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Pit picked Zelda up gently. He smiled at the princess he was holding bridal style. "Do you remember the day you had wanted to sleep in the same bed as I? Tonight I want to give you the real feelings of being loved, of being pleasured slowly."

Zelda snuggled into his robe and sighed. "I've never been used to being loved slowly. Only roughly."

Pit kissed her forehead and flew out of the hospital wing. "No more of that. I won't do that to you, ever."

"I know."

Pit picked up speed and arrived to his room. The angel put Zelda down quickly and opened the door to lead her inside. He could feel Zelda's nervousness pulsing off her, but he felt equally nervous.

He had never been with a woman before.

Zelda herself felt like a scared virgin again. She wasn't sure why; it wasn't like she wasn't with a man before. She knew all about what they would do and say.

Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe she should have never accepted the angel's promise. Maybe letting Pit sweet talk her was the worst idea ever...

Or maybe you're just deluding yourself to your fears. Why throw away the best thing that's happened to you? Why hurt the one person who truly cares for you the most?

Stay with him. Not only for him, but for you. You will never find someone who cares about you more then he does.

Her nervousness suddenly vanished. A soothing aura suddenly replaced her older one and she breathed a small sigh of relief. Pit must have sensed the same aura, or felt her relaxation, because his heartbeat steadied and he felt calmer.

The angel slowly closed the door. Zelda began to disrobe, pulling her hair binds out and letting her long hair flow like a cascade of golden brown waters down her back. The hair shimmered in the dim light, reflecting like water. Pit's mouth grew dry at the sight and he almost forgot to start taking off his own clothing.

Zelda slowly moved to her dress next. She pulled off her gloves and boots and reached back to undo her dress bindings. The shoulder armor fell off her body and clattered to the floor with nary a sound on the plush carpet. Pit pulled off his white robe, revealing his blue body suit with a zipper in the back. He kicked off his sandals and reached back to pull the zipper down. Zelda gave a small smile. "Let me help you with that..."

"Thanks. It's such a pain to do and undo everyday," Pit commented, turning around. Zelda drew the zipper down slowly, marveling his strong looking back. She nearly froze again, seeing Pit not wearing any boxers underneath. The angel removed the bodysuit, standing fully nude in front of the princess. He stepped forward and enveloped Zelda in a heated kiss, letting his wings span out and wrap around them. He reached back to help undo Zelda's dress and pull it off slowly and sweetly. Left only in a strapless bra and her lace underwear, the princess sighed and let out a small moan as Pit began circling his tongue around her mouth.

"Gods, how I've missed the sweetness of your kiss..." the angel whispered into her ear after he pulled away. The princess shivered in response. Pit took the initiative to trace kisses down from her ear to her jugular. Zelda moaned as Pit nibbled on it and began to suck on her neck. She reached back to undo the bra clip and held it loosely in front of her. Pit paused and stared in amazement. He could feel the blood rush from his face and build pressure in his manhood. He slowly reached up and pulled it off her, letting it fall to the floor among her dress and shoulder armor.

"You're so beautiful."

"So are you," Zelda replied, and she really meant it. She slid down in the bed and motioned for Pit to come with her. Her legs already began to feel warmer and her thighs already sported signs of her arousal. Pit climbed into the bed right next to her and nuzzled into her breasts. He felt so safe, like nothing had happened at all.

"Mmmm..." Zelda moaned out. Pit smirked slightly and kissed both nipples until they were hard and peaked.

"You like that?"

"Yes...I...I like it very much..."

"But we only just started, princess..." Pit teased slightly. He lowered his head again to let his tongue savor the softness of the left nipple, while his hand twirled and played with the right one. Zelda's moans grew louder and the scent of her arousal grew stronger. Pit switched places with his hand and sucked on the right nipple while he played with the wet left one. Zelda arched her back up, allowing Pit to get much more into his mouth. Her moans filled his ears, an intoxicating pleasure mixed with the suffocation of softness in his mouth.

When he thought neither of them could take it anymore, he released the nipple from his mouth. Zelda slowly fell back on the bed, breathing softly. "You really are from heaven..."

