Why did he have to haunt her now!? Of all times why did his face have to loom in her mind!? "Damn you, Sev!" she cursed under her breath.

Flash Back

The Great Hall glimmered in ice for the Yule Ball and she watched as all the couples danced joyfully. "Lily," she turned and saw Severus Snape standing next to her.

"Hello Sev." she said smiling. "Would you care to dance with me?" Lily smiled. "I am your date, so that would seem appropiate."

"My date?" he asked uncertain.

"Of course Sev!" Severus' face went bright red and he held out his arm waiting for Lily to take it. "Then I guess I better escort my date to the ball?"

"That would be appropriate." Lily said laughing.

They danced and danced until Lily thought she was going to fall asleep. "Maybe you should go to bed, Lil."

"No, no, just one more song! Please!" she said laughing slightly. "Okay, one more song." he said placing both arms around her and move left to right and back and fourth.

One song turned into two and then that one turned into three. It was like the night would ever end and Lily loved every minute of it! She pressed her lips to his neck and kissed his warm skin in an affectionate sort of way. "I love you Lily." she heard him whisper.

"I love you too, Sev." she said back closing her eyes and allowing him to lead her away from the Great Hall.

End Flash Back

Lily smiled and then shook her head. This wasn't right, this wasn't how it was supposed to be! She was in love with James, she wanted to marry James. Didn't she?

"Lily." said a soft voice. Lily turned and saw that Professor Albus Dumbledore had been watching her. "Hello, Albus." she said embracing him.

"I'm very happy for you Ms. Evans."he said pulling away from her hug.

"Ms. Evans; what do you mean by that Albus?" she asked.

Dumbledore smiled, "I meant nothing other than that it isn't official until the ceremony is over."

"Oh." Lily whispered turning red.

"What did you think I meant by it, Lily?" he asked sitting in a chair across from her. "I don't know...anymore." tears filled her eyes. "How is Severus...is he well?" Dumbledore sighed and frowned. "Not to worry you Lily but he is not the same person he once was."

"Is he well, Albus?" she asked again.

"To put it plainly, no." tears fell down her cheeks. "I don't know what I want?" Dumbledore took her hand in his and smiled.

"You know what you want Lily, you have always known. You just chose to ignore the answer." he pulled his hand away leaving a shiny silver locket in her hand.


"Something Severus never had the chance to give you. He made it special by allowing all the happy memories from your past to fill it."


"Because he still loves you." he said interrupting her once again and leaving the room.

To Be Continued...I promise I'll keep going but something just inspired me for another book.LOL. Anyway more to come soon.