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Bella was just lying there. I couldn't believe that it would be so easy to take the blood from her body. She was weak, and I wasn't. I wanted nothing more than to rip her apart...to get that delicious serum that kept me sane. I wanted to take it all and leave nothing left. I picked her arm up and smelled her wrist again. I was about to bite down when someone pulled me away. I tried to fight back, but couldn't. This person..vampire...was stronger than me. I turn my neck and see Emmett there. I growl at him, but he just presses harder. He's trying to get me away from Bella...my Bella. I let out a warning growl, which he doesn't pay attention to. I suddenly get loose and start attacking him. I have no clue why I am doing this, but I feel as if I have to. I pull his arms back and have him at my mercy. I'm about to finish him...end his existence when I hear someone calling my name. "Eddwarrrdd?" they ask. I look around and notice Bella sitting up.

"Hello my love." I say, gliding over to her. I can tell that she sees what I am. I hover above her body, waiting for her to say something..anything. Instead I get only silence. "Bella, my Bella, what are you afraid of?" I ask, lowering my head. I am sure that Emmett is not about to interrupt me. I kiss her lips, waiting for her response. When she opens her mouth, and starts kissing me back, I take that as a sign that she still loves me. I keep kissing her for a few moments before grabbing her and taking her to a private room. The game room, I assume because it has a big screen television in it and there are tons of video game systems, and games, in it. I put her down on the couch there, and start kissing her neck. She has her hands in my hair, massaging my scalp. I keep kissing further down, until I reach the cloth of her shirt. I quickly rid her of the nasty garment and keep kissing. I remove her bra in the same fashion and kiss the perfect mounds before me. I don't care that Emmett's banging on the door, yelling for me to stop. I don't care that my blood lust is getting out of hand. All I care about is Bella. I tear off the rest of the clothes that she has on and the ones that I have on. I look into her eyes, waiting for her objection. Without hearing one, I swiftly enter her and wait for her to adjust to my size.

We end up making love for hours more that night, and early into the morning. We stay together for that time, and somehow I get over my blood lust. She told me that my skin felt warm, that my eyes turned from blood red to green again. She told me that I was human again, but I didn't believe her. Not until I looked in the mirror and saw that all of it was true.

I wasn't paler than ice anymore. My skin took on the tanned color that it had been before. My eyes, which had been a brilliant blood red color that day had turned back to the emerald green that I had gotten from my mother. I looked at myself and saw that everything was back to normal. That nothing was different.

When I tried to run like a vampire, I found that I couldn't. I went to ask Emmett if he could, and found that he was still a vampire, along with Rose, Jasper, and Alice. I was the only one to change back to a human. I had to run back to the game room to get away from them...seeing as I carried blood again. They went crazy when they smelt me.

I crawled back to where Bella lay sleeping and kissed her forehead. I put my boxers on and lay behind her, keeping her warm. I found out from her, last night, that a coven of vampires was after her. That it was called the Voluri. I didn't care.

What I didn't know was that with us escaping Victoria, James, and Laurent, it destroyed the Volturi's chances of getting to Bella. They had apparently been in league with one another. They had destroyed each other, leaving us nothing to do. Instead, the gang moved away, leaving me and Bella here. My parents took us in and we got married. We moved into Bella's old house, seeing as she already owned it and we had three kids. Two girls and one boy. I vowed that the girls, Onyx and Sage, would never date and our son, Anthony Emmett, wouldn't get to date until late middle school. Bella and I lived happily, but never heard from the gang again. We lived to be old...seventy two for me and seventy for her, and had ten grandkids and five great grandkids.

It was hard, that year without Bella, but I sufficed. I was glad that I wasn't a vampire forever because I could never have changed her. No matter what happened, I would never have made her one of the living dead. She had too much potential, but I was glad that she, somehow, made me human. I thanked her for the rest of her life for that..and she never forgot what we went through. We had fun those last years, and wouldn't give them up for anything.

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