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My Life

Chapter One: Hi, My Name Is...

Remi Angela Roth ... rolls off the tongue, does it not? I've always thought of my name as extremely unique. I mean, compared to John and Mary, it's really... well, different. I don't know about any better, though. How can one name be better than the next? How can Steve be better than Herbert, or Delilah be better than Carmen? Either way, something I've always believed is that your name defines you: your personality, your looks, and your ... well, just you! Remi Roth ... yep, that would be me, the creepy girl at school who has a total number of zero friends and only opens her mouth to snap back a sarcastic remark to a bully. Ah, good times.

I woke one morning with my alarm at full blast, which nearly scared me to death. Mental note: tune down the volume later so I don't wake up screaming my head off! I thought to myself as I slapped the turn-off switch. My eyes took a moment to adjust to the sunlight streaming from my window, and when that little fun time was over I went to my wardrobe mirror. God, I was a mess. There's bed head, and then there's Remi head. Mine was the latter, obviously.

I quickly took my hairbrush and attempted to tame my wild mane. My hair was a deep, deep violet, so dark it could be mistaken for black. It was an extremely rare color, if you ask me, and what makes it even stranger is the fact that it's natural. I don't believe in hair dye; in fact, I don't believe in concealing your real appearance at all, which is why I never (and I mean never) wear make-up. Of course, hiding your appearance and hiding your true self are two totally different things, but I'll talk more about that later.

My hair, which was straight, chin-length, and accompanied with side-bangs, was smoothed to perfection in a matter of minutes. It framed my ashen face neatly, which was just the way I liked it. I stared at myself for a few moments, taking in my whole as if I had never seen my reflection before. Of course, I do this every morning, so it's nothing new. I looked intently into my own eyes like I was trying to find what's hidden beneath and what secrets they keep; they were even rarer than my hair, as they took on the color of an ocean blue-violet. I'd have to say, they are definitely my favorite feature.

A sound from down the hall broke me from my "trance", and I realized Mom was up. But it's not like she wouldn't be; she wakes up at dawn practically every day! Another odd perk of the Roth family, if you ask me; most people want to ... how do you say it? Sleep in?

I forced my head back into the game and quickly slid on a clean pair of ripped jeans (which is totally my style) and a black tee, topped off with the ol' black sneakers. To complete my get-ready escapade, I slipped into the bathroom with lightening speed and was out in a flash, teeth sparkling (end exaggeration).

My mother came into view as I walked casually through the doorway of the kitchen. She looked up from the French toast she was preparing and cast me a gentle smile, one I was accustomed to every morning. To other people, however, even the slightest show of emotions for Mom was a rare experience; she sort of locks everyone outside, peeking through a crack in the iron door to see which trustworthy people she'll be able to let in. I've always been able to see her true self, and it's probably because I'm her only daughter, the closest person in her life, family, and etc. Maybe she's afraid of betrayal, but I'm not sure. I've grown used to it over the years, and only recently have I realized how much I've become just like her. But, again, I'll talk about that later.

"Had a good sleep?" Mom asked as she flipped the toast onto a paper plate. She retrieved the butter and syrup from the refrigerator and continued to create the delicious meal.

"As good as a worm in an apple," I joked, returning her smile with a slight grin.

"That's great, because you'll need it for the test today," she replied, not looking up from her masterpiece in the makings. She got out a knife and fork from the silverware drawer and put them on a napkin next to the plate. A moment later, I grabbed a stool and took my seat at the counter, where I dug into my breakfast as if I were a starving dog. Mom started to make a cup of herbal tea for herself, and a silence fell upon us.

During this time of tranquility, I took in my mother's appearance. Her hair was shorter than mine, like an inch or so long, and it shone in the light. She had short bangs that neared her eyebrows, but that wasn't the unusual part. Her hair was violet, naturally violet. And I'm not talking "so dark it's almost black", like mine; I'm talking "so violet it could've come from a box of colored pencils". You can see where I get it from now, right? If you can't, than you better rush to your eye doctor soon, because your sight is in need of immediate attention!

Her skin is pale and toned grayish, like mine, and she is pretty thin, like me. You might wonder why I don't get called her twin. In addition, Mom's eyes are the exact same color as mine, only maybe more purple than blue. Another strong gene, apparently, and seeing as I resemble my mother so much, you're probably wondering what looks I inherited from my father? Well, to tell you the truth, I don't have one. Seriously, not even Mom knows who it is. When she first admitted this to me, I thought she might have been one of those good-time gals that slept around, but she instantly assured me that that wasn't the case. But what am I supposed to believe? That she just woke up one day pregnant? Highly unlikely.

I finished my toast and drained my glass of milk, which I just realized had been there the entire time. Seeing my black messenger bag waiting neatly on the sofa for me, I snatched it up and swung it over my shoulder. I looked at the clock above the microwave; it was 6:55. Mom followed my gaze, and when she looked back at me her eyebrows were raised.

