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Disclaimer- I do not own any of these places or characters they all belong to the wonderful JKR and only she should make any money from them.

Summary- Harry breaks a promise he made to Professor Lupin in his 3rd year. Lupin finds out that summer and makes Harry face the consequences.

Warnings- Spanking M/m

Rating - T for spanking

"Excellent!" Lupin said. "Excellent, Harry!"

Harry had just managed a weak patronus against the boggart dementor and both he and Lupin were quite pleased.

"Alright, Harry you have had enough for tonight. We will work on it more again soon."

"Just one more time, Professor?"

"No Harry, you need to regain your strength." Lupin gave Harry an appraising look and said "Harry, this training is for defensive purposes only. Under no circumstances are you to seek out a dementor. Do you understand?"

Harry looked a little surprised that professor Lupin would guess his thoughts so easily. "But professor, I might need to practice. What if a dementor comes at me when I don't expect it, like the Quiddich match. I need to be ready!"

"We will practice here, together." Lupin's voice was quite stern. "Harry, I am deadly serious about this. You must promise me you will not seek out a dementor to work on using your patronus. Give me your word, Harry!"

"But what if…"

"Give me your word!"

Harry had not seen Lupin like this before and he could tell there was no room for argument. "Alright, professor, I won't"

Lupin face relaxed and he gave Harry a little smile. "Here take a chocolate frog. I think it is time for you to head back to the dormitory."


"Remus is joining us for supper tonight" Molly Weasley announced. This was met with general excitement. The children had just a few days before the end of the summer and they would all be glad to see their favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts professor since he wouldn't be teaching them again this year. Harry was particularly

excited because he felt that Lupin might be able to give him news of Sirius. He also had not had the chance to talk over the events at the end of the year with professor Lupin and he was interested to hear his perspective about that and about all that had happened at the Quiddich World Cup.

With so many people about, though, Harry didn't get a chance to speak to Lupin that evening. He was glad to find that Lupin was spending the night and determined to talk to him in the morning.

Harry left a sleeping Ron in the room in the morning and came down to breakfast early. He was rewarded to find Lupin at the table. Mrs. Weasley was serving eggs and some rather raw looking meat to him while Arthur was reading the paper.

"Harry!" said Lupin "No lie in this morning? You won't get much of a chance once your at Hogworts."

"No professor, I was hoping to speak with you a bit. Have you heard from Sirius?"

As they talked, the conversation turned to what had happened the night they had found out the truth about Sirius. Lupin was trying to keep the tone light but he was filled with guilt about that night. He had attacked the children and greatly injured Padfoot. He knew he couldn't control it, but it filled him with deep shame, nonetheless.

Harry could tell that Lupin was uncomfortable and he tried to shift the tone of the conversation. "Professor, thanks again for working with me to produce a Patronus. You saved us, you know. I think the dementors would have sucked the souls of both Sirius and me if you hadn't taught me that!"

Lupin was still looking a bit forlorn. "Yes, well, it really was you, Harry. I can't believe that you were able to do a complete corporal patronus when faced with all those dementors. It is astounding! We hardly had a chance to practice much at all and a boggart patronus

does not compare with the real thing. How did you do it, Harry?"

Harry was suddenly the one looking uncomfortable. His cheeks blushed and he stammered. "Oh….well…I just….I…don't really…"

Lupin's eyes narrowed as a suspicion began to form in his mind. He shook his head as if trying to dismiss the thought. Harry wouldn't break his word and do something so dangerous.'

"One might almost think" Lupin said, his eyes fixed on Harry trying to judge his response "that you had been practicing on your own. But certainly not…"

Harry stood up quickly startling Crookshanks who had been rubbing against his legs. There was a distinct red blush in his cheeks. "Sorry Professor, I think I should go get Ron up. He has a lot to do today!" Harry began to walk quickly toward the stairs.

Harry Potter!"

Harry shivered at the steel he heard in the voice. He froze but did not turn to face Lupin. Mr. And Mrs. Weasley were staring the pair of them with looks of utter confusion on their faces. They didn't know what was going on but it was obvious that Remus was becoming angry.

"We have not finished this conversation, young man, please return to your seat!" Lupin's words were polite but Harry knew they were a command. Harry turned slowly around but when he saw the simmering anger and disbelief in Lupin's eyes he froze again.

"Harry…." But Harry never heard what Lupin said as he turned and bolted for the front door. He didn't know why he did it. It was just that, well, he couldn't face it. Lupin would be so angry with him, and disappointed. He had loved having Lupin as a teacher. It wasn't just his teaching but he was a friend of his father's. It was a bit like having a Dad again and Harry couldn't face loosing that. It was true he had a Godfather now but he barely knew him. He always felt like professor Lupin had respected him, and was proud of him. He couldn't loose that!

