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Frozen Souls of Eternity

Chapter1: Mission Complete

Elemental Countries: Valley of the End

Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha's number one most surprising ninja was now covered in sadistic red chakra which had formed some fox ears and a tail that was waving in the air behind him. His eyes were blood red and where there were supposed to be a black dot there was instead a black demonic slit in each of his eyes. He held out his right hand and immediately started channelling chakra to form a contained spinning sphere.

When his attack was ready he dashed forward and jumped into the air with his arm extended and energy ball in hand. Sasuke Uchiha whom had been corrupted by a curse seal currently had black demonic wings sprouting from his back and a ball of electricity forming in his hand. His eyes narrowed slightly and he growled before dashing forwards like his opponent and jumping to intercept with his attack ready.



In midair the two attacks collided, both trying to outdo the other but neither seemed to be getting the upper hand.

"Damn it Sasuke, I made a promise and I will keep it" Naruto snarled while pumping more and more of Kyuubi's chakra into the blonde's attack. The Uchiha's eyes widened when he saw this and tried to keep up the attack but couldn't keep it going. "Have some of this! Oodama Rasengan!" the attack broke through and connected with the cursed angel's chest.

The Uchiha was blasted back, his arm was broken and the rest of his body went numb until he slipped into unconsciousness upon hitting the floor below. Naruto fell a few moments later but landed safely, he moved to examine Sasuke's injuries and was glad to see that he was merely knocked out. It was then that Naruto began to feel strange, he tried to sigh but couldn't, it wasn't until he looked down that he saw the problem. He was so caught up in trying to take down the Uchiha without killing him that he failed to notice the fact that Sasuke had managed to hit him with the 'Chidori'.

"You fool! Do you realise what you have done?!" snarled a voice in the Uzumaki's head.

'Kyuubi?' Naruto thought before dropping to his knees and gasping for breathe.

"No the Easter Bunny, of course it's me. You accessed too much of my power before your body could handle it you fool!" the fox in his stomach growled "you accidentally accessed my teleportation powers instead of the regeneration! Damn it, do you know how much work this will take to get your body back too normal? Not to mention that your about to be pulled out of this god forsaken nest of arrogant fools".

"Kyuubi?" Naruto's eyes closed and he lay down on the floor before smiling. "Heh mission complete" he muttered before he fell into the darkness that consumed him while the smile remained on his face before disappearing.

A few miles away Kakashi Hatake was moving at top speed towards the battle zone, he had came across the other members of the recovery team sent after Sasuke but left them for the medical teams that weren't far behind him while his only objective was to find his two students. There was a flash of crimson light ahead and he pushed himself faster to find out what had happened. When he got there however he was greeted to the valley which looked like it had been the sight of a large battle. There were splotches of blood over the statues and between them was a figure laying face down.

He dashed forwards and while looking for the other person that was supposed to be here. When he made it down to where the body lay, he found it was Sasuke Uchiha and that he was covered him blood but the Copy Cat Sensei didn't see any wounds on the boy's person. Which meant the blood was all Naruto's, quickly scanning the area he saw no' one. He created a shadow clone to carry the Uchiha while he jumped into the water to search for his missing student. Sadly he found no' one, he was now standing on the water now and looking out towards the river connected to the Valley. He sighed and wiped away some tears which had formed in his eyes when he realise that Naruto was most likely dead and drifting off down the river and into the sea beyond.

He looked back at the Uchiha and the clone "alright, let's move out". Without another word the clone started carrying Sasuke back towards the village while Kakashi shook his head sadly 'I'm sorry sensei, I wasn't able to do anything for your son after all'.

Earth: Mahora Festival Stage

(Note: I only have a rough understanding of Japanese suffixes so bare with me please)

It was night at the Academy during which the stage had three ball/bubble prisons on it with several fifteen year old girls (most without cloths on) trying to break free from them. In the center of the stage were two figures, one by the name of Asuna Kagurazaka whom was tied and was wearing nothing but lingerie (vah-vah-voom). The other was a man who looked about in his mid-forties and wearing something fitting a Count since he was known as Graf (Count) Wilhelm Josef Von Herrman.

