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Snape had over looked one little detail when he was making the wedding plans. Lily had already picked her maid of honor but Severus had yet to pick his best man, not that he had any friends that were willing to do it anyway. Damn him for being sorted into Slytherin. Snape looked over the guest list again, he was truly at a loss here. What would Lily say when she found out that the only true friend he had was her and a muggle he had once known back when he was child.

"I wonder what Michael is up to?" he pondered silently to himself.

It wouldn't have mattered even if the man did want to come, being a muggle was very dangerous here in London! Especially considering he was an ex-spy and soon to be hunted like a rat.

"Sev, what are you doing?" Lily had been standing in the doorway watching him scan the invites.

"I...um-I have no one to be my best man." he said turning a bright shade of scarlet.

Lily sighed and looked down the guest list with him.

"Why not Remus?" she suggested sitting on the edge of his desk. "He was always fond of you."

"Fond of me, the man nearly bit me!" Severus said with a forceful glare.

"Severus, you know he didn't mean it. Don't blame Remus for James' bone headed idea."

Snape sighed in defeat. "Even if I did ask him to be my best man...he wouldn't want to."

"You do not know that my love." Lily said placing her lips on his forehead.

Once again he sighed. "Alright dear, I will ask Remus to be my best man."

"Good, he's down in the Great Hall by the way." Lily said standing and pulling Severus' arm for him to follow.

"Wait...what?!" he asked suprised.

"Well, I anticipated that something like this would happen so I took matter's into my own hands. I should probably mention that Sirius is here as well."

"Lily!" Snape said looking pained and angry.

"Severus!" Lily said staring him down. "You know that we will never be able to hide fom the forever, at least give them the chance to earn forgiveness. You forgave me."

Snape folded his arms over his chest like a toddler did when forced to do something horribly annoying. "That's different, I love you. I do not even like Black or...or Lupin!"

"Please Sev." she said making her voice soft and eyes wide.

"Fine, but if they act like gits I get to knock them both on their asses."

"Fair enough." Lily said wrapping her arm in her fiances arm.

Severus wasn't so sure how this meeting would go but he knew one thing. Those two bullies were not going to get away with how they treated him when he was younger. He held his breath as they reached the large doors that led to the dining room. When he opened them what he found suprised him immensly.

"Hello Severus." Sirius said somewhat ashamed.

At first Snape stared and had to register what was just spoken.

"Black." he said casually.

"Look, I was never good at these things...and I know that I don't deserve it...ever but I don't want to be...I mean I'd like for us to be...friends?" he said sounding flustered.

Snape once again just stared, he had not expected that...wow...! He opened his mouth to speak but then closed it again. Sirius Black apologizing...this was too good to be true or real for that matter.

"Where did I first meet Sirius Black?" he asked holding his wand firmly in his hand.

Sirius looked confused at first but then if finally registered in his mind. "I met Severus Snape on the Hogwarts Express with the arrogant idiot James Potter and Remus Lupin...you were sitting with Lily talking about houses."

"Right, and that's where you picked out such a cute little nickname for me...snivellous." the iciness from Snape's tone sent chills down Sirius' spine.

"It was stupid...and I'm really sorry." Sirius said looking at his feet.

"Yes, well. I will forgive you Black but it will take time." he coughed slightly. "Would you and Remus like to be my best men?" he asked rushing it from his mouth.

"What was that?" Sirius asked with a dog like smile on his face.

"Don't push it mutt." Severus said though he could not help but surpass a small thin lipped smile.

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