Pit pried her legs apart and stroked her inner thighs, earning him shudders from his lover. "You're so warm...and so wet..." he whispered. He moved his fingers closer, unsure of what exactly to do. Instinct kicked in and he moved his fingers in rubbing motions closer to Zelda's personal spot. He captured some of the arousing juices in his fingers and pulled back to taste it. "So sweet..."

Zelda didn't hear him. She was far too lost in pleasure. Pit seized the opportunity to please her even more, continuing to rub and caress that sensitive spot until Zelda began whimpering.

"What is it?"

"I...don't think I can...wait anymore...please Pit...take me..."

Pit smiled. "The princess has spoken..." With a groan, he shifted positions so Zelda was looking up at him and he was poised, ready to go in. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," Zelda said, blowing him a kiss. Pit blushed and steadied himself. Slowly, he inserted himself into the princess, feeling the heat wrap around him. He gasped and Zelda moaned happily. Her arousal had created an easy entrance for him, and he began pulling out and in quickly. Zelda's hips moved in rhythm with the angel's movements which created waves of pleasure rocking back and forth in their bodies. Pit began moving faster and Zelda was so intent on keeping him close, she wrapped her legs around his hips.

Pit looked up at Zelda, his eyes glowing with a slight dark blue shine. "I love you," he whispered one last time before he climaxed, filling her with his seed.

Zelda had sex before, so she wasn't a stranger to these feelings. But as soon as she felt Pit release into her, she suddenly felt warm all over. It was the sense of how she felt towards Pit. He suddenly felt so much closer to her then before. It was as if they had created an spiritual bond, as well as a emotional one.

"Oh right...the angel's promise...that must be it."

The princess shuddered one last time before whispering her love back to Pit and slowly falling into the most peaceful sleep she had in a long time.


Reenie had finished washing herself up and wrapped herself tightly in a snug towel. It had taken a long time to wash every speck of blood off her, but it was worth the effort. She had never felt so clean before in her life. It was refreshing.

The half angel stepped out of the bathroom, only to meet eyes with Link and Master Hand. Reenie flushed with embarrassment and looked away. Link, also embarrassed, quickly handed her a bundle of clothes that Peach had provided. "Here. You can change in the bathroom."

"Thank you," Reenie replied.

"Link, I need to speak to you in my office. Would you mind stepping out with me?" Master Hand asked.

"Of course, sir," Link replied. He and Master Hand left the room and closed the door, leaving Reenie by herself. She unwrapped the towel and unfolded the clothes Peach gave her: a pink tank top with a built in bra ("Good thing too..." Reenie thought.), sweatpants and undergarments. She quickly clothed herself, but still felt cold. Looking around the room, she eyed a green sweater that was hanging on the closet door.

"It probably belongs to Link," Reenie mused. "I hope he won't mind..." she added, taking the sweater down and putting it on her. A snug fit and she felt much better.

Suddenly, the window behind her crashed. Reenie jerked around and gave a gasp. Right before her was one of her people...a man about as tall as Snake was, wearing a lab coat and had black wings stretching from his back. He glared at the girl with utmost loathing.

"W-W-Who are you?!" Reenie stammered. "How did you get to the middle grounds?!"

"That's none of your business, you worthless excuse for a princess," the man snarled. He drew a bow at her and readied an arrow. "What is of concern is your presence...and your lack of a future. Soon...very'll be swimming in the River Styx with my dear queen...what a pity she's gone..."

"How dare you!" Reenie spat. She looked around for her weapons and uttered a small whoop when she saw them on the dresser. She lunged for them, grabbing her twin guns and preparing to shoot...but froze.

The man looked at her with a satisfied smirk. "It will kill you. Once you are dead, the Underworld will finally look to the seven generals for leadership...and we will rage war again on Palutena and her wretched son for killing our goddess. Alas, a dead princess doesn't need to know...not where you're going."

Reenie coughed. The arrow was sticking out of her chest and blood was making a dark pool across the clothes she wore. It dripped down her body and fell on the floor, making an utter mess. She didn't even see him shoot it.

