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Chapter 2: Back at the Village

Back at least four miles away from the leaf village, our blonde haired six-year old hero was coming to. Naruto had awoken with a sense of dread and sadness ever since Kyuubi had to leave. But he felt alot more powerful afterwards. Naruto then remembered the conversation he had with his red-haired vixen and tried to mentally talk with the new beast inside of him.

'Hello! Hello! Okami-sama, are you there?' Naruto asked his new tenant.

'Yawn... Yep! Nice to meet you pup! I guess that you must be this Naruto kid ne?' A deep voice said inside his head.

'Uh... yes I am. I guess you're my new tenant Okami-sama.'

'Yep! But please just Okami would be nice. You make me sound REALLY old there, pup'

'Oh well sorry there Okami. I have to get used to ya being my new tenant.'

'No offence taken, pup. I kinda have to get used to you also'

'Alright then, do you know where we are Okami?'

'We're about 4 miles away from your old village pup.'

'Thanks. We better... Oh sweet Kami I don't have any fuckin clothes!'

'Oh, hehe, sorry I forgot to mention that. I'll make ya a new look and a new wardrobe.' Okami then covered Naruto in a swirl of silver chakra. After he came out he looked totally different from before. His whisker marks were gone, his face was totally clear. He now had silver streaks running through his blonde hair, making it shine in the sunlight. He had on a black muscle shirt with a silver kanji for 'Okami' on it. He was wearing a silver sweater like thing with a hood. He had black Anbu-like pants. He had black combat boots with silver steel toe plates. He wore black, fingerless gloves with silver steel covering the knuckles. His body had become very masculine and he looked strong. His blue eyes had a rim of silver going around it.

'Okay, pup. Now look in the lake to see yourself.' Okami ordered.

Naruto did so and was astonished by his transformation. He looked so different but knew he had to go through this change sooner or later.

'You are now a chick magnet pup! Make me proud and get lots of women!' Okami proclaimed.

'Not you too Okami. Man, are all my friends perverts? Ah well, I guess I'd better go for Konoha now. Talk to ya later Okami.' Naruto said runnng off towards the gates of his old village.

'Alright, I'll just sleep then...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' Okami had been K.O'd.

'Lazy wolf.'


Near the Village Gates

As Naruto was speeding towards the village, he was seen only as a gold and silver streak among those who saw him. As he neared the village he picked up speed hoping to not be seen by the guards. He went faster, and faster, and faster until he zoomed past the guards at the gates. Nobody saw him enter, so he didn't have to worry about getting taken away by Anbu.

'This village stays the same no matter what time I see it in.' Naruto mused to himself as he kept walking deeper and deeper into the village.

He walked though the roads reminiscing all the good and bad times he had in the village. All the beatings, all the new friends he made, all of them were either precious memories, or things he'd like to forget. He passed through Team 7's old training ground, and chuckled when he remembered when he was tied to the stump.

'Heh, I was always the dobe and the idiot back then. I got tied to this very post when I tried to cheat during Kakashi-sensei's test.' He felt the bark of the stump, and remembered all the thrashing he had to do to struggle out of the rope.

He kept walking and found himself near the Ichiraku Ramen stand. He remembered getting his first hot meal there, and that was how he got addicted to the stuff.

'Teuchi-jisan and Ayame-nee-chan never saw me as a monster. They were always kind to me, and I kept on eating here ever since.' Naruto smiled to himself at the memory and kept walking forward.

He soon found himself at the park where he almost got to kiss Sakura while he was henged as Sasuke.

'I almost got myself a kiss from the girl I had a giant crush on. I kinda find it hard to see her as a love interest now. I always played the older brother role after I came back from my training trip. We've kinda been like that ever since.' He looked and saw the ghostly image of almost getting his kiss, but also when he had to rush to the bathroom. He chuckled again, and marched forward.

He passed through the roads of the village, hearing all of the hustle and bustle of the shops and such. He walked through with a reminiscent smile on his face, but soon found it gone when he heard a scream in the distance with his advanced hearing. He rushed through the alleyways trying to find the source. But when he did find what he was looking for, he found himself in utter rage.

He found three older men ganging up on two beaten young girls at least his age in his new body. The first girl was wearing a torn up orange kimono with blue flowers on it. She had blonde hair tied up into two pigtails. She had deep blue eyes covered with tears. What caught most his attention though was the two whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek. The other girl was wearing a torn up blood red kimono with yellow flowers on it. The girl had long red hair going down her back. She had red slitted eyes also in tears. She, unlike her friend though, had three whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek. The way the men looked at these girls, was with hatred and lust which disgusted Naruto.

