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Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon so don't sue me! I'm writing these stories just for fun.

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Two years before, two years after

Chapter 4- I remember

"Giovanni!" shouted Jessie as the man got closer to them.

"You got that right." He said evilly. "And I thought you hate that Ketchum. Why do you help him?"

"No one deserves to be treat like that! Especially children!" Jessie answered as she backed away a little. She saw his grin and knew what he's about to do. Misty woke up when the motorcycles came but Ash was still asleep. "Run." Jessie whispered quietly and everyone did as she said. Before Delia ran, she pushed Ash off of the rock into a pit that was nearby. As she did, the wind blew some leaves into the pit and they hid Ash. He was too lucky. Giovanni was too busy with catching the "traitors" that he didn't notice it.

Everyone ran away from the shooting. A bullet passed very close to Misty, scratching her arm. She yelped in pain and fell to the ground. Delia noticed it and lifted her up. They kept on running until they found a cave.

"Everyone inside!" yelled Meowth and everyone entered the cave. Giovanni and his colleagues followed them inside.

"This is for your betrayal…" said Giovanni as he pulled out his gun. He aimed it and there was a shot. Everyone scream at what they saw afterwards.


Ash woke up when he felt he's falling down. A few seconds later, he found himself inside a pit covered with falling of leaves. He hit a small rock with his head and blinked weakly a few times before he blacked out.

In his dream, he was in a forest. A yellow creature sat on his head, and to his left side the pretty girl he met was. To his right was another guy. He didn't know him, but when he turned to tell him something, he called him "Brock". Then, they saw the three that helped him, Those with the white uniform. They said a strange motto, something that sounded like a poem. He ordered the yellow creature, A Pikachu, to do an electric attack on the three. Then there was a big blast and they were gone. Why did he fight them? Aren't they nice? Then there was a big flash of bright light and Ash found himself in the backyard of a house. He had a battle with someone with purple shirt and brown boots. He had brown hair. Ash lost. The guy with the brown hair went to some people that stood nearby. He saw Brock there, that girl that he found out her name is Misty, an old man with a white robe and a boy with a pink band. The old man was the grandfather of the guy with the brown hair, Gary. And the name of the guy with the band is Tracey. Another flash and Ash was in his house. He was about six and he talked to his mom. He asked her about someone called "daddy." His mom looked a little scared and surprised when he mentioned "daddy". She told him this "daddy" went to a pokemon journey. Ash told her he want to follow his daddy and become a master, too.

"If dad does it, and I love pokemon, I don't see a reason not to do it." He said to his mother. Another flash and Ash fought this Brock. Another flash and Ash fought Misty. Many flashes and every time Ash fought someone. When he won he got a badge. When Ash woke up everything became clear.

"I am Ash Ketchum from the town of pallet. My goal is to become the greatest pokemon master of all times." Ash mumbled quietly to himself as he watched the dark sky above. It was raining by now, and Ash was wet and he lied in a muddy ground. He got up and pulled himself out of the pit. 'Where did everyone go?' he thought to himself as he looked around. He saw the trail that the motorcycles left in the mud. He followed it.


"I don't believe it…" Jessie said. There, on the cave's ground, lied lifeless not other but Giovanni. She turned around to see James holding a gun in his hand. "You did it?" she asked.

James nodded, "you wanted to kill him, didn't you?"

"You traitors!!!" yelled one of Giovanni's colleagues. The others joined him to a battle mode.

"We are not! You knew very well that this 'big boss' as he called, is a mean man! He hurt so many people, including you and us! And now he's hurting children?! He doesn't deserve to live!" Jessie shouted and the men looked down. They were ashamed of themselves.

"Come on, let's get out of here." One of them said and they rode away on their motorcycles. Shortly after, everyone heard a scream that sounded too familiar. Everyone left the cave and ran to the direction of the scream. There, stood the Team Rocket's men. They were scared and shocked.

"He just popped out of nowhere and I…I ran over him!" one of them said as he stepped forward and backwards nervously.

"Ash!!!" shouted Delia and Misty together when they saw him lying on the ground, bleeding. Delia ran over to him and lifted him up gently with tears in her eyes. Misty was also crying.

