Full Summary:

Full Summary:

A Gypsy family, 3 generations, moves to Walnut Grove permanently. The kids have been home schooled. Will they be accepted? Will they have to move? And how do the kids adjust to the permanent situation?

The Milankovitch Clan: 22 People:

Mr. Kakala Milankovitch: 54, father, grandfather & woodcarver.

Mrs. Keresa Milankovitch: 53, mother, grandmother & medicine woman.

Nebi Milankovitch Dex: 34, eldest daughter, aunt, mother of two & dancer.

Morgan Dex: 35, son-in-law & drum maker.

Pia Milankovitch Grear: 27, daughter, aunt, mother of one & dancer.

Wyatt Grear: 28, son-in-law & drum maker.

Keeza Milankovitch: 19, daughter, aunt & dancer.

Nononi Milankovitch: 13, daughter, aunt, dancer, singer, medicine woman, woodcarver & free spirited.

Nashat Milankovitch: 10, son, uncle & drum maker.

Karigi Dex: 4, son of Nebi & Morgan.

Bramble Dex: 2, daughter of Nebi & Morgan.

Terengi Grear: 5, daughter of Pia & Wyatt.

Ashes: 14, orphaned by Outlaws & taken in.

Kicking Fawn: 5, orphaned Lakota, taken in & adopted.

Khepa: 3, adopted after her parents died.

Dreamer: 6, runaway slave, taken in.

Swan: 8, runaway slave, taken in.

Ronin Grear: 10, Wyatt's little brother.

Sasha Grear: 10, Wyatt's little sister.

Naria Dex: 8, Morgan's little sister.

Quinn Dex: 6, Morgan's little sister.

Potter Dex: 4, Morgan's little brother.