Harry stopped running. He found himself at the Weasley's broomshed. He leaned against the shed breathing hard. Would Lupin come after him? He didn't know. Maybe if he hid out long enough, Lupin would leave. Really, Harry hadn't admitted to anything.

Perhaps Lupin would forget about the whole things after a while.yeah, right!'

Not knowing what else to do, Harry grabbed a broom from the shed and began flying. As usual he instantly felt calmer as he dipped and turned in the air. After flying for quite some time, he began to scan the ground for any signs of Lupin. For some reason he couldn't explain, he was a bit disappointed to not see him. He continued to fly trying to not think about anything except the skills he needed to do the maneuvers.

After an hour or so he flew back to the ground. When he came out of the broomshed he paused wondering where to go next. He couldn't exactly go back to the house unless he wanted to face the wrath of a werewolf.

"Oi" Ron was walking toward him with a piece of toast in each hand. "What are you doing up so early?!"

"Nothing, I just felt like a fly, that's all."

"What happened at breakfast, then? Mum said I should find you and make sure you were alright!"

"It's nothing, I just….listen is Lupin still at the house?!"

"What? Yeah, I think so. He was in the study talking with Dad. What's going on, Harry? Is Lupin in some kind of trouble?"

Harry, smiled grimly "No, I think I am." He had suddenly made up his mind. He would face this. Lupin had enough to worry about without Harry running off like a scared little child. He turned and headed for the house.

Ron ran to catch up with him. "What did you do, Harry?! Don't worry, mum thinks your perfect, she won't yell at you." However, the very thought of his Mum yelling made Ron hesitate. "Well, I'll just stay out here, then, alright."

"Right, fine." Managed Harry who was feeling a bit ill as he stepped into the house.

Mrs. Weasley saw him enter and gave him a pitying look. She read the question in his eyes and she just said. "In the study, dear."

Harry took a deep breath and walked toward the open study door. Lupin and Mr. Weasley were talking about something to do with the ministry. Harry didn't pay attention, he was trying to gauge Lupin's mood. He didn't seem to be angry at the moment. They hadn't noticed Harry in the doorway and Harry just watched Lupin for a moment. He had felt completely justified in going behind Lupin's back to practice using the patronus against dementors. He had saved the lives of himself and his God father because of it! But when he looked at Lupin now he was so ashamed to have broken his word to this man.

"Er." Harry said. Both men instantly stopped their discussion and looked at Harry. Harry watched Lupin's eyes darken at his voice. This is SO not good' he thought.

Lupin glanced quickly at Arthur who stood up and said "Well, I think you two have a few things to discuss, I will leave you to it." He laid his hand briefly on Harry's shoulder as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

"Sit down!" If Lupin hadn't been angry when Harry arrived he was certainly getting there quickly. Harry moved to take the seat Mr. Weasley had just vacated. He sighed as he sat surrendering to his fate.

"Alright Harry, no more little games or running off like a spoilt child…." The rebuke stung and Harry's cheeks colored. "…I am going to make this very plain. Did you EVER intentionally go near dementors in order to practice making a patronus?" Harry squirmed in his seat but didn't say anything. Harry knew that his silence was as good as an admission of guilt but somehow saying it out loud would make it so much worse.

"You will answer the question, young man!" Lupin's anger was quite apparent now.

"Yes, sir…I am sorry but I needed to…."

"You needed to do no such thing! I can't believe it Harry. I really can't! I trusted you! You gave me your word, Harry!! Does that mean nothing?! You could so easily have fallen prey to the dementors and been lost to us forever. Why would you do anything so utterly foolish?!" Lupin stood and began pacing the room in his agitation. "If you needed more practice you should have spoken to me and we would have worked something out where you could have been safe. What if something had happened, Harry! I promised your mum and dad I would look out for you, always."

Now there was more than anger in Lupin's voice. Harry could hear real distress and he found himself wanting to cry. He wished the ground would open and swallow him up.

Lupin paced in silence for a while trying to calm himself and collect his thoughts. Finally he stopped in front of Harry and looked at him as though he were trying to make a decision. "Harry, can you give me any explanation for your behavior?"

He sounded calmer now and Harry was able to find the courage to speak. "Sir, I… sometimes I forget that I don't have to do everything alone." Harry was almost whispering.

Lupin's eyes softened a bit. "Harry, I know it has been hard for you without your mum and dad. I, for one, do understand that kind of struggle. But, Harry, you MUST begin to be more careful with your life! This is not a game and there are too many people around here who love you for you to be risking your life at every turn. No doubt you have dangerous paths ahead but DON'T seek it out where you don't have to, Harry. Do you understand?"

