though trying to figure out the right words to console his son.

"People change and feelings change over the years. With all the changes, it's just better this way. You should be happy that we're all happy with this choice," Naruto said. Tenpi shook his head.

"This is all just fucked up bullshit!" Tenpi spat out before turning on Sasuke, pointing his finger at him angrily, "And I know this is your fault! You should never have said anything!" Tenpi yelled. He looked about ready to say more, but upon seeing Hinata, he suddenly looked away and stormed off. Sasuke made a noise that was very akin to a disgruntled sound, while Naruto sighed in frustration.

"Perhaps one of you should go have a talk with him," Sasuke said to Hinata and Naruto. Hinata smoothed out her dress gently.

"I think he would listen to you better than either of us. He blames you for this divorce you know. It will probably be best if you explained everything to him," Hinata said to Sasuke quietly.

"Why is everyone blaming this on me? It was a suggestion!"

"You were still the one that instigated everything," Naruto reminded him. Sasuke glared at Naruto.

"But you were the one who instigated the divorce," Sasuke snapped.

"Again your fault for it being necessary in the first place. You just couldn't leave well enough alone," Naruto retorted, a slight edge to his voice. Sasuke merely looked away. "You know this is awkward as hell for me too, but we can't let Tenpi know that, or he'll never accept it."

"Fine. I'll talk to him," Sasuke clipped before turning and walking after Tenpi. Behind him he could hear Naruto's voice cheer up as he asked, "Now who wants ramen?"

Sasuke put his hands in his pocket and sauntered through the streets of Konoha, knowing he would have plenty of time to find Tenpi. While Naruto loved his ramen, Tenpi loved his dangos. When Tenpi was depressed, he went to his favorite dango shop, and sat there and ate.

When Sasuke finally arrived, he waved to Yasuji, the shop owner, who knew him fairly well since Tenpi was such a regular. Sasuke had, on more than one occasion, been able to bribe Tenpi into doing things by promising to buy him dangos.

Sasuke didn't say a word as he sat in the stool next to Tenpi. He continued to eat, ignoring Sasuke as though he weren't there. Tenpi ducked his head down more as he ate. With a jolt, Sasuke realized that the slight shake of Tenpi's shoulders was because Tenpi was actually crying. Sasuke truly hadn't realized just how upset Tenpi really was. Gently, tenderly, Sasuke laid his hand on Tenpi's shoulders.

Tenpi ducked his head further away from Sasuke, but Sasuke just leaned in closer, and gave Tenpi a full hug. While Tenpi didn't make a noise, being so close, Sasuke could finally see the tears streaming down Tenpi's face. Seeing his son cry for the first time in such a long time made Sasuke want to cry as well.

"Am I still your son even though you're not married to Mom and Naato any more?" Tenpi asked, his voice muffled through the tears and food in his mouth. Sasuke took in a deep breath, doing his best not to cry.

"Of course you're my son. Hey, you call me Dad and Naruto Naato. That means a lot to me," Sasuke said, and he could feel the tension leave Tenpi's shoulders as Tenpi turned in his seat to face Sasuke and gave him a hug back. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Yasuji, the shop owner, shoo a few nosey costumers away from them.

"But," Tenpi said, his voice thick with just tears now, "Kitsu doesn't think of Hinata like his Mom any more," Tenpi said, and his voice started to get angrier. "You told him-"

"Tenpi, we've been through this," Sasuke said. "Kitsu's made his choices, and your mother, Naato, and I have made ours. Hinata loves you. Naato loves you, and I love you. You are my son," Sasuke said. "And as Naato tells me, no one can do my scowl quite like you can."

Tenpi couldn't help but laugh, and he wiped his eyes along his sleeve.

"Muchuu's right. I'm acting like a little kid instead of my age. Just don't tell him I said that he was right, and don't tell Seiryuu I was crying," Tenpi said, his voice evening out.

"Tell who what?" Sasuke asked, and Tenpi laughed.

"You know, I think you sound like Naato sometimes," Tenpi said, grinning. Sasuke winced.

"I guess living with someone for twenty years will do that to you," Sasuke said, trying not to show how much pain he was truly in.