Herrman turned away from the girl who was tied and stared off into the far distance "the connection I myself have with Negi-kun is more personal…it's a subject of personal interest to me, therefore, to see how he's matured-as well as how strong he's grown-since back then".

"Sagitta Magica Aer Capturae!!" a voice cried out from the distance. Suddenly everyone looked towards where the man was staring and saw fifty solid beams of cutting winds coming towards them.

"Very nice" the Count grunted and raised his left hand. The beams dispersed when they connected with an invisible barrier in front of his hand and thus caused Asuna to wince in pain while the necklace around her neck glowed.

"Magical Barrier? It seems something's cancelled them out altogether" said Negi Springfield as he and his companion landed and skidded to a stop. "Old man! Were here! Let them go all go please!" he called out.

"Negi!" Asuna's eyes widened slightly when she saw him tighten his grip on his Father's staff.

"Asuna-sa…oh no, they've got you all vah-vah-voom'd, again" the boy said as he took note of her outfit.

"It's not what it seems! Okay maybe it is, but…" she muttered the last part and heard the other girls call out to him. She then took notice of the other boy with Negi "hey, that boy…"

"The one from the school trip…" Yue stated.

"Kotaro-kun" Nodoka gasped the boy's name.

"Who are you, anyways?! Why are you doing this?!" Negi questioned the Count.

"I apologize for the rough methods but…I felt that without hostages, you wouldn't face me with full-strength" Herrman answered "your full capabilities are all the interest me, actually…if you are able to defeat me I will return the girls. That's the only condition…what else is there to say?"

"Hah! Is that all we gotta do?!" Kotaro yelled with a smile "that's too easy!"

'Once again, I've involved others in my own troubles. I have to-I have to be the one to-the one to save everyone!' Negi thought and locked his staff onto his magic powered back "Right! I'm going in. Kotaro-kun stay back".

"What?! What're you talking about?! You can't do this, why don't you be the one to 'stay back'?!" Kotaro turned his look from shock anger at his friend's self-hearted order.

"Oh yeah?! Look who's talking, Kotaro-kun! Who's the one who just lost to the old man?!" Negi shot back as he reminded the Hanyo that he had basically got his ass handed to him by Herrman not too long ago.

"Hey! If I'd just used the Inugami, I would've…" Kotaro tried to explain.

"But you can't use it, can you! Besides you lost to me too!" Negi reminded him of yet another occasion where the Hanyo had gotten his ass thoroughly kicked.

"Huh-uhn, stupid! You surprised be, is all. If you hadn't, I for sure would've…that other time too" Kotaro muttered the last part.

"I don't agree…and I'm still going in alone!" Negi reiterated "I've trained a lot since then-and if you can't use Inugami or transform, I'm still the better choice!"

"What did you just…? Fine runt! Be that way!" they growled at each other "fight me Negi! We'll see who's stronger, right here right now!"

Herrman was openly laughing when Negi accepted the challenge "fine then! Let's!"

"Heh-Loh! Um guys?! Still here…!" Asuna tried to make them remember where they were.

Herrman stopped laughing although he was still chuckling inside "so energetic…that's good. Still I think you'd be better off taking me on as one"

At that moment three figures appeared beside the two boys, one had its arms extended from its body and was rapt around both their legs keeping them from escaping while the other two attacked from above. Both figures delivered hard kicks to the two boys and sent them flying down the seating area and skidding across the pavement floor between the stage and the seats. The figures themselves looked like little girls but they moved like they were made out of a slimy liquid.

"Who th' heck're...?" Kotaro tried to ask as he and Negi recovered and climbed to there feet.

"They're those slime things! You know, from the game?" replied the ermine on Negi's shoulder (Chamo).

