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A/N: In honor of the new season, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, this fanfic is written in tribute to the days leading up to the aftermath of Season One. Originally, Legacy was intended to be a one-shot, but seeing that the introduction came out much longer (and more descriptive) than I planned, it will now come in the form of a short multi-chaptered story. It's also the beginning of many Kallen-centric stories to come :D. (Look at my profile's avatar; guess who it is, LOL!).

On a side note, the line: '. . .kill instead of love, hate instead of forgive, plot instead of accept' comes from a fanfiction called "The Unonian Rose The First Book of Fox McCloud" in the Star Fox section. Kudos goes to ToddMcCloud (the author) for coming up with it.

I do hope everyone enjoys this. Concrit is appreciated, as always.


"Fiat justitia et pereat mundus.
(Let justice be done, even should the world perish)."

-- Ferdinand I

"Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion
to reach for the stars to change the world."

-- Harriet Tubman

Tell me, soldier, why do you fight? Why do you insist on changing the world? It is a very vast place, let me tell you. It's not just the cities or the ghettos which are battlegrounds. Not Shinjuku, Kawaguchi, Narita, or Area 11 itself. Yes, they are battlegrounds, but it is the mind which is the true stage of war.

Think about it: hundreds, no, thousands of people have been affected by his actions. The poor, the strong, the weak -- the Britannians and the Elevens, they were all changed. What do you think fueled the rebellions? What do you think drove them to the brink of madness? What pushed them to act as they did on that fateful day?

You must understand he has his reasons for doing what he does. For his sister, for a brand new world, it is his duty to take up the mantle of Avenger. Why? Well, that is something best served for another day, but nonetheless it is a mission he must fulfill. He cannot rest until the last man falls.

But it bothers you, doesn't it? It troubles you that a man you hardly know is under the guise of a cold-blooded tactician. He is the man you followed through every battle, tearing down Britannian forces and foiling catastrophic disasters. He is the man whom trusted you to the Guren Nishiki, who gave you a position as commander of his Honor Guard. He is the man who hid his true identity from the world and wrought destruction unto the Holy Empire, he who is the Black Angel of Death.

Who, exactly, is Lelouch Lamperouge? That, my friend, is for you to find out. But tell me, Kallen, who are you?

Ahh, now we are getting somewhere. Your mind says what?, but your eyes say how?

Listen to me, Kallen. I know more of you than you will ever know yourself. To understand somebody, one must understand himself. He must search deep within himself, deep into the inner folds of his soul and his very existence. He must ask himself why he lives, why he fights, why he breathes, why he is just being. He must look past himself and ask How do I change? He must look beyond himself and ask What will I change?

The mind is a very complex thing. It is there we learn from our mistakes, our desires, our sorrows, and our destinies, lest we forget who we are. Everything happens for a reason, Kallen. Change must happen by our own hands. If we do not commit change, how will we know the results of our fruition? How will we have known we made a difference?

People cannot warrant to stand around forever. They will rise from the ashes of Old Japan, rise from their burning nests and strike at the heart of Evil. They will brook no nonsense, no cowardice or weakness, so long as they take back what was once theirs. Their pride, their name, their rights, their power.

It is yours as well. It is your pride, your name, your rights, your power. They wrongfully denied it to you, refused to have you at their level. And who wouldn't? History is merely bathed in blood and guts.

Now now, Kallen, relax. I didn't mean it that way. I was only stating the facts, the truth of the matter. War is something no person should ever experience, but life isn't always fair. Nothing is free save our minds and our hearts. They are two facets of a whole -- one in which we think is right and one in which we feel is right. Nonetheless, they are intrinsic. Without a heart we are empty. Without a mind we are cold. Without both we are empty and cold. We are machines. Nothing more, nothing less.

Those who fight for the weak and the down-trodden are not machines. You are certainly not a machine. I see in you a girl who has suffered tragedy, deceit, prejudice, and hate. I feel the pain of losing your kin, his wide eyes and bright smile dashed in bullets and gunpowder. I feel the anger of your father's betrayal, he who walked out on a family wrapped in grief. I feel the shock of your despair, the beatings you received because of the blood you carry. I feel the love for your mother, the love for your nation, the love of life. . .

And yet. . . since when has all been fair in love and war?

Despite the hardships you have gone through -- the pain, the suffering, the sadness and loneliness -- you have a kind heart, blessed with a kinder soul. But you are confused; you wander in a fog thick and impregnable. You want answers. You want meaning. You want to know why things happen this way, why things should have gone in your favor. You want to know why we kill instead of love, hate instead of forgive, plot instead of accept. Why we can't just throw down our weapons and say Enough is enough. . .

Destiny is a cruel lady. Some things. . . just happen for a reason no mortal can ever comprehend. Our actions can be for the greater good or the greater evil. That is something we need to take into our own hands. That is why change exists. Change. . . is indefinite.

You want to find someone you can talk to. You want to vent your feelings and uncork the bottle which suppresses your emotions.

If there someone you can turn to, let it be me. Let me be that person, Kallen. Open your heart and I will listen. I will listen to everything you say. Any question you ask will be answered to the best of my abilities. But please remember this: some things are best left secret, some which are best left open.

Tell me. Ask me. Speak, and I shall answer. But as we talk, ask yourself this: Who are you? What are you? Why do you fight? Why do you run from the past? Why do you live and oppose the government?

Who are you? Are you Kallen Stadtfeld or Kallen Kozuki?

That, we shall see.