Sasuke didn't want the divorce. He truly didn't. But Naruto had insisted, and Sasuke couldn't say no to Naruto. He'd never been able to deny Naruto anything he truly wanted which was why he had let Naruto try with Sakura all those years ago. Ever since they had officially been together, Sasuke had considered himself the happiest man alive. Now with the divorce, it rattled everything that he had known. Not being Naruto's husband left Sasuke feeling empty, even when he tried to tell himself he was being foolish.

Sasuke could still remember the night after Hinata had told Hiashi off like it had happened yesterday...

Hinata kissed both of them on the cheek before heading up to bed, whispering to Sasuke to make sure that he took care of Naruto for her.

Sasuke and Naruto sat awkwardly on the couch, neither talking to each other. They had both sat down with the pretense of talking, and then they had both just sat there, in silence, thinking instead of talking.

"Last night," Naruto began, and then paused, as though afraid of being interrupted again like he had been the last two times that he had tried to talk to Sasuke, "it made me realize a few things," Naruto finally said. Sasuke turned to look at Naruto, knowing he wasn't about to get turned down, at least, not quite. Naruto had agreed to stay with them after all.

"What things?" Sasuke prompted.

"I like your attention," Naruto said.

"You have my attention," Sasuke said. Naruto shook his head.

"No, I mean, in general I like having your attention. I like the way you looked at me last night," Naruto admitted, looking off to the side, a strange, almost goofy expression on his face as though he still didn't like admitting things like this to Sasuke. "Did...did you know I got a hard-on the first time we fought? That first time on top of the roof of the hospital?" Sasuke blinked.

"I remember you telling me you were excited. I didn't think you meant that kind," Sasuke said.

"I thought it was the thrill of the fight. Looking back, I think it was just the thrill of it being you and having your attention," Naruto said, looking at his hands. "When we were younger, you were my idol, my person to aspire for and to. No one else has ever occupied my mind like you have. Training away from Konoha, I was obsessed with you. The time I saw you, and you left…" Naruto shook his head, "…it made me cry. It was such a physical pain. You were there, and then you weren't. I only saw you for a few moments, but it was so hard to let you go even though you'd been gone from my life for three years. Every separation from you," Naruto said, and he moved his hand to his heart, "has been so painful."

"Naruto," Sasuke murmured, feeling guilty for hurting Naruto so.

"And now, I find out you've been chasing after me," Naruto said it in a way that seemed almost in disbelief. "I love Sakura," Naruto said, and Sasuke kept himself from wincing. He hated how Naruto always seemed to need to clarify that point. Sasuke got that already. "But I love you more. And I love our family, this family, even more than that."

Sasuke just sat on the couch, gripping his hands on his knees. This felt more real to him. This felt so much more real than Naruto just telling Hinata calmly that he wanted to be with the quads and the family instead of Sakura. This was Naruto, and his reasoning was the type of reason that screamed pure Naruto. And pure Naruto was the only thing that seemed to make sense to Sasuke.

Naruto's hand reached up to turn Sasuke's face back toward him. Sasuke held his breath as Naruto's lips approached his. His eyes wanted to flutter shut, but it felt like their first kiss, a true kiss, with Naruto wanting it just as much as Sasuke did, and Sasuke refused to close his eyes because he wanted to remember this moment forever...

"Yo, Dad. You alright?" Tenpi asked. Sasuke let the mental imagery fade from his mind as he gave a nod.

"Hn," Sasuke confirmed.

"You were thinking about Naato," Tenpi said. It wasn't a question.

"What makes you say that?" Sasuke asked, trying not to let his physical pain leak into his voice.

"Your eyes glazed over. They always glaze over when you think about him. You're not happy about this divorce at all, are you?" Tenpi asked, a hint of smugness in his voice. "You miss him already."

"What's done is done. We're still a family," Sasuke said.

"Yeah, but I know you. You're gonna miss him phys-"

"Tenpi," Sasuke hissed in warning. Tenpi just grinned, seemingly pleased that he had figured out that Sasuke wasn't as happy as he said he was.

"I told you that you should have talked Naato out of the divorce. Your own fault," Tenpi said, crossing his arms.

"You're forgetting that this isn't just about Naruto and me," Sasuke said.

"Yeah, I know," Tenpi said, his voice heavy and unhappy once again.

"Now, if you've stopped being so depressed, we have a wedding to help plan," Sasuke said. Tenpi groaned.