'Not what I imagined they'd…' both Negi and Kotaro thought as the saw the slime-monsters jumped into the air and charge towards them.

"Why not take a breather Negi? You're not used to close-combat right?" Kotaro asked.

"I'm fine" the Child-Teacher answered as he assumed a fighting stance "I thought you couldn't hit girls Kotaro-kun?"

"'Girls' no…Amoeba-girls on the other hand…I got no problem with!" the Hanyo shouted as he slammed his fist into one of the slime-monsters.

"That's discrimination" she said as she was caught in midair by one of her sisters.

"Aniki! Can you do this?" Chamo asked as he climbed onto the Child-Teacher's head and held on to his hair.

"I sure can. Cantus Bellax!" Negi said with his arms crossed and his body suddenly flooding with energy.

One of the slime-monsters lunged at him and he dodged the attack. Seeing this she turned on heel and swung her fist to where his head was but he merely blocked but he arm extended at that moment and rapt around his arm. His eyes widened before he threw a punch at her face which she pulled her head back to avoid the blow. She readied her next strike but was then struck with both of the Child-Teacher's open hands.

'Double Open-Palm Strike' the boy shouted in his mind as he released a blast of wind when he pushed forwards with both hands.

The force of the blow sent the slime-monster flying back but she slid along one of the benches and slowed to a stop "not bad".

"Whoa, Negi! What was that?" Kotaro asked surprised while watching as their opponents regrouped.

"Huh?...oh just a spell that helps provide magic during combat" Negi answered as the two stood back-to-back.

"No, no…the technique, what school? I don't recognize it" the Hanyo asked with a smirk

"It's Chinese Martial Arts" he mumbled something else but Kotaro couldn't here since he was laughing with joy.

"Wah-ha-ha-hah! Chinese Martial Arts, I should've known" Kotaro laughed before both fighters went right back to the fighting.

After a few moments of exchanging blows with the three slime-monsters both boys landed decisive hits and sent the three slime girls crashing into the front of the stage. Both boys charged towards the stage as fast as their legs could carry them so they could end the battle as soon as they could.

"Let's not bother with them, our impact did no damage" Kotaro informed as the two moved as one "that old man is our only target".

"Yup" Negi agreed and they both smiled as they continued forward.

"You're not half-bad Negi" the Hanyo commented.

"Neither are you, Kotaro-kun" the Child-Teacher felt like he was having fun at that moment in time and apart of him would like for it to last forever and he almost got his wish when he saw the three slime-monsters regroup with no visible damage on them.

"Effective range is 2.8 meters…don't mess up" Kotaro whispered to the Child-Teacher.

"I know" Negi whispered right back and the slime girls moved to intercept the two boys.

A second later the three were knocked aside and the two boys dashed through towards the stage. Kotaro shot a glance at Negi before slowing to a stop and turning to face the three slime-monsters alone

"Do it Negi!" the half demon shouted.

"Okay!" the Child-Teacher shouted back as he clutched a small wand in one hand and a sealing vessel in the other.

Kotaro smirked at the slime-monsters as they charged towards him from three different directions "Tough ain'tcha, for amoebas. Anyway your real opponent though…" He paused and two shadow clones appeared beside him before all three 'Kotaros' jumped at the slime-monsters "…is me".

The Child-Teacher charged at the Count and aimed his wand forwards while yelling in thought 'Sagitta Magica Una Lucis!' A beam of energy erupted from the wand and the Count brought his hand up to intercept. The attack hit Herrman's fist and dispersed 'he negated the spell again; even so…it should be enough to distract him while I…' Negi spun around his opponent and stood in between the Count and Asuna with the sealing vessel held out towards Herrman "this one we win".

"Negi!" Asuna cheered as the vessel began to glow.

