Hello! So I'm writing this fanfic about Twilight that takes place after the last book, Eclipse.

It's all about how Bella "wakes up" from an accident to find not everything as she remembers it.


So, here's chapter 1. Enjoy!


"Purple or Gold?...Bella?"

"Wha-?" I responded groggily to Edward's question. We had been working out our wedding details ALL NIGHT and it was now almost 2 o clock A.M.

I successfully managed to lift my head off of the Cullen's glass coffee table where we had been working and I had been sleeping on and off. "What was the question, again?" I muttered into the palm of my hand.

Edward smiled his ridiculously gorgeous crooked smile that I melt for. "The napkins. For the reception. Would you prefer them purple or gold?"

"Um…" I forced back a yawn and tried to concentrate. "Purple, 'cus then when you wipe food on them, the stains don't show as easily as…as…and…uh" a gigantic yawn cut me off. It's not like my sentence was making any sense anyway.

Edward laughed a soft sigh as he grasped my hands. "Just a few more weeks. Then you won't have to worry about sleep."

A small shiver shot down my spine. In a few weeks we'd be married, as if that wasn't stress-making enough. Of course it also meant Edward's changing me into a vampire. A permanent member of the living dead. As much as I wanted this-to spend eternity with the most perfect being on earth-I still found myself beginning to take notice of all the things I would be giving up.

Like Jacob.

I had only just found out that he had gone missing, and this new stock of information had been screwing with my brain. He was my best friend. He was more than just my best friend, as I had found out. And I was itching to get out there and search for him. I needed him back more than he knew.

Edward began to draw small circles with his thumb on the back of my hand. I looked up at him to find his eyes were already locked on mine.

"Stressed?" He asked, though it almost sounded like a statement.

"I thought you couldn't read my mind?" I quietly joked with him.

"Mmm" He mused, shaking his head. "Just my incredible intuitive sense about you."

"Oh really?" I asked, making a serious face. "What are your incredibly intuitive senses picking up now?" I asked him, my eyes shut and my forehead scrunched up in mock concentration.

"I believe you wish for the stress to be gone." He stated, a clear smile evident in his tone of voice. "I can't take it all away, but for now..." his voice lowered to a bare whisper, "I'll try my best."

In an instant his lips were melting onto mine, my breath caught short in my throat. I wound my arms around his cold neck and ran my fingers through his hair.

Just as our kiss began to deepen, I heard a faint howling in the woods outback. My lips froze, along with my entire body.

"Bella?" I heard Edward's voice, but it seemed far away.

"Bellllla…." His voice began to become less audible, and my vision became strained.

What was happening to me?

I felt faint, weak, limp.

The wolf howled again.

And then it all went black.


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