"Yeah, I know," Tenpi said, sounding as miserable as Sasuke did.

"We could always stop the wedding," Tenpi said to Sasuke. The two of them were sitting in the front row with the rest of the family, both looking unhappy to be there. The weather outside was gorgeous, and having the ceremony in the back of the Uchiha compound had given Sasuke an excuse to get help to renovate a lot of the falling down buildings. He had to admit that this ceremony looked better in the common center of the old Uchiha complex than his had looked at the Hyuuga Compound. Even so, Sasuke had been much happier then since he had been getting married to Naruto.

"They're happy together. You should be happy for them too, Tenpi," Sasuke said, feeling like a broken record as he tried to convince Tenpi (and himself) that this wasn't as awkward as it seemed.

"I know they're happy, but I can't get over how gross it sounds that-"

Tenpi's voice was drowned out when the music kicked up a notch as the Wedding March began to play. Sasuke turned his head to look down the aisle, his breath catching.

He barely noticed Hinata, though he would later admit that she looked radiant and stunning in her wedding gown. Instead, Sasuke couldn't help but look at the man on her arm.

His beloved Naruto.

Naruto was smiling and waving to people as he led Hinata down the aisle. Despite everything, Sasuke couldn't help but grin to see that Naruto was wearing weapons very visibly on his tux/shinobi attire. As they got to the front, Hinata turned to look at Sasuke. She smiled at him happily, and then smiled at Tenpi. Sasuke turned briefly to look and watch Tenpi. He looked betrayed, but Sasuke saw him force a smile on his face. Hinata's smile faltered ever so slightly, and Naruto turned to roll his eyes at Tenpi. Tenpi couldn't help but snort at that and the next smile on his face was real.

Sasuke's attention was diverted back to Naruto. Naruto smiled warmly at Hinata before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. He took her hand and gently led her over to stand by Seiryuu, her only bridesmaid, and Hinata's groom. Naruto stood in place of Hinata's father, as Hiashi had since passed away, acting as the man to give her away. Naruto smiled widely, shaking his head, as he placed Hinata's hand gently into her waiting husband to be.

Kitsu's hand closed gently around Hinata's, and he grinned almost nervously at Naruto. Naruto clapped his son on the back before flashing a grin to Muchuu, Kitsu's only groomsman, before moving backward and sitting down in the front row on the other side of Tenpi.

"You look good," Sasuke said to Naruto over Tenpi's head. Naruto sighed.

"Flattery will get you no where Sasuke. I told you, no sex till we get re-married," Naruto said. Tenpi moved his hands up to cover his ears.

"I don't need to hear that. My Mom and my brother are getting married. You two talking about Dad's for encouraging Kitsu to go after Mom by Naato withholding sex is not what I need to hear right now," Tenpi said.

"For the last time, I didn't know he was talking about Hinata! He was just asking me advice on how to go after someone that might be difficult to get to like him back!" Sasuke hissed.

"You gave him all sorts of ideas! Not to mention he clearly inherited his twisted, plotting nature from you. But what I can't figure out is that after everything he told you about this 'mystery' girl that he liked, how could you not have figured out he was talking about Hinata?" Naruto asked angrily.

"Why am I getting blamed that Kitsu was the one who plotted to seduce Hinata and Hinata was the one who accepted his advances?" Sasuke whisper-yelled.

"Because it was your idea to suggest he ought to sleep with the girl he liked-"

"-I really don't want to be hearing this-" Tenpi groaned, pressing his hands over his ears even harder.

"-and I was the one who found them in bed together! Do you know how not cool that was?" Naruto whispered fiercely back. Tenpi gave a half whimper at the mental imagery.


"Both of you be quiet and watch the wedding," Tenpi snapped, still pressing his hands over his ears, not wanting for them to say any more.

The ceremony passed fairly quickly, though Sasuke was a bit concerned with Tenpi who whimpered next to him about how his half-brother had shacked up with his mom and how immoral and gross that was.

"They're not biologically related," Sasuke reminded Tenpi.

"She still gave birth to him. It's just not right," Tenpi muttered.

When the part in the ceremony came for people to "speak now or forever hold their peace as to why the couple in front of them should not be wed," Tenpi perked up in his seat.

