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Joking Around

Chapter Four: An Inspection, Ma'm?

It was about three a.m. by the time the Commander stirred again. Joker smiled and stroked her coppery curls. Lily sighed and snuggled closer to her pilot, her hand splayed on his chest. Suddenly, she was fingering the buttons of his shirt and eventually, she was slowly unfastening them.

His heart pounding, Joker watched in silence as she continued all the way to his belt. When she realized there was a white undershirt that prevented her from going any further, she looked up and pouted at him.

He chuckled. "You want it off?" he asked playfully. His chuckles turned to laughter when he saw her nod like a child. "It's a little inconvenient to change," he warned. "The whole snapping of the bones thing makes life a tad bit difficult."

"Is that why you never take showers?" Her eyes danced with teasing.

"Hey, you're the one that slept with me," he laughed. "But you could help me if you want."

Shepard frowned. "With changing or bathing?"

"How about both?"

"You're horrible," she said through girlish giggles that he had never heard from her before. It was startling, to hear his commanding officer laugh like a school girl while nestled in his arms. But it was also wonderful.

"Is that a yes?"

She shook her head and placed it back on his chest. "I'm too cozy to move."

But she didn't completely give up, because he soon felt a cool hand slide under his shirt.

"Y'know what's gonna happen if you insist on touching me, right, Commander?" he asked in a mock serious tone.

"And what would that be Mr. Moroe?" she returned, catching on to his formal act. She looked up at him expectantly.

Her strong fingers began to trace circles on his stomach. He realized that those same fingers often were used to pull the trigger in the field; he wondered why that thought turned him on so much.

He mentally shrugged it off as just one more reason to love Shepard and quickly brought his mouth to hers. His arms were wrapped around her and both her hands were now familiarizing themselves with his body. When he came up for air he had on a smug smile; he had left her breathless with a happy, glazed look. It was as if she was in a dreamworld.

He gently moved some stray hairs out of her beautiful eyes. Suddenly, his wristwatch beeped. He groaned. Shit… Just a little longer… "I have to go check the ship."

Evidently she was thinking the same thing, because she didn't move away. Her body was carefully pinning him to the bed and he didn't mind one bit. Hell, this is basically a personal fantasy of mine, he mused bitterly, acutely aware that it was about to end.

"Aren't we on auto?"

"It still needs to be landed. We're probably close to Noveria now."

Finally, she got up and held out a hand to assist him. "C'mon, I guess we should go. I have to start layering up anyways. It'll be cold down there."

"I better not get my balls frozen," he grumbled before he took her hand, grabbed his crutches and steadied himself.

But she unsteadied him right away when she snaked her hands around his neck and looked up at him seductively through thick lashes. "Let's hope you keep everything down there in tact." She winked at him before adding, "We may have an inspection later."

Joker swallowed hard before quickly recovering with a grin. "Ay, ay, Commander."

She walked out of the room, leaving Joker dumbfounded and ridiculously excited.