"Haha you demon bitch we finally got you!" The first man said.

"You and your friend there are gonna have 'fun' with us." The second one said.

"First, were gonna torture you slowly, and then you're gonna be beggin for us to take you. Next, after we're done fucking you, we're gonna kill you. Finally liberating Konoha of its demon." The last man explained with a maniacal laugh.

'No! That's Kyu-chan and Nariko! Damned bastards, still seeing a simple jinchuuriki as the demon they hold. These guys would even sink so low as to rape two six year old girls! May kami have mercy on them, because I ain't!!' Naruto then sprang into action, and he did a shunpo(1) in between the guys and the two girls, which startled the heck out of both groups.

"What the hell are you doing?" Naruto asked angrily.

"Oh, it's just a kid. Well gaki if you don't know, that little bitch with the blonde hair has the Kyuubi sealed in her. And the red-head is friends with that demon. So we're gonna finish what the third Hokage started and we're gonna kill them." The leader said smugly.

"Oh, is that so? Well can I take a crack at the demon and her friend then?" Naruto asked picking up a large rock.

"Sure gaki! Take a shot." The leader said.

Both girls were utterly frightened now. As the boy in front of them started walking towards them. He was finally up to them, but instead of hitting with the rock like everybody thought he was going to do, he through the large rock at the three men knocking all three of them to the ground.

"What the hell! You said you were gonna hit the demon!" The leader said angrily.

Naruto smirked and replied. "The only demons I see are you! Beating on two young girls and then have the nerve to rape them afterwards! They are only innocent girls, and just because one of them has a demon inside of them, you think that the jailor is the demon itself! You three disgust me and you don't deserve to live! I'm am totally gonna kill you all now!"

All three men laughed and the leader said, "Ha! A little punk like you thinks he can beat three jounin by himself! Kid, you are gonna die for protecting that demon!"

"I'm much more powerful then you think temes." Naruto said with a smirk, flaring out all of his chakra and sending powerful killing intent.

The men were now scared of the boy in front of them. The KI he projected practically foretold their deaths by his hands. Naruto stuck out both arms. He summoned Oblivion to his right hand and it appeared in a flash of darkness. He summoned Oathkeeper to his left hand and it appeared in a flash of light. He spun both katanas in his hands and clashed them together. He got into stance, and he disappeared in a gold and silver flash. He beheaded the first man and moved to the next one. The second man found both his arms cut off and he got stabbed in the head. Naruto made his move on the leader and he stabbed the guy brutally through the heart. He flicked the blood off both his blades and they disappeared in a flash of light and a flash of darkness.

He turned to both girls only to find them out cold and in critical condition. He quickly made his way to them and put Nariko on his back, while he held Kyuubi bridle style. He leaped up into the air, and quickly tried to make his way to the hospital, despite his chakra exhaustion.


Konoha Hospital Building

Naruto rushed as fast as his six-year old body would take him. He pushed his limits until he made it to the building. He barged though the doors and found a woman with brown hair, and two paint-like triangles on her cheeks.

"Please! Miss! I need you to take care of these two! They've been hurt by two jounin and need help fast! Please!" Naruto cried out.

He immeadiately caught the woman's attention and she quickly rushed to Naruto's side taking both girls, while Naruto collapsed to the ground. The woman panicked and soon called for help.

"Emergency! Two patients in critical condition! One with a case of severe exhaustion. I need all available nurses and doctors here stat!" The woman called out.

Other nurses and doctors rushed to the scene and gasped at the situation. They split into three groups and each one took care of a different child. They got stretchers and they all rushed the patients to their hospital room for treatment.

"That boy, he just saved Minato-sensei's daughter and Kyu. I'd better get sensei now and tell him." the woman said as she shunshined to the Hokage office.


30 minutes later

A blonde Hokage was quickly making his way to through the hospital with his wife and two students with him. He was worried. His daughter and her friend were in critical condition and they just barely made it through.

"Damnit! Why are most people so ignorant these days." Minato complained.

"It makes me sick. But we gotta make sure both of them are safe." His wife, Kushina, said.

"If I ever find those men I will kill them personally." Kakashi said angerily.

They all rushed through the hospital until they made it to the room.

"Is this the room, Rin?" Minato asked.