"Lagena Signatoria!" Negi yelled to the heavens and the vessel was covered in a blinding light as it began to suck in anything facing its opened hole. Sadly something went wrong and Asuna began to scream in pain while her necklace glowed brightly "Asuna-san! Asuna-san!" The vessel suddenly stopped doing its job and began to spark with electricity before stopping that as well and falling to the floor "wha? The spell's been neutralized?"

"I'd say the experiment's a success, perfectly effective against force-emitting spells" Herrman stated before making sure his gloves were on "well then, I'd say its about time I became serious myself. Please don't tell me you've reached your limit already Negi Springfield-kun? I've formed a barrier around the area, not matter how hard we fight…how big a commotion we make no one will know we're here".

With that the Count suddenly appeared behind the Child-Teacher and threw a punch along with a beam of energy which both boys barely managed to dodge in time. The blast hit and destroyed one of the rows of seats while both boys skidded along the ground until they stopped and looked back at Herrman.

"Such power" Kotaro smiled as he saw Negi fire off a few energy arrows at their opponent which were blocked with ease "so for you this is 'Serious' eh, old man?" Suddenly the area exploded with light and both boys were standing back-to-back "without the bottle, what else can we…? C'mon Negi! Let's grind 'im down!"

"Guess you're right" the Child-Teacher nodded and began to some a spell "Rastel Maskil Magister…"

Kotaro shot his hand forward and he released a blast of energy which took the shape of a claw "Inugami Ryu Air Fang!"

"…Fulfuratio Alicans!" Negi finished and shot a blast of lightning at the Count. Both attacks dispersed right before hitting him and Asuna screamed in pain once again "Asuna-san!"

"C-canceled again?!" Kotaro growled "I've been saving that 'Force-Bullet', too".

"'Magic Cancel' the ability to nullify nearby any Magical Spells" Herrman stated "Lady Asuna Kagurazaka…a mundane, or so she'd seem but for some reason, she has the ability to cancel magic. An extremely rare and extremely dangerous ability she has…this time however, it worked to our advantage".

"What'd he…? 'Magic Cancel,' did he say?" Kotaro asked not believing his ears (which are supposed to be superior to humans).

(Enter the Ninja)

The area suddenly exploded in light which even the Count was confused by, after a few second the light died down and revealed a boy wearing a strange orange jumpsuit and was covered in streaks of blood. He coughed for a moment before climbing to his feet and allowing the rain to wipe the blood off of him. He shook his head slightly dazed.

He looked down and saw his wound had complexly healed while giving out a sigh of relief. He shook himself once more before examining his surroundings and see that he was in some kind of concert stadium with a bunch of people he didn't recognize. At first he had to shoot down the nose-bleed he had felt when he saw a bunch of naked girls in something akin to a bubble and then noticed that everyone was staring at him.

"And you are…?" the Count asked the young Ninja.

"…really confused at the moment" Naruto replied before shaking off the last of his wariness and scanning everyone in the area.

Herrman just sighed and turning back to the two boys "girls, I don't care who he is but I want him out of here now". Immediately the three slime-monsters appeared next to Naruto and delivered three solid hits to his back and legs. The blows sent him crashing into the seating area while the Count knocked both the Child-Teacher and the Hanyo down to the ground with two fierce punches.

"What the hell was that for?!" Naruto nearly shouted as he crawled to his feet "first I fight my best friend who slams a fist threw my chest at the Valley of the End and the next moment I'm being hit by three girls who look like they just came out of a cement mixer!"

"Cement Mixer?!" the lead slime girl shouted as she charged "nobody says that about us and gets away with it!" The other two flanked her and all three threw punches at his face which sent him flying backwards and into the back fence post which collapsed on top of him.

"Now that we've got that nuisance out of the way, where were we? Ah yes, I believe I wanted to see the real Son of the Thousand Master. Stop holding back Negi" Herrman ordered as he approached the two boys who were in the process of picking themselves up.

"What do you mean stop holding back? I've been fighting all-out since we started!" Negi yelled back at him.

