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Oh hai thar, muffins. I'm back with a sequel to Newcome Friendship where we saw Pit arrive at the Smash Mansion and befriend Zelda. We left off with Zelda in the hospital with a fever and Pit stayed with her until she got all better. Now I'm going to bump up the friendship to something sexy. This fic takes place a week after Zelda gets sick. Now she's all better and so not stressed out. She and Pit have became romantically involved with each other, and Pit decides to make their love true and strong.

THIS IS RATED M FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: Explicit language, possible violence, major sexual scenes.

Disclaimer: I own the fanfic and the first idea of PitxZelda. Super Smash Brothers is owned by Nintendo.

The Angel's Promise

Love can come from anywhere, but the best kind is when it comes from your best friend. Pit and Zelda are the living proof of this. The pair had been best friends from day one of the Brawl Tournament and it had gradually grown deeper and powerful. When Zelda fell ill, Pit suspected his own world would end. Luckily for both of them, Zelda pulled through and was back on her feet within days.

A week after the flu caught Zelda, Pit was in his room with Sonic. The angel and the hedgehog were discussing the tournament and who was going to come out on top.

"It's got to be Snake. Man, that guy is hard to launch away and he's got so many weapons that even Ganondorf feels intimidated," Sonic said.

"I don't know, I overheard Snake say on his calling thingie that Ganondorf makes his skin crawl. Maybe Snake is the one intimidated," Pit replied, stretching. "My money's on Ike. His sword is immense and powerful. The fact he can swing it with one hand makes him even stronger then normal. Plus, he really knows how to launch someone with regular smash attacks," the angel went on, painfully remembering his own match against Ike. "I've got some confidence he'll win."

Sonic stretched. "You might be right. We'll see the next time he and Snake fight," he said. He was about to say something else, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Pit called.

"It's Link!"

Sonic got up and opened the door. Link walked in holding an envelope in his hand.

"Hey Sonic," the hero of twilight said, nodding at the hedgehog. "Hey Pit. Zelda asked me to deliver this to you. She would have done it herself, but she's on kitchen duty right now," Link said, handing Pit the envelope.

"Thanks," Pit said, his heart pounding at the sight of Zelda's personal stationary.

"Speaking of which, dinner's almost done. Gonna come down?" Link asked. Sonic jumped up right away, saying he wanted chilidogs. Pit said for his friends to go on and he'll catch up in a few minutes. He stared at the envelope, wondering what it would about to say.

Dear Pit,

If I had to express my feelings toward you, it would be that you hold my heart in the very palm of your hand. I love you in more ways then words can describe. But we never get a chance to spend much time with each other because of the chores and the fighting that always goes on.

So I ask now…I'd like to spend the night with you, just sleeping in your arms. My angel, I miss you like the way an old person misses their youth. (Pit chuckled at this.) Please meet me after dinner near the exit of the cafeteria. I'll be waiting.

All my loving,


(A/N: SUPER MEGA ULTRA CUTSIE FLUFF! …Okay, not really, but who cares??)

Pit smiled. Zelda always loved to be fluffy with her words, and he didn't mind in the least. At least now he would get to spend some time with his beautiful princess.

It was true, he reflected, that he and Zelda couldn't spend much time together. If he was free, Zelda was either in a fight or doing princess paperwork. If Zelda was free, he'd be in a fight or on kitchen clean up call. It really sucked.

And the only possible time they could spend together was at night. Everyone would be sleeping and his princess would be sleeping beside him…

Pit felt his heartbeat quicken at the thought.


Dinner seemed to go on forever. Zelda hoped that Link had delivered her letter to Pit.

The seventeen year old princess had been on kitchen call all day, and she was fed up with the chores. Hell, Zelda didn't even like cooking. Peach loved it, but she loved tanning even more and begged Master Hand to make Zelda take the cooking chores today so she could go sunbathe at the Salon. Zelda liked Peach and all, but she was not happy about being left with the cooking chores. Especially since Kirby, who was a great chef, usually ended up eating it all before it reached the tables.

Zelda sighed. She could hear Peach droning on about how dark her tan had gotten, but Zelda couldn't care less. She could only keep her mind on Pit, who was sitting two tables away and gabbing with the other swordsmen. She wanted to go over there, but she had a feeling she wouldn't have been very welcome.

"Hello! Earth to Zelda, hellooooo?" Peach said, waving a hand in front of her face.

"Huh? Oh sorry, Peach. Did you say something?" Zelda asked, shaking her head.

Peach gave an exasperated sigh. "I just asked you if you wanted to go to the Salon with me sometime this week! Haven't you been listening to a word I've been saying??"

"Sorry, Peachie…but no, I haven't," Zelda confessed, flushing.

"You're not still thinking about Marth, are you?" Peach asked.

"Marth? No no, I'm over him," Zelda said, surprised. "If he's happy with Sheeda, then I should be happy for him…right?"

"No, girlie," Peach said dramatically. Zelda made a face at being called 'girlie' but Peach ignored it. "He breaks up with you after a sensational Valentine's Day, and then you get sick soon after that and what's he doing? Fucking some girl, that's what."

"I don't care anymore, Peach!" Zelda snapped. "He wants that lance girl, that's fine by me. I'm WAY over him and I'm more focused on another relationship."

"You mean you hooked up with someone else??" Peach almost screamed. The seven people at the pokemon table glanced over to see what was wrong. Zelda assured Red that everything was okay, and gave Peach a look that said shut the hell up.

"I've actually hooked up with Pit, thank you very much!" Zelda said in a hushed voice.

"Pit? But Zellie…he's a kid!" Peach protested.