"Yes, they should be fine after all the treatment they recieved, sensei." Rin reassured him.

Minato nodded, and he walked in and found both girls coming to. He and Kushina rushed to their sides to make sure they were okay.

"Nariko, Kyuubi, are you two alright?" Both husband and wife said at the same time.

Nariko smiled and nodded, while Kyuubi started to explain to them what had transpired.

"Well the good thing is you two are safe." Kakashi said with an eye-smile.

"Yeah if it weren't for that boy with the two swords, Kyuubi-nee-chan and I wouldn't have been saved!" Nariko said happily.

"Wait. Where is he? What the hell happened to him?!" Kyuubi said frantically looking around the room.

"Don't worry. If you want to visit him now, he should be in the room across the hall." Rin said smiling.

Both girls immeadiately jumped out of bed and rushed to the door. They opened it and went to the hospital room across the hall. Opening another door, they both found Naruto fully awake. Both girls rushed at him and glomped him. They soon started crying in his chest and they repeated 'thank you' over and over again. Naruto started rubbing the girls backs and started comforting them.

The adults went in the room and found the scene heartwarming. Minato walked up to Naruto and gave him a good pat on the back, while Kushina gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for saving them kid. I really don't know how to repay you for saving these two." Minato said gratefully.

"Yes, I can't put any gratitude I have into words." Kushina said.

"No, it was no trouble at all. You don't have to repay me anything. Mr..."

"Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage."

"I'm Uzumaki Kushina, Minato-kun's wife."

"I'm Hatake Kakashi, Minato-sensei's student."

"I'm Inuzuka Rin, also Minato-sensei's student."

"Nice to meet you all. I'm...

'Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! I need a fake last name!'

'Use Kazuma, pup.' Okami suggested.

'Oh! You're finally awake! How come you didn't help me!?'

'I was out cold. Sorry pup.' Okami said sheepishly.

'Fuck it! I don't care anymore! Just don't do it again!'

"... I'm Kazuma Naruto, pleased to meetcha." Naruto recovered quickly.

"Thank you for saving me and Kyuubi-nee-chan, Naruto-kun." Nariko said happily.

"Yes, thank you for all you've done, Naruto-kun" Kyuubi said.

"It was no trouble at all you two. I'm fine don't worry about me."

"Are you sure? You seem pretty tired after fighting those jounin." Nariko said, both her and Kyuubi detaching themselves from him.

"Well, they weren't that tough. I killed all three of them but I just suffered from chakra exhaustion." Naruto reassured.

It took the adults to contemplate that information for a minute. They all had their jaws on the floor and they could only stare bug-eyed at Naruto. After five minutes of being stared at, Naruto had finally been getting annoyed. His eye was twitching for a bit until he finally decided to break the silence.

"What?" Naruto asked.

"You-you j-just killed three jounin ranked ninjas!?" Minato asked, still bug-eyed.

"Uh yeah. Is there a problem?" Naruto asked again.

"Kami kid! You just killed three high ranking ninjas, and you're what, six years old!?" Kakashi asked, just as bug-eyed as his sensei.

"Yes. I still don't see the problem." Naruto replied.

"How could you... ah nevermind! You sure are a weird one Naruto." Minato said back to normal.

"So I've been told. I guess since I'm done answering your questions I can leave now, right?" Naruto asked getting off the bed.

"Wait Naruto-kun! Aren't you going to stay?" Nariko asked.

"I'm sorry, but I have no family or money to support myself. I've been an orphan all my life." Naruto said sadly.

"Well, Naruto-kun, that's gonna change, because you are going to live with us!" Kushina said firmly.

"A-are you sure Kushina-dono, I don't want to be a burden on you all." Naruto said.

"Naruto, if you can save my daughter and her friend like that, you are no burden! And besides, you need a family. You don't need to be alone anymore." Minato said softly.

"Alright then. I'll stay." Naruto said with tears in his eyes.

"YAY! Naruto-kun is staying!" Nariko said, both her and Kyuubi glomping Naruto.

"Ugh... c-can't b-breath." Naruto said, under the pressure of the two girls. All the adults were just standing there and laughing at Naruto's predicament. And they all thought the same thing.

'Konoha is going to be a lot more interesting from now on'


(1)Shunpo- Naruto invented this jutsu from his father's Hiraishin no Jutsu. It is much faster and it requires great chakra control. This jutsu increases the user's speed and one step from shunpo could go a mile. Distance depend on the amount of chakra used.

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