"I understand, sir"

"And, Harry, as a man, your word is your bond. You must never go back on it without very great need. Do you understand, son?"

"Yes, sir, I am sorry!"

"Yes, well, sorry won't quite cut it this time, I am afraid" The stern tone was back in Lupin's voice and Harry wondered where this was headed.

"Behaviors have consequences, Harry, and I think you very much need to face som consequences. I am no longer your teacher, Harry, so I have no power to give you detentions or take house points. I think instead I will treat you as I am quite sure your father would have, if he were here now in my place."

Lupin glanced around the room briefly. "I am sure that Arthur must have something in here." He took out his wand and said "accio paddle" Much to Harry's horror a small wooden paddle rushed to Lupin's hand from the top of one of the bookshelves. Lupin looked at it briefly then brought his eyes back to Harry.

"Professor, please!! NO!"

"Harry, come here." Lupin sat in the chair and set the paddle on the floor beside him.

Harry again felt the desire to run away but instead he stood and took a tentative step toward Lupin. "Come here, young man! You don't want to make me come to you!" Lupin said in a warning voice. Harry came closer and Lupin reached up and undid his jeans before taking his arm and pulling him down over his lap.

Harry had never been spanked before and the shame of this position hit him hard. When Lupin pulled down his jeans and boxers he hid his head in his hands groaning at the indignity.

"Why are you getting this spanking, Harry?"

"I broke my word to you, sir and sought out the dementors myself."

Lupin brought his hand down hard in response. Harry let out a gasp as he felt the sting. He didn't have much time to think about it, though, as Lupin began to spank at a fierce pace. He spanked in silence feeling like the words had already been spoken, now the lesson needed to be felt. Harry's bottom quickly turned from white, to pink to

a deep rose color. At this point the heat was building to a point where Harry couldn't keep still. He began to squirm and kick trying to avoid the punishing swats.

Lupin only held him more firmly and lifted his right leg bringing Harry's bottom into an even more exposed position. Harry was quickly losing his composure and tears were stinging his eyes.

"I'm sorry!!" He cried "I won't do it again!!"

"Ohhh, you had better not, young man or this will feel like a walk in the park compared with what you will get if you pull a stunt like this again!"

Lupin didn't let up even as he spoke. Harry was now crying and yelping when Lupin focused on the tender spot at the top of the thighs.

Lupin paused for a moment and waited for Harry to catch his breath so he could hear what he said. "Harry, that was for lying to me by breaking your promise. " He tapped Harry's bottom with the paddle. "This, young man, is for foolishly risking your life instead of turning to others who could help keep you safe. It is absolutely unacceptable,

Harry, and if this is the only way to teach you that lesson than I will make sure you learn it well."

With that he brought the paddle down hard and Harry cried out at the searing sting. "AHHHH!! I won't… YEOWW!!…do it again…EEEAAHH!!…sir! I'm SORRYYY!!"

Lupin continued to paddle with firm swats. After a while Harry began to sob fully and he went quite limp over Lupin's lap. Lupin knew he was almost through but his fear for Harry's safety made him keep up the paddling for a while longer. When he stopped Harry's bottom was a deep scarlet and Lupin winced as he thought about how this would feel for Harry the rest of the day. He slowly rubbed Harry's back allowing him to recover a bit before he moved him. When Harry's sobs subsided, Remus carefully lifted him up and held him close.

At first Harry was only concerned with the pain in his backside and the shame of the spanking. But when Lupin held him Harry suddenly needed this comfort more than he could have ever imagined. He held on tightly and wondered at this feeling. He supposed this must be what it felt like to have a father. He felt, well... loved!

After a while Lupin helped him right his clothing and clean himself up a bit. Harry's jeans felt unbearably tight on his throbbing bottom and he determined to change into sweat pants as soon as possible.

"Harry," Lupin put his finger under his chin and brought his face up so he could look in his eyes. "I want you to know that I am very proud of you and your father would have been to. Please take care of yourself! I don't want to ever have to do this again."

"I will professor…uh…thank you!?" Harry wasn't quite sure why he said that but somehow he was grateful.

Lupin gave him a kind smile and said "Well, let's not deprive Molly of a chance to comfort you. I am sure she thought I was killing you!"

Harry suddenly blanched at the thought that Mr. And Mrs. Weasley and who knows who else might have heard his chastisement. "Don't worry" said Lupin again seeming to read Harry's mind. "From what I hear, yours is only the latest in a long line of

bottoms to be warmed in this study."

"Comforting," said Harry sarcastically. "very comforting."