Ash opened his eyes slowly. His vision was very blurry and he felt himself on the edge of consciousness. "I am Ash Ketchum…from the town of…Pallet. My goal is…to become the…greatest pokemon master…of all…times." He said and then lost his consciousness. Delia hugged her son tight as Misty cried her heart out. The sound of the rain was the only thing that could have been heard while everyone stood in complete silence.

Misty sat on a chair in the hospital's waiting room. Her arm was bandaged. The bullet's scratch wasn't very deep. Delia stood with a hand on the left side of her chest and stared at the door of Ash's room. Doctors and nurses kept on going in and out from the room, and Delia sometimes could see Ash lying in his hospital bed.

"You know I love your son." Said Misty and by that broke the silence. Delia turned her head to her and smiled with a slight nod. Misty smiled back. The room's door opened again and out came the doctor.

"How's Ash?" Delia asked in panic.

The doctor swept a sweat drop from his forehead. "He's still unconscious. He didn't lost much blood so I guess he'll be okay, but we still don't know when he'll wake up." The doctor said and Misty and Delia smiled a little. He's okay. The nightmare that began two years ago had finally over. Or is it? Ash is still unconscious. He had also regained his memory, which is a good thing. Team Rocket has a new boss so they'll keep on stealing pokemon. "You may now visit him." The doctor said and left.

Delia and Misty entered Ash's room. Ash lied on the bed, covered with a white blanket and was on a white sheet. His skin was so pale that it was almost white, too. That sight broke the two's hearts. Misty walked over to him and took his hand while Delia took a chair and sat by him.

"It's so strange to see him…" Delia said.

Misty looked at her with a confused look, "Why?" she asked.

"I haven't seen him for two years. Since he was ten I haven't seen him a lot actually. When he was home for two months before the Indigo league, it was kind of strange to have him around. Sure, I was glad, but still…" Delia explained herself. Misty stared at her for a few seconds, and stared at Ash again.

When Ash woke up, his vision was blurred. when it cleared, he realized he's in a hospital room. There was no one around. "mommy?" he asked weakly with a hoarse voice. "Misty? Anyone?" he asked again. He stared at the ceiling and waited for someone to come inside the room. after a few minutes, someone did. It was Misty.

"Ash!" she said happily as she saw he was awake.

"Hey Misty." He said with a small smile.

"You remember? Do you really remember?" she asked a little shocked. Since she met him a few days ago her never said her name. Ash nodded and she smiled widely and hugged him. "Wait here, I'll tell your mom!" she said as she broke the hug.

"I have nowhere to go." He said and Misty giggled a little.

"Honey!" Delia said and refused to let go of her son. Fifteen minutes passed before she let him go.

"He's recovering very well. I suppose that in a few days he'll be out of here." The doctor said and left the room. The doctor was around when Misty told Delia Ash was awake, so he went to see him, too.

"I'm glad you're back." Misty said. Ash just smiled a weak smile. He wasstill tired.

"I think I'll leave you two alone." Delia said before she left, giggling when she stepped out of the room.

Misty sat down next to Ash. It had been some time before someone said something.

"So…did I miss a lot in these two years?" Ash asked.

"Not really." Misty answered. "You know, I was so afraid to lose you again. It made me think of some things. Like I have to tell you something that I kept a secret for a long time."

"Oh yeah? What?" Ash asked her with curiosity. Misty could tell he was tired and need his rest, but she has the nerve to tell him now and she was sure this nerve would disappear in a few minutes so she has to finish with it now.

"I…love you." She said and immediately looked down, afraid of how he might react. Ash was quiet for a minute, and then lifted her chin and pecked on her lips.

"What was that for?" she asked in surprise.

"that was to thank you." He answered. "And that…" he said and kissed her on the lips again, Not a peck. This time, it was a long passionate kiss. "That was because I love you too." He said. Now Misty was sure. The nightmare had finally ended.

Delia watched the whole scene from behind small crack that she left before closing the door. "and the prince and princess lived happily ever after, with no one to disturb their love." Said Delia quietly to herself before going to the nearby vending machine.


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