Disclaimer: I don't own KH, Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, or that log…

Rating: G
Character: Winnie the Pooh Bear
Time: KH
Word Count:

It wasn't like him to be missing. He had always been there, which made his sudden disappearance all the more confusing.
But worrying and pondering can only console so much, and with these having failed, it was time for something new.

Something different, that didn't require too much thinking. Something like eating.
Something scrumdidlyumptious…

"Honey. Perhaps a small smackeral," Pooh said aloud to no one particular.

And with his mind finally made up, Pooh left the log he had been sitting on waiting for Christopher Robin.

"Perhaps he'll be back tomorrow," Pooh hoped as he too left the meeting spot.