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"Hey Bells." my brother, Emmett, yelled as he ran out of Building Three, to my small truck. I groaned as he slowed down, noticing that the new kid, Jasper, was beside me. My brother hates that I'm at the age where boys notice me.

"What do you want Em?" I asked, moving in front of Jasper. I could at least try to protect him from my brother.

"I just came to see if my little sister needed me to stop at the store for some chocoalate ice cream. But now I'm here to see who-"

"Em, shut the hell up. Yes, please get me some chocolate ice cream. I'll be home after I help my friend out at his house." I pushed Em, toward his jeep, and thankfully he walked away. "I'm sorry about that. My older brother hates that I'm growing up."

Jasper laughed and said, "I know how you feel. Except my dad hates that all of these guys like looking at my twin sister..Rosalie. She drives the M3 Convertable."

"Your dad and mine would have gotten along well." I opened my door, and waited for Jasper to get in on the passenger side.

"Would have?" he asked, buckling his seatbelt.

"Yeah, my dad died last year. Since then, Emmett has been my legal guardian."

"Sorry." Jasper said, looking down. We were silient as we drove out of the parking lot.

"It's no problem. Hey, where do you live?" I asked. Even though Forks was a small town, I still had no clue where his house was.

"Turn left here." I complied. When we had driven for another five minutes he pointed to the white house at the end of the long road.

"Wow...you live here?" I asked. This house looked as big as the white house.

"Yeah. It's the smallest that my mother would live in." I looked over at Jasper and saw that he was blushing.

"You are so lucky." I pulled into the long driveway and parked in one of the many parking spaces that were in front of the main building. Jasper got out of my truck and waited for me. I followed suit and walked behind him to the house.

As soon as I was in the house, a crow-like lady swooped down upon us. "Jasper be sure that your friend, here, takes her shoes off, so as to not scuff the floors. I just had them done today."

"My mom," Jasper whispered, as he and I took our shoes off in the mud room. "I love her and all, but I wish she wasn't so...stingy. C'mon." He pulled my hand and led me up the spiraled stairs to the second floor. He opened one door and pulled me in. "My room." was all he said as I pulled my hand from his and walked around the large space.

"This is awesome. And the color is so beautiful." I said, looking at the midnight blue color of the walls and the light blue colored carpet. There were trophies on the wall for poetry and computer technology.

"Thanks. My brother thinks that it's too dark." He laughes as I walk over to the desk and check out the laptop that sits on it.

"It's so beautiful. How many awards are there?" I was looking at the ones for photoshop when the door opened.

"Jazz, mother needs you..." said someone, who I assumed to be Jasper's brother. He had bronze colored hair and the most startling green eyes that I had ever seen. "Hello. I'm Edward. Jazz's brother." he said, holding out his hand. I shook it.

"I'm Bella." I muttered, looking at Jasper.

"I'm busy Eddie. Go bother Rose for once." Jasper replied. He shoved his brother out of the room and sighed. "My brother thinks that he can embarass me by calling me 'Jazz' like my mother does."

"I think it's cute how you have a nickname for your brother and he has one for you. It shows how close you are to your brother. Kind of like how my brother and I are close."

"I can see that. But you don't seem to be afraid of my brother and I'm terrified of yours." I couldn't help but laugh.

"Em can be scary at times but he's really like a big teddy bear."

"Has he been that scary for your whole life?"

"No. He's been that way since our parents d-died."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"It's fine. Just a little hard at times." I started crying. I can't believe it. I really hated crying, but Jasper pulled me into a hug.

"I'm here for you to talk to if you need it." He said, as we stood in the middle of the floor.

I want to take his eyes out
Just for looking at you
Yes I do
I want to take his hands off
Just for touching you
Yes I do
And I want to rip his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want to break his mind down
Yes I do
And I want to make him
Regret life since the day he met you
Yes I do
And I want to make him
Take back all that he took from you
Yes I do
And I want to rip his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want to break his mind down
Yes I do

"I really need to change that." I laughed as I answered my phone. "Hello.?"

"Do you realize what time it is Bella? It's six at night!"

"Yes Em, I do realize that it's six o'clock."

"You are way past your curfew for dinner."

"I didn't realize that I had a curfew."

"I don't like that your going further than what I would go with someone that I've met for the same amount of time that you've known this dude."


"Hang on. I want to talk to this guy."

"Jazz, my dick of a brother wants to speak with you."


Bella's brother wanted to speak with me? This is not going to go well. I took the phone from her outstretched hand and said, "hello?"

"Are you planning on sleeping with my sister?" he asked.

Talk about 'to the point.' "No. She and I are only..friends."

"If I hear that you so much as look at my sister in ANY way I will find you and I will make you wish that you had never met Bella, or me."

"I completely understand what you're saying."

"I expect you to come over sometime so I can meet you, and judge if you're good enough for my sister." I he serious?

"No..no problem."

"Hand her phone back."

I did as he said, and once she had the phone to her ear she yelled, "I can't believe you! No, I'm coming home as soon as I finish my homework. I DON'T CARE! He and I are paired for this project and I plan on finishing it with him. UGH FINE!." she shut the phone and looked at me. "He wants you to come over to our hosue to work on the project. Sorry, he get's like this when I'm with a friend. Especially a guy friend."

"No problem. Do we have to go right now or tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow because according to him, 'it's too late to have friends over tonight.' I really want to kill him right now." I walked her out to her truck and hugged her good-bye. "I'll see you tomorrow at noon to work on the project."

"Sure, see you then." I said, as she drove away, waving.

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