Title: Revolving around you

Author: Angel Shinigami

Warnings: Fluff, death, sadness, Yaoi.

Summery: This is alittle over done, but as ya'll know, I like to take tired plots and breathe new life into them.

Laureen leaves Jack when she finds out about Ennis, only to be killed shortly after. Jack, unable to deal with it on his own, takes Bobby and goes to Ennis.

Chapter 1


It was a very typical Texan summer day, hot and dry with not a cloud in the sky. It didn't seem a day for funerals, just the opposite in fact, it was a day that the small boy holding his father's work rough hand should've been playing with his friends in a swimming pool and eating ice cream that was more liquid than solid, but he wasn't.

Instead, he was standing in a sea of black, watching the black box that held his mother's still body being lowered into the ground. He couldn't understand why everyone was crying and asking if he were ok.

Gazing up at his father, a three year old Bobby Twist tugged on his hand gently and leaned on held up his arms.

"Up Daddy!" He begged.

Jack Twist, who had been watching his wife of two and a half years lowered into the ground, turned to his small son and gave him a soft smile as he picked him up and balanced the dark haired boy on his hip. "I love you Daddy," Bobby slurred softly, kissing his father's slightly darkened jaw.

"I love you too, Baby." Jack replied, kissing his tiny son's head as the boy leaned on his shoulder and practically fell asleep.

He didn't blame the boy. He wanted to do the same thing. It that been a long week with all of the funeral arrangements, constant arguments with JD at every turn and the long sleepless nights of staring at Laureen's note.


I know. Be Happy.


She had been leaving for her parents house when the semi had come out of no were.

Jack still couldn't figure out she'd found out, but he knew however she had, it was his fault she had even been out that night, it was his fault that she would never again complain about his horrible singing or laugh at him when he told some silly story that only he, himself, found funny. She was gone. Like a candle whose flame had been blown out, only her wisps of smoke remained.

The perfume that she wore to fancy dinners, the pineapple juice in the refrigerator that only she drank. Just little things that were everywhere.

It was about a week later, while numbly staring at his wife's side of the closet, trying to figure out what he was going to do with all of her cloths, that he knew what he had to do.

In a furious flight through the house, Jack filled a suitcase for himself and Bobby. He had to go. He needed Ennis, the only person who he knew would be able to make his life make some sort of since once more.

"Come on Bobby," He murmured as he scooped up his small son who had been watching his father run around the house with confused eyes. "We're going on a trip…"

Bobby smiled and nodded, picking up his favorite stuffed horse before holding his arms up so his daddy could pick him up easier.

He didn't ask any questions, he knew his daddy was to upset to answer, so he just looked out the window and talked to his horse as they drove further and further away from the only home he'd ever known.

'Gotta get to Ennis, Ennis'll make it better…' Was Jack's mantra all the way up to Montana. He stopped here and there to feed Bobby and get gas, but while the little boy slept, Jack drank cup after cup of coffee to keep himself going.

By the time he reached Riverton, he was only running on pure determination alone, having not that the heart to wake up his son by stopping so late at night.

"Pray he still lives in the same place…" He begged whatever deity that was watching over his as he pulled into the small parking lot of the laundry matt.


Ennis DelMar was unsoundly asleep next to his wife who lay on the other side of the bed giving him the cold shoulder. Their silent fighting had gotten as loud as it ever did with Alma slamming dished around as she washed them and the girls flinching every time one of the cabinet doors was shut to hard.

The blonde man almost thanked god when a franticly loud knocking resounded through out the house.

"What's going on?" Alma asked, drowsily sitting up and staring into the darkness at the uncommon sound that was interrupting her sleep.

"I'll find out," Ennis mumbled, climbing out of bed and into his jean as he went to answer the door. He knew Alma was behind him, probably clutching at a robe that as if she had something more to hide that what her neck to feet length cotton night gown didn't already cover.

Jack didn't stop pounding on the door, silently praying Ennis would answer as he held a half awake Bobby on his hip and fought to keep his tears at bay. But when the door was opened to reveal the blessed form of his shirtless cowboy, wearing a look of confusion that Jack had fallen in love with, he lost the last shreds of everything that had been holding his together and collapsed with a sob onto the man's chest.

