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Several hours later Logan slowly woke, trying to remember why there was a warm something pressed against him. Opening his eyes he realized that Marie was still snuggled against him, in a position he'd heard referred to as "spooning". Another moment passed before he woke up enough to notice his arm was wrapped around her. Slowly he tried to move his arm, hoping to untangle himself without waking her.

He had almost succeeded before Marie gave a sleepy growl, quickly rolled over, and snuggled up to his chest again. *Well damn.* Logan thought, quietly chuckling at her actions *guess I ain't goin' nowhere now.* Resigned to his fate, he settled back into the bed, once more wrapping his arm around his bedmate.

As he lay there watching her, his mind drifted back to the conversation he'd had shortly before discovering Marie in his room…

It was late when he came home, but then again it always was. The plan had been a quick stop in the kitchen before heading up to his room with a beer. Everything changed when he stepped across the threshold, eyes locked on the mutant before him.

"Good evening Logan." Normally he and Hank got along okay, provided he didn't have to visit the good doctor's lab. But this trip hadn't yielded as many answers as he'd liked, and so he only gave a short grunt in return.

The blue mutant understood that he wanted to be left alone, but there was no guarantee that he'd get another chance like this. "Have you ever heard the term 'soul mate'?" Such a blunt question was far out of style from his usual approached, but Hank had learned long ago that it was best to keep it short when it came to the Wolverine.

Another grunt from the shorter man, who was now watching him as he nursed his beer. Taking that as affirmation, Beast continued. "Nowadays it is over used, mostly by the media who wish us to believe that…" A low growl interrupted him, "yes well, Plato posed that humans originally had four legs, four arms and a single head made of two faces. But Zeus feared their power and split them forever dooming mankind to seek out their other half."

Tired of Hank's history lesson, Logan headed for the door. "You've found your other half Logan. Don't take that for granted."

As he tried to go back to sleep, he sighed. If only they knew how much danger she was in. He'd known that there was something special about her the day she hitched a ride on his trailer. There were few on this planet who would be in the same room with him after seeing his claws. Even less would have the guts to stowaway and try to get a free ride from him.

But it wasn't until after Liberty Island that he realized how much affect she'd had on, not only him, but the Wolverine as well. When she confronted him about leaving, he'd handed over his dog tags without a thought, wanting her to have something to remember him by. At the time he was being realistic, a person like him sometimes didn't come back. But the deeper meaning hadn't been made clear until later. And it scared him.

The Wolverine had marked her as his own, and had left his dog tags as a warning to any other potential males while he was gone. That hadn't stopped that damn Icedick from trying to take his woman. But he'd made Marie happy, so the Wolverine had bided his time, knowing that the boy couldn't hold her attention for long. A low growl rumbled in his chest as he remembered what he hadn't considered.

The boy had grown bored when Marie hadn't returned his advances, and started sniffing around one of her friends instead. Both Logan and the Wolverine had celebrated when they'd broken up, and sneered at the kid's stupidity. It didn't take much imagination to find away around Marie's, then untouchable, skin. In fact, he'd thought of several ways…

Shaking his head with a jerk, he tried to send his thoughts down a different path. He shouldn't be thinking of Marie like that at all, much less when she was asleep pressed up against him. "All soft and innocent and touchable." The Wolverine practically purred, causing Logan to growl again.

Grumbling softly at all the growling, Marie sleepily glared at Logan. "'Nother naightmare?" She asked, her accent stronger now that she wasn't thinking about it.

"Nah. Just thinking about stuff." He replied, bending to kiss her forehead before he realized what he was doing.

The kiss shocked Marie as well, her eyes going wide before giving way to a huge yawn. It was something to deal with later, right now she wanted more sleep. "So no naightmare?" He shook his head, and so she snuggled back into the bed. "Then shuddup. Ya can be the big, bad, badass Wolverine later. Raight now yer mah teddy bear. And teddy bears don't growl."

Letting another soft growl rumble through his chest, he received a soft punch in the ribs as he settled back down beside her. Pulling her more firmly against his side, Logan smiled. He could get used to being Marie's teddy bear.

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