Chapter: 1

Rukia was sitting at her desk, innocently smiling at Orihime as she told her about her day. Rukia glanced back at Ichigo, who was half way asleep. She sighed and looked up and the clock, it was almost time to leave.

"Ah, hang on Orihime. I'm going to go wake up Ichigo."

"Oh, okay." Orihime said her innocent, naive voice.

Rukia walked over to Ichigo's desk and tapped him on the head.

"Ichigo, wake up sleepyhead!!" Rukia sang in fake, innocent voice.

Ichigo's head snapped up like he had just been hit. He turned to Rukia, wearing an irate expression on his face.

"What do you want, Rukia?!"

"Its almost time to go, why are you yelling at me?" Rukia cried with fake tears feeling her eyes.

"Will you cut the act!" Ichigo said in a low hiss.

"Oh, stop it Ichigo, you're scaring me!" Rukia cried as she hid behind Orihime.

Ichigo sank down into his seat as the whole class directed their attention to him. Ichigo's face was red with embarrassment and rage, just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore, the bell rang, to his relief. Everyone everted their attention away from Ichigo and started towards to door. Standing up, Ichigo's eyes wandered over to Rukia and Orihime, who were giggling with each other. To his surprise both of the giggling girls looked at him, His cheeks turned red again.

"What's the matter, Ichigo?" Rukia laughed, as an overeager Orihime only laughed louder.

Ichigo's face turned brighter as he stomped out of the room.

"Wait for me, Ichigo!" cried Rukia as ran out of the door after him, "goodbye Orihime, I'll see you tomorrow!" Rukia yelled back at her.

"Ichigo, there's no need to get so upset." Rukia said in her normal voice, "I was just kidding"

"Its annoying and it makes you look stupid." stated Ichigo, his face no longer red.

"Your such a baby, Ichi..."

"What, is something wrong? Rukia?"

Rukia grabbed Ichigo's wrist and pulled him away from the school. She stopped and turned towards him. Ichigo was about to ask what was wrong again but he didn't have the chance. Rukia raised her hand, which had the same familiar red glove covering it.

"Wow, wait Rukia!" Ichigo pleaded.

"Hollow, Ichigo!" yelled Rukia as she hit him in the forehead.

Ichigo's body dropped to the ground as his soul reaper form went flying backwards. Ichigo jumped up sending an evil glare towards Rukia.

"What are you looking at me for?" Rukia pointed behind her as a small Hollow appeared only a few feet away.

Ichigo drew out his Zanpakuto and ran at the Hollow, luckily the hollows strength matched its size. Ichigo cut through it quickly, the poor hollow had no idea what had happened.

"Well, that wasn't any fun." said Ichigo disappointed.

"Stop complaining, Ichigo. We don't want stronger Hollows crawling around here."

Ichigo sighed, " Lets go home, Rukia. Um, but put me back in my body first."

Rukia laughed and nodded her head.