To say Ennis was shocked to see Jack Twist, looking run down and pale on his door step at three in the morning, would've been an understatement. But when the normally strong and vibrant man began crying and fell onto his chest, Ennis nearly began to cry himself.

His Jack, his beautiful Jack was here. But he didn't know why and he didn't know why he'd brought his son, but he did the only thing he knew how to do, he wrapped his arms around the pair, who were now both crying by this point, and pulled them inside, whispering soothing sounds to them as he maneuvered them over to the couch and settled them all down.

Alma was shocked and angry that that horrible 'fishing' buddy of her husbands, who had only been here February, making Ennis forget Valentine's day, was now sitting in her living room crying while her husband, who could barely handle his own children crying, held him as if he were the most precious thing on god's green earth.

But even though she wanted to demand that he send the nasty man away, who always turned her world on it's side whenever he breezed through town, she couldn't very well set aside the awful way his tears were so heart felt, or the way he held the little boy, who looked to be crying because his father was, so tightly.

"I'll just make some coffee." She murmured, knowing her words fell of def ears, as she backed out of the room and into the kitchen where she set the kettle to boil and listened as hard as she could to the noise in the other room, thanking god that her girls could sleep through a stamped without moving an inch.

In the other room, Ennis slowly began to rock the man and child in his arms, kissing the top of Jack's head and whispering into his hair. His heart hurt not knowing what was wrong with his Jack, but he wasn't going to interrupt the only outlet for the pain, he could tell the dark haired man had been holding this in for quite awhile now.

After a few more minuets of mindless crying, Jack finally began to quite and chuckled softly when he realized his son had cried himself into exhaustion.

"You alright?"

That voice, worried and still rough with sleep, made him smile alittle wider as he nodded and began to sit up, knowing how finicky this man was when people were to close.

"No." Ennis murmured, holding Jack tighter. "Just a little longer."

Jack nodded and shifted so that Bobby's head was on his lap.

"Reckon you'll be wantin' to know why I'm here balwin' on you're chest." Jack whispered softly, not wanting to disturb the silence around them, but knowing he owed Ennis an explanation.

"Reckon so…" Ennis whispered back, his words muffled by Jacks hair as he kissed him once more.

Jack struggled with his words for the first time in his life and eventually settled on, "She's dead."

It wasn't the most pretty way of putting it, nor did it explain the wild twenty hour trip he'd just dragged his son on, but it was a start.

"How?" Was Ennis's reply, a man of few words no matter the situation.

"She was leaving us. She found out about…things…and wanted me to be happy. She was going to her parents place for the night when her car was crushed by a eighteen wheeler." He was silent for a moment before his mouth began to move again. "The driver said he never saw her. He said the road was clear one minuet and then there was a flash of red and the sound of metal as they crashed and then a muffled scream as the car rolled. He said it flipped at least six times."

Ennis was silent throughout the story that seemed to get more and more horrible as Jack continued. But when Jack began to cry again, not the shuddering sobs of before, but heartbreakingly silent tears, he knew he had to say something, anything, to make it better.

"It wasn't your fault…" He whispered, stroking Jack's forearm lightly. "It was an accident."

"But she left because of me." Jack argued quietly. "Because I couldn't love her the way she needed to be loved."

"No," Ennis argued back. "You loved her. I know you did."

"But Ennis-"

"No Buts." The blonde interrupted, lightly tapping the dark haired man on the back of the head. "No matter what we have. You have enough love in you for ten people Jack Twist. You loved that woman, whether you know it or not. And She must've loved you something fierce, else she wouldn't've wanted you to be happy. Right?"

Jack nodded slowly, allowing Ennis's word fix in less than ten minuets what a hundred other people's words hadn't been able to in two weeks.

"Thanks Cowboy…" He murmured, yawning and falling asleep right there.

"You're welcome." He whispered back, gently shifting until Jack's head was nestled in the crook of his shoulder before he fell a sleep as well.

The house was once more plunged into silence, the men on the couch not realizing they'd left Alma awake in the kitchen, clutching a ceramic mug of coffee and crying to herself. Crying for what she'd heard, crying because of what it meant for her future, as unknown as it was, but most of all, crying over the fact that in her heart, she knew Ennis had never shown her as much love in the four years they'd been married as he had in the hour that he'd just spent holding Jack Twist in his arms.


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