Hello, all lovely readers and writers. I'm just letting you know that, unfortuantly, I will not be writing anymore. I've realized that being confined to just writing Twilight (Yes, that's all what I write) is very...dull. Most of it is very common, and has hundreds of different forms. That being said, I will still write, this time on , which is, I believe, just another branch of . I will have no limitations, and I can be more creative. I won't be flamed anymore about how my characters are OOC, or other 'junk'. I'm sorry if you liked my stories, and hoped for more, but I'm tired of Twilight (To me it just seems like a junky romance book. There isn't any huge twists, etc. It's just vampires...). I'm very sorry...

Happy Fanfiction!


(Yes, this was posted on my profile ;) )