The mysterious man smiled wider, seeing the blood flow. "Watching you die, princess Reenie, will be so pleasurable. After your death, I might as well repay the favor...Prince Pit is here too, isn't he?"

"N-No..." Reenie grimaced. "He...returned home..." she lied.

"Oh? How disappointing...oh well. We'll get him when the time comes..." the man shrugged. "I'd love to stay and watch you die, but I've got big plans to take care of...have fun swimming in the River Styx!" With that said, the man turned back to the window and flew out.

Reenie began gasping for more air. She tried to pull out the arrow, but it had sunk so deep into her chest that it wouldn't budge. More blood began pouring down and she was growing dizzy. She had only one option: pull the arrow out with extreme force and hope to Palutena she didn't die.

The princess gritted her teeth and took hold of the arrow in both hands. She began twisting it, ignoring the screaming pain screaming in her chest, and pulling it violently. It took a few seconds, but she finally got it out of her body. However, the blood didn't stop flowing.

"The man might return..." Reenie thought with horror. "If he comes back and sees I'm not dead..." without any further thoughts, she pushed herself towards the window.



It was a major shock for Link to return to his room and see blood and broken glass all over the floor. He had shouted in panic, bringing several smashers to his room. Snake and Samus questioned him, asking who was with him. Link had started Reenie was with him, but he had to leave her to speak with Master Hand. Snake investigated the amount of blood and shook his head.

"This amount is too huge, Link. There's no question about it: she's dead."

"But..." Samus said, after searching the room. "Her body is missing. All we found is this." She held up a single arrow. "This isn't one of's black and it's shaped a bit differently..."

"Is can she be dead?" Link said with gritted teeth. "If she's missing, maybe she's alive!"

"Too much blood theory is that her assassin may have taken her with him to finish the job or dispose of her body. Maybe the arrow left behind is some sort of warning..." Snake said gruffly. He lit up a cigarette. "Even if she managed to escape, she wouldn't get very far with a wound that's making her lose blood rapidly. I'm sorry, Link."

Link sat down on his bed, trying to get it all together. He still couldn't believe that turning his back for a few minutes had turned into a huge jeaporady for Reenie's life. Samus and Snake, finished with their job, had left Link to piece his thoughts together.

He didn't know Reenie's full one did, not even Pit. Link was determined to find out who would want to kill someone that heaven found "useless" to them.

And...if by some small chance she was actually alive...

He would make her tell him.






Damn, I suck. I left everyone hanging for a full month now. Yet you people still put up with me. I am so not worthy. D: (cries) THANK YOU ALL, FOR PUTTING UP WITH SOMEONE WHO LEAVES YOU ALL HANGING LIKE ME. ;-;

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Don't ask who Reenie's killer was. You'll know one day.

Here's your trailer.

The tournament has ended...

"See you all in the next tournament!!"

And everyone has gone home.

"What a beautiful place...thanks for bringing me with you."

But in the blink of an eye...

"Did you hear something?"

...peace can turn into horror.

"What IS that thing?!"

"Get away!! Noooo!!"

A deadly virus is slowly spreading...

"Someone had better explain to me why this place is stained in blood."

...and demons are mercilessly devouring...

"Stop it! Don't do this!! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!"

...demons who were once old friends.

"Come on, don't do this. You remember me, don't you? I'M YOUR FRIEND!!"

But zombies are the least of their worries.

"We're in big trouble...a six foot monster was spotted on the edges of Hyrule, and it looks NASTY..."

With an insane antagonist laughing behind the scenes...

"Soon, my beloved queen, you will be with us again..."

The smashers are going to have to fight tooth and nail, bullet with sword, just to stay alive.

"I've never used a gun in my life! There's NO WAY I'm touching that!!"

"You don't have a's either shoot or die. If I were you, I'd choose shoot. Life is more important then honor."

An old friend holds the answers...

"I hope...she's still alive. She knows what's going on. That much, I'm positive of."

CeleBaby20 proudly presents...

"Let's kill this son of a bitch! For everyone who's died! For all our friends and family! LET'S FIGHT!!"

Otherworldly Infection