Brand New Day - Forty Foot Echo

Just a fiction on what may go through Jeff Hardy's head while he is suspended for them 60 days. Granted it's still fiction!!

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Disclaimer - This is just fan fiction none of this is true; i made it up from my head! ... Vince owns everyone and the pairing is fiction and has nothing to do with the personal lives of any of them.

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"Kidd come on get ready you only have 3 hours left" shouted Mark through the halls

Chris, Jeff, Matt, Orton, Adam and Cena stopped running and turned round to see The Deadman walking up to them.

"How old are you guys?"

"Nah Mark i like to look at it as how young we are" Chris came back with a smirk

"Ahhhh right now i understand ... how young ...are your mental ages me and Hunter have been watching you play tag for a good half hour now."

"It's awsome right?" said Jeff

"Yes Jeffy, it's an amazing game and don't know how i have lived without it in my life every day" Mark sarcastically replyed.

"You don't need to be an ass about it Uncle Mark"

"Get your ass to the dressing room now, you only have a few hours left kidd to warm up try and eat something let that digest and put your get up on. Now get" Mark said with hand actions aiming towards the door of the dressing room.

"Right right cool it ... am going am going"

All of the guys walked towards the dressing room to chill out and relax before the show started. After relaxing for a while they all went to the catering hall and had something to eat. It was half an hour into raw by now and both Chris and Jeff were warming up and stretching.

"So you confident?"

"Yeah am cool Shawn, just really happy to get back out there"

"Kidd you gotta do good, we've been killling you in the gym and training, all of out hard work better pay off." Shawn joked

"Yes Shawn it will am in a good place i'm nervous but not to nervous ... but just good enough to give them one hell of a show"

"Thats the Jeff we wanna see and what the fans wanna see."

"I know" He said with a smile.

Chris came running down the hall from his lap round the building to get the blood pumping.

"So we good?"


"Remember what we talked about and how it's going down?"


"You ready?"

"More than i ever will be."

"Am proud you know jeff?"


"Yeah Kidd me too, now go out there little bro and kick his ass" Matt kicked Chris in the ass making him stumble

"Haha Matt, just you wait, our hotel room is next door to yours, I can be loud if needs be ... see who's laughing then Mr. Funny."

"Chris, you are a sick sick man, and if you go any where near my brother i will murder you."

"Matt, you have seen worse"

"Thats not the point! I walked in once, screamed and ran away, when i saw you again i tried to kill you."

"And thats why we get on oh so well"


"WOW ... does anyone else think that we are getting a little off track here? The Kidd needs focus and talking about his sex life 'aint doing so. So how about this ... lets talk wrestling?"

"Hunter always the voice of reason ... thats why we love you ... Is it just me or can you see the sarcasm dripping off of my line?"

"Ahhhh Jeffy, like Chris said just you wait ... when we start a feud again your fucked!"

Peoples spirts were high and good lucks and do well's were passed on through the group.

"Ready to kick my ass babe?"

"Hell yeah! ... But one thing ... You don't mind dropping the belt to me? After everything thats happened?"

"Nah i don't mind because one we have been evil in training and the gym and two you aint getting this easy, we are going to put on one hell of a show."

"Thanks .. Wouldn't have it any other way Chris"


"Hell yea, couldn't of done it without you ... Am sorry you know?"

"Yeah babe, now show me how sorry you are by giving me the best you got okay Jeffy?"

"Yeah Chris ... Thanks"

"See you out there"

Chris leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips letting them linger for a few seconds . As the beeps hit the arena and the count down begun on Chris' music.

Next Jeff's music hit and he waited them few seconds to start his entrance.

"Make me proud"

"I will Mark, I'll make sure of it."

As he danced his way on to the flat Raw stage he saw Chris in the ring and thousands of fans chanted Hardy!

He knew he had alot to prove to both his family and his friends. Plus his fans ... but mostly to himself ... And he wasn't going to let anything stop him or get in his way ... not this time.


And I, I think I'll change my ways

So all your words get noticed

Tomorrow's a brand new day

Tomorrow's a new day

And I, I think I'll change my ways

So all your words get noticed

I think I'll change my ways, I think I'll change my ways

I think I'll change my ways

Never thought I'd say I'm sorry

Never thought I'd be the one

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