"Actually, no he isn't…he's seventeen. Angels have a slower growth spurt then humans or hylians, because most of the growing also goes to their wings," Zelda replied casually. "I don't care about his height. When I got sick, he was the only one that stayed with me. During that time we had a lot of time to talk alone, and he told me that he cared so much for me that it felt like love. We agreed to give romance a try, and it's been good so far."

"Oh…I'm sorry," Peach said with sincerity. "To tell the truth, he might be better for you then Marth was. Didn't you tell me that Marth demanded sex over and over?"

"Yeah, he did…" Zelda said, bitterly. "And I would prefer it if you didn't bring that up again."

"Sorry…" Peach said.

The rest of their meals were eaten in silence. Zelda's hurt flashed in her eyes as she reflected on last Valentine's Day. She and Marth had been going out for two months and all that time, he had been nothing but a sexual cling on. On Valentine's Day, she and Marth had finally broken up. She had finally refused to have sex for a third time that night, and he had thrown her out of his room while she was naked. Luckily for her, Peach had happened to be passing by and had given her the robe Ike gave her as a gift to Zelda to wear so she could walk back to the Hylian dorm. After that, she had demanded her clothes back, but found out that Marth had burnt them. They hardly spoke after that.

Zelda never told anyone and asked that Peach kept it a secret. If there was one thing that Zelda didn't want, it was trouble.

"At least Marth had the decency to wear a condom while he fucked me. Otherwise I would have been carrying around his bastard baby, while he'd be fucking Sheeda."


Fifteen minutes later, Zelda was standing by the exit of the Cafeteria. If Pit didn't get her letter, then a whole night would be wasted to a lonely sleep. What if he…

Just before she let her thoughts mess with her mind, Pit showed up grinning from ear to ear. "Hello, my princess."

"Hello, my angel," Zelda greeted back, smiling. It was their typical greeting for each other whenever they were alone. "I'm glad Link gave you my letter. It wasn't opened before you got it, was it?"

"Nope. I was the only one to open it," Pit said.

"Good. I'm glad I can trust Link."

"And what about me?" Pit teased. "Don't you trust me?"

"I trust you more then I could ever trust someone," Zelda said, giving him a kiss. Pit smiled and pulled Zelda closer for a soft but passionate tongue war. When they finally broke apart for a quick breath, Zelda pushed her hair away from her neck and Pit gave her a love bite.

"I enjoy playing Cupid to my wonderful princess," Pit said, kissing Zelda on the neck where he had bitten her.

"I enjoy it just as much," Zelda retorted playfully. "What do you say we head upstairs to your room, where we can have some more privacy?" She had suggested his room because he bunked alone and Zelda had to share a room with Link and Toon Link.

"That's the best idea I've heard all night," Pit answered, picking Zelda up bridal style. Zelda was surprised. She didn't know that Pit was strong enough to hold her, but now Pit was in the air and flying towards the stairs. She held on tight to his robe, afraid that she might slip and take a bad fall. But Pit held her securely and carefully, not wanting to drop her. Zelda relaxed and let her guardian angel take flight.

"You're so strong..." she whispered.

"I have to be. I have to protect my beautiful princess from danger," Pit smiled, and Zelda felt her heartbeat speed up. He looked so handsome and sexy with that smile in the dim lights.

It didn't take long for Pit to reach the Skyworld dorm, his room. The angel put Zelda down and opened the door to show that the room had been specially decorated for their special night. The room was lit by dozens of rose scented candles, the curtains drawn closed and the bed looked freshly made and smelled laundered.

"I see you prepared."

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" Pit said. He took Zelda's hand and kissed it. Zelda noticed that she was still in her regular dress and pulled her hand away, flustered.

"I forgot my nightgown," she said, embarassed.

"Oh...well, that's a problem..." Pit replied, relieved that she didn't pull away because he was coming on too strong.

Zelda was already at the door. "I won't be long...give me two minutes and I'll be back," she said, smiling. With that, she left the room and headed over to the Hyrule dorm.

"I remember when I had done that with Marth...he had snapped at me that I wouldn't need any clothes and practically tore my dress off..."

Zelda's eyes threatened to burn with tears. She stopped and blinked a few times before going on. Unfortunately when she looked up, she saw a very unwelcome face.

"My room. Now," Marth said, his blue eyes looking so cold.

"Excuse me?" Zelda asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What, was that too difficult to understand? Get to my room, Zelda. NOW," Marth practically shoved her into the room across from Pit's room.

"Marth, are you crazy??" Zelda screamed. She felt that same fear she had always felt whenever Marth wanted sex. He would do anything to get it, including using violence.

"No, baby...just horny," he said as he slammed the door and fell on top of Zelda. His breath reeked of scotch and Zelda knew he had too much to drink. What an advantage! Before Marth could touch her, she grabbed him and threw him into the wall.

"We're broken up, remember??" Zelda yelled to his face. "I am not your girl! Go fuck your new one!" Zelda screamed as she ran out of his room and back to her own. She slammed the door and buried herself in her bed, crying.


Yup. Instead of it just being a one shot, I'll go with making a regular story.

Okay, so some people are gonna want an explanation of the references to Avenge My Valentine's Day and Newcome Friendship. Here's a brief summary of the timeline.

Avenge My Valentine's Day was the story of SamusxSnake, but it also showed MarthxZelda and IkexPeach. At that time, Pit had not arrived at the mansion yet. After the Valentine's Day, Zelda and Marth finally broke up. A few days later, Pit arrived at the mansion, cueing Newcome Friendship's events, where Zelda and Pit met and after five days, Zelda fell ill. Not revealed in the fics, Zelda and Pit spent time talking during her hospitalization, and agreed to give romance a try. That's where this all comes to play.

I enjoy making Marth the bad one, since I don't like him so much. :3

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