"Cutting it kind of close, don't you think?" she asked with a slightly playful, yet still stern, hint in her voice. I ignored this as I gave her a hug good-bye; then, with one final wave, I left through the front door.

Across the street from my house were a bench and a stop sign; two boys were sitting down and talking, completely oblivious to my presence a few meters away. My happy demeanor vanished in a millisecond, and I could feel my face become impassive. Time for Hell, I thought as I walked over to them and sat down on the far side of the bench. I laid my bag on the ground by my feet, making sure to keep it distanced from a nearby puddle.

The chatter stopped abruptly, sending a queer silence over the bus stop that was only broken by a single bird twittering in a nearby tree. I sensed two pairs of eyes staring into the side of my head, but I didn't turn to stare back. Instead, I focused my attention on a weed sprouting from a crack in the sidewalk a few feet away. One of the boys mumbled something I didn't catch, and they both snickered. I took the chance and shot them a brief glance. It's confirmed; they're laughing at me. Well, I thought, switching my gaze back to the ground, it's not like I'm not used to it. They can laugh at me, sure, but they can also shove their faces up their own –

My thought was interrupted by a sudden screeching of wheels, and I looked up to see the bright yellow bus had parked right in front of me. Grabbing my bag off the ground, I started towards the bus's open doors, but was rudely pushed aside by the two others in my company. Which was when my foot tripped over the curb and I lost my balance, tumbling into the puddle I had previously tried to avoid. Can you say, SPLASH?

I heard crazed laughter from within the bus, and I looked up to see faces peering out the windows at me, jeering and scoffing like a bunch of hyenas. I refrained from cursing as I stood and batted my backside, trying to get rid of as much water as possible. It was pointless. Snatching my dampened bag once more, I climbed the stairs of the bus and was immediately greeted with pointed hilarity and, get this, a paper airplane to the forehead. I have to give them credit; the morons at my school do have good aim. Ah yes, I know from plenty of experiences.

Taking the closest empty seat near the front of the bus, I laid my wet bag down next to me. As the wheels started up and the vehicle began to move, I attempted to squeeze out the moisture from it, hoping that my books inside were undamaged. It wasn't long before a shadow fell across my seat. I hardened my face, pausing in my drying efforts. I knew exactly who the shadow belonged to, and I really didn't want to deal with her right now.

"Well now, who do we have here?" sneered a very familiar, though highly disliked, voice. I looked up and narrowed my eyes scornfully at the girl towering over me. I didn't reply; she knew who I was. My blood's practically embedded into the skin on her knuckles, after all.

"What's wrong? Demons got your tongue again, Goth-Roth?" the girl mocked, baring her teeth like fangs. Bleach blond hair fell over her shoulders, and hard, dark brown eyes stared down at me as if I were a mere insect ready for the squishing. Hell, that's what she thinks of me anyway. Something inside me burned, compelling me to speak.

"What do you want, Lexis?" I asked in a monotone, though my words were tipped with venom. "Is your nose so big you have to stick it in everyone's business?" I heard the bus instantly quiet down; hearing me talk back to a bully was like seeing a mouse chasing a cat. Basically, it never happened. Usually I just sit there and take it, ignoring the insults as best I can, until the torment gets physical, however. That's when I usually start to struggle, but not today.

Though I saw a flicker of astonishment pass over her face, Lexis Macintosh hid it well and quickly recovered her composure. "Yeah right, like you don't spy on people in the bathrooms. You think we haven't noticed, creep?" This, of course, was an absolute lie, but no one would believe me if I told them. The boys on the bus laughed and made weird noises, while the girls suddenly looked strangely uncomfortable and grossed out.

"I'm no creepier than you are. With hair like that, it's no wonder you don't have a boyfriend." I heard the crowd say "Oh snap!" and "Burn!" and I instantly felt my confidence swell. That is, until, I saw the angered expression on Lexis's face. She pulled back her arm, fist ready to pound, but a voice over the speakers stopped her.

"That's enough!" it shouted, and I realized it was the bus driver, Sue. "I will not have blood stains on my seats, Miss Macintosh! Take one punch and you've got yourself a detention!" Lexis hesitated, as if thinking about whether she was willing to risk the confinement just to give me a black eye. But eventually, she lowered her arm.

With one last glare, she mumbled, "This isn't over, Goth-Roth!" before returning to her seat by the back of the bus. I ignored this as I silently shifted my position to stare out the window. My thoughts drifted back to Sue; she didn't really do anything spectacular, in my opinion. She was just doing her job so she didn't get in trouble. It had nothing to do with defending me in particular, so why do I care? I don't, I thought to myself, Sue was just being selfish, and for that I'll never thank her. My face remained emotionless throughout the entire situation, hiding everything I truly thought and felt. Now you can probably see what I meant about hiding your appearance and hiding your true self. You can also see how I've grown so much like my mother; this is exactly how she is whenever we're with other people other than just each other.

When Sun Valley High School finally came into view, I waited impatiently for the bus to come to a stop. I stood from my seat just as the screeching brakes of the wheels sounded, and I was the first one out of the doors.

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