"I-" but hardly a sound escaped him as both Naruto and Sasuke clamped their hands over his mouth and held him down in his seat. Seiryuu glanced back at her brother from where she stood next to Hinata and shot him such a dirty look that he stopped struggling and quieted down. He wasn't able to voice his protests.

When Sasuke and Naruto finally removed their hands from Tenpi's mouth, he only muttered, "Seiryuu's only okay with this because she got to be Mom's maid of honor in a wedding. Girls."

Later, at the reception, Sasuke had calmly told Tenpi that if he made a ruckus at his own mother and brother's wedding that Sasuke would physically throw him out. Tenpi had snarled but promised to behave himself.

Sasuke honestly understood Tenpi's confusion and disgust with the wedding, but Sasuke would not let one of his sons ruin another son's wedding. Not to mention he thought he owed it to Hinata to give her a piece of happiness. Sasuke found it ironic that she ended up marrying Kitsu who was a combination of Naruto and himself. He hoped she would be happy. Still, Sasuke couldn't help but feel a bit of a loss as he looked over at Hinata. He may never love her romantically, but he was still going to miss living with her and Naruto.

His attention was later caught as he saw Sakura sitting at a table, laughing happily with Ino. Sasuke knew that Sakura had never ended up re-marrying, and he also knew that Sakura and Hinata had become friends about five years ago, but other than that, he didn't know how she had been fairing. The only time he had really seen her in the past few years had just been at their official divorce. While the prenuptials that she had (unknowingly) signed stated that she was technically no longer married to Naruto due to her infidelity, all of them had come together to get an official divorce in case Sakura ever wanted to re-marry. Watching her laugh with Ino who had also never married made Sasuke wonder, but he decided not to ask.

Sasuke once again re-directed his attention to look at Kitsu who was smiling happily down at Hinata.

"Yeah, it'll be different with the two of them married," Naruto said, coming up behind him. Sasuke turned to face Naruto. Before Naruto could protest, Sasuke had wrapped both of his arms around Naruto, and pressed his lips firmly against Naruto's.

Sasuke's body reacted immediately, molding itself to the familiar feel of his long time lover, best friend, and – at the moment – ex-husband. And Sasuke could feel Naruto's body reacting instantly with his. Naruto pulled away from Sasuke, slowly, and rather reluctantly.

"I'm still mad at you, and I told you, no sex till we get re-married," Naruto said. Sasuke looked at Naruto.

"You can't seriously be telling me that you're still upset that I was able to help make our son and Hinata happy by getting them together, are you?"

"Well, when you say it like that, no, but-"

"And you can't tell me that you don't want me as much as I want you-"

"Well, I mean-"

"We've never really had make-up sex before. We should get that over with before our honeymoon trip. That's supposed to be sweet. Make-up sex isn't," Sasuke whispered huskily into Naruto's ear. Naruto shuddered.

"Make-up sex?" Naruto repeated. Naruto looked at Sasuke before looking around him. Sasuke smirked as Naruto grabbed his hand and led him away from the reception to a more private area.

"Told you," Seiryuu said as she watched her fathers from a distance. "Pay up."

"Aww man," Muchuu grumbled as he too watched Sasuke and Naruto leave the reception. Grudgingly he reached into his pocket and handed over a twenty to his older sister.

"What were you two betting on?" Tenpi asked as he came up from behind them. Seiryuu nodded over to where Sasuke and Naruto were exiting.

"I bet Muchuu that Dad would get into Naato's bed before they got married next week," Seiryuu said. Tenpi shuddered.

"Why would you bet on a thing like that?" Tenpi asked.

"Dad always gets what he wants eventually. Easy money to make," Seiryuu said.

"I have the weirdest and most twisted family ever," Tenpi muttered before walking off again. Muchuu turned to look at Seiryuu.

"Did anyone ever end up telling Tenpi that they had to rush the wedding between Mom and Kitsu because Kitsu got her knocked up?" Muchuu asked. Seiryuu turned back to look at Tenpi thoughtfully.

"I don't think so, but I think we ought to wait. Telling him he's going to have another little sibling who will also be his niece or nephew might be a bit much for him..."

So in the end, everyone lived fairly happily ever after except for Tenpi because he still got wigged out with the fact that his mother married his half brother. But who said everyone always got their perfect ending?

The End.

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