"Yes you are; what's your reason for fighting? Is it some sense of duty to those girls over there?" the Count pointed towards the girl trapped in the bubble "because if it is then I'm disappointed, one fights for one's own reasons. Take Kotaro for example, I'd say he enjoys a good fight and just wants to become stronger. If you don't have an emotion to fuel your strength then trying to fight is meaningless and so you will always lose".

"My reasons for fighting are…" Negi began.

"…to ease the guilt of having these girls being captures and me using them as hostages?" Herrman interrupted "or is it that you wish to escape the memories of that night in the snow?"

At that moment Naruto pushed the fence off of him and climbed to his feet. He looked down at the fighters below and saw Negi take a step back while trying not to sweat.

"H-how do you…? C-cause I don't at all! I…" He tried to answer but couldn't.

"In that case tell me…" he slowly removed his hat and his head changed shape into that of a high-level demon "…how this strikes you, instead". Everyone besides the slime-monsters were staring at him with wide eyes and Asuna stifled a gasp. Negi on the other hand was horrified at the face of the demon before him and was currently sweating buckets "ha ha ha, I trust you're enjoying this…I'd say so, from your face. You know it is these days…'I'm a Demon' you say, but all they do is laugh at you".

"Y-you're…"the Child-Teacher trailed off.

"Kit! I'm detecting a power surge from the boy with the staff! Its larger then any human's I've seen in a long time" Kyuubi said from his cage "help him out if you can, he might be able to send you home".

"Indeed it is I, Negi-kun whom you seek" the demon as he put his hat back on which caused his face to revert back to its human form "I alone came from the higher ranks that day and I'm the one who petrified your uncle and destroyed that village". The Count smirked at the reaction he was getting from the boy "now do you have a reason to fight me?"

His answer was the Child-Teacher appearing in front of him in a punching high into the air before following and delivering an energy enhance fist to the Count's stomach. Negi then proceeded to elbow him in the gut and kick him away before pursuing and slamming his supped-up fist into the demon's face. The force of the blow sent him flying back towards the stadium and his hat leaving his head causing him to shape-shift into his demon form.

"Aha-ha-ha! Wonderful! Perfect! This is it! This is what I've wanted to see! Now this is the son of the 'Thousand Master'" Herrman laughed and received another punch to the face to which he sprouted two wings from his back to slow his descent.

He opened his mouth and a beam of light shot out towards the Child-Teacher. At the last second however, Kotaro appeared from his side and pushed him out of the way which resulted in both boys falling and crashing hard into the stadium's concrete floor.

"Well that was close" Naruto muttered which caused the three slime girls to notice him and lung towards him.

"Would you just stay down already!" one of them yelled but this time there attack was useless as Naruto landed a hit on all three of them which sent them skidding down the seating area.

"I'm not gonna play around with you anymore, if you come at me again I'll face you with everything I've got!" 'Which isn't much considering I'm still in pretty bad shape from my fight with Sasuke' the Ninja mentally added.

"You little…" the lead slime-monster growled and charged again.

Naruto held out one hand and formed a 'Rasengan' for use. Everyone who was watching them (the girls in the bubble and the slime-monsters) blinked and the lead slime girl tried to dodge but it was already too late. He charged forward to intercept and slammed the energy-ball into the slime-monster's chest which began to cut through her semi-liquid skin.

"Rasengan!" the Ninja shouted and the energy-ball exploded. When the dust cleared Naruto stood over a blob of black liquid which was slowly disappearing signifying it was summon was beginning to dispel 'damn, I can't do many more of them and if I use Kyuubi's chakra then I might do more damage then good'.

"Kit! The necklace on the girl who's tied up, grab it! It's what's powering that old man's defences!" Kyuubi shouted into the Ninja's mind "and grab the bottle beside her too! We can use it to get rid of those annoying liquid girls!"

