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Leaving?! What?!

My alarm beeps. I groan and turn around, slamming my hand on the loud machine, pressing the snooze button. Pulling the covers over my head, I curl up into my signature ball, enjoying the warmth of my bed.

Two seconds later, or so it seems, my alarm beeps again. "What is with this thing?" I moan. "Ugh!"

"Well, glad to see you're up."

I jerked up, instantly awake. "Edward! How'd you get in the house?!"

Edward, my best friend, just shakes his head and smiles. "You'll never know." That's when I notice my drapes are up. I gasp.

"My window!"

"You've finally figured it out. I do this every weekend, and yet you've never knew!" He chuckled, his musical laughter filling my small bedroom. "So what are we going to do this morning, lovely haystack-haired Bella?"

My heart leaped. He'd called me lovely! I have had a secret crush on Edward for what had seemed forever, but yet he's never figured it out. I've always teased him saying that I've had a secret that he didn't know. It has bothered him for years.

"The weather is supposed to be sunny today, and hot. Maybe reaching 110! Want to do go swimming? Emmett says rematch for pool tag."

I grinned. Emmett and his silly games. "Swimming sounds good. If I manage not to slip on the pool deck, I think I won't hurt myself."

Edward's phone buzzes.

"Hello?" I watch as his cheerful face turns gloomy. "Oh. Right now? What do you mean? That couldn't have happened!! Why didn't he talk to us first? Esme, I know, but I can't move now! I'm in seventh grade! What? Oh. Okay. Bye."

I stiffened. Move? Edward, move?! He couldn't! "What happened," I managed to whisper.

"Carlisle took a new job. We're moving to Forks."