Naruto mentally nodded and formed a seal he knew all too well "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Nine clones appeared beside him in poofs of smoke and charged towards the stage. Eight of them split off to intercept the remaining two slim-monsters while the last one went to grab the containment vessel. The clones slid under the two slime girls and kicked them up into the air before beginning their attack in midair. "Uz-u-ma-ki!" After a few blows to each of them, both slime-monsters were dealt a swift axe-kick which sent them crashing back into the ground "Naruto Rendan!" The eight clones dispelled as the real Naruto grabbed the necklace that hung around Asuna's neck, he turned to Negi and Kotaro as his remaining clone proceeded to seal the two slime-monsters into the containment vessel along with the heavily wounded one "the old man's defences are down! Finish him!"

"Okay we owe him for that, we'll pay him back later but for now we need to move forward" Kotaro grinned at the news and created five clones with their hands glowing "I'll cover you!"

Negi nodded and they all shot forward "out of my way Kotaro!" Herrman hit all of the clones which dispelled them and prepared his mouth-cannon "my only target is Negi-kun and that's it!"

He was about to fire before the real Kotaro shot up from under him and connected a fist with his chin causing him to loose aim and misfire "you forgot about me didn't cha, Gramps?" Negi lunged forward and delivered a solid elbow hit to the Count's midsection which sent him flying backwards before he could stop himself.

"Rastel Maskil Magister! AIOE TRKOE!" the Child-Teacher shouted and a bolt of lightning struck where Herrman was standing.

"That was pretty good move for a human at least" Kyuubi chuckled while Kotaro started releasing the captives. Naruto helped the Hanyo with freeing the girls while Negi stood over the Count's heavily damaged body.

"The win is yours. Are you sure you needn't finish me off…?" Herrman asked as he began to dissolve into smoke "If you leave me as I am, my summoning will cancel and I shall return to my own land… After some time, I may come back again. You know that, right?"

"I know" Negi replied.

"I've researched you, you know. Before coming to Japan, you had learnt nine combat spells…of which the last was a High-Level Ancient Magic which you learnt in the name of revenge against the demons that attacked your village" at Herrman's words Naruto's eyes had widened and even Kyuubi was nervous now "normally High-Level demons such as myself can only be beaten by sealing us away but the spell you learnt is able to completely vanquish us completely". Negi gritted his teeth for a moment as Naruto readied himself for any attack that might come from anyone near him "one last thing. Lady Konoka, she has the largest magic power in all of the Far East and if she is trained enough she might very well be the greatest Healing-mage to ever walk the Earth. It might take a few years but she might also be able to help your village's petrified people".

That was last thing Herrman said before he completely faded away, Negi was saddened for a moment before nodding and turning to everyone else. The girls now had towels rapped around them to hide their modesty while Kotaro was trying to wake up a sleeping Chizura. Negi let out a sigh before looking over at Naruto and raising an eyebrow.

"Thanks for the help, I'm not sure we could have beaten him without you" Negi bowed before he felt pain course through his arms and legs "Konoka? A little help here, please?"

The Princess nodded before her hands glowed and white robes formed around her like cloths "Adeat!" She put her hands on the Child-Teacher's shoulders and a faint noise was heard before she pulled away and returned to her normal form with the towel still rapped around her "its done although I recommend a good night's sleep to sought out the pain".

"Thanks Konoka" Negi nodded before turning back to Naruto "may I ask who you are?"

"Uzumaki Naruto" the Ninja replied.

"Hey Negi! I'm gonna take Chizuru-nechan back to the Natsumi-chan" Kotaro shouted out to the Child-Teacher before picking up Chizuru bridal style and jumped out of view.

"Okay everyone, go home and get some rest" everyone but Asuna and Konoka complied with his order "hey Naruto? Do you have a place to stay?"

"No, I'll be fine though. I'm sure I'll see you around" the Ninja of the Nine-Tails started walking away but not before asking "what's your name anyway?"

"Springfield Negi" the Child-Teacher replied watching him go.

"Come on Negi, let's get home" Asuna said and the three started back to their dorm room.

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