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Tamaki was riding in his limo, staring out the window on a rainy night. It had just thunder stormed but now the rain was at a light drizzle. He watched as the people on the sidewalks ran past, probably trying to get to their homes or to a bus stop. He wondered why they didn't just call their chauffeurs and get picked up. Then he remembered- they probably didn't have one. The lives of commoners intrigued the Suoh so much that on random days he would go out for a ride, just to watch them. They did things so differently than he did! If only he could meet one and find out why they did things in the manner of which they did them. That'd be a real treat.

Then he spotted something. It was in the alley. Tamaki pressed his hand against the window and peered out of it. Yes, it was defiantly human...he could tell by the shape. The person was in a box, shaking seemingly uncontrollably. Tamaki had never seen anything like it.

"Stop the car," Tamaki ordered, "Pull over!"

The driver obeyed and pulled over next to the sidewalk. "Master Tamaki?" The chauffeur called as Tamaki hurriedly opened the door and ran back to the alley. He stopped in front of it, his breath caught in his throat as he gazed down at the small being. He slowly walked over to the person, still the brunette didn't look up at him because the brunette was too busy crying. It wasn't a loud, yelling crying the person was doing, but the tears were slowly trickling down the face and the body was still trembling.

Tamaki stooped down and reached out his hand to put on the brown haired person's head. It was if an invisible force had sucked his hand in. "Don't cry, little boy," Tamaki instructed, ruffling the 'boy's' head. Said boy looked up at Tamaki with the biggest, brownest eyes Tamaki had ever seen. "Are you alone?" Tamaki asked. The brunette nodded his head up and down.

"You have no family?" Tamaki asked. Again he nodded his head. Tamaki's eyes grew wide, "Then, how did you get out here? Surely you must have somewhere to go, someone that misses you."

The boy's eyes started to water with fresh tears, so Tamaki stopped his rambling and took the younger person's hand, "Then you shall come with me."

This time it was the brunette's turn to widen the eyes, "But-"

"Ah, so you can speak," Tamaki cut him off and started pulling him back to his limo. "Do you have a name?"

"Er-" the brunette thought dug deep into the crevices of his mind but couldn't find an answer. In fact, he hadn't even known he was a boy until Tamaki called him one! "No," he shook his head, "I don't think I do at least."

At the sight of Tamaki, the chauffeur came rushing out of the car and opened the back door for him. He eyed the brunette suspiciously but refrained from saying anything to the young master- it wasn't his place and he didn't want to hear Tamaki's rants. Tamaki waited as the brunette slowly made his way into the limo.

"Ano...this is...big," he said when Tamaki had come in as well. He blushed a bit when Tamaki let out a laugh.

There was silence as the car started moving again. Then Tamaki said, "How can a person have no name?"

"I just don't," said the brown eyed "boy." If the conversation was going to keep on with his namelessness then he rather it just stop.

"Then...your name is Haru," Tamaki replied. Haru looked up in surprise. Tamaki looked down at him and saw something in his eyes- a sparkle perhaps? "Do you like Haru?"

"I'm not sure..." Haru said, frowning a bit. "But I'll think about it," he smiled and at that point Tamaki could see Haru being a girl. But the thought passed just as soon as it went. Soon Haru was asleep. His body leaned to the side until it finally could sit up no more, and Haru's head ended up on Tamaki's arm. The blond didn't bother moving it.

When they got home Tamaki carried the boy all the way up to his room and laid him on his own bed, despite the many pleas and scorning he got from the maids, who didn't want such a filthy child to soil Tamaki's sheets. Tamaki showered for a while and wondered what he would do with the kid. Obviously, not put him back on the streets. What kind of person would he be if he saved someone then just dumped him back into danger? Then an idea sparked inside Tamaki's head. He rushed out of the shower and ran back to his room, clad in a town.

To his surprise, the brunette was already awake. He gasped and looked away, "Geez! Can't you put some clothes on?"

Tamaki was totally oblivious to Haru's discomfort and he jumped up and down, then pointed straight at him, "You will stay here as my butler!"

"What?" Haru screeched.

"It's only fair, isn't it?" Tamaki blinked.

"Who said I wanted to stay here? And what made you think I'd want-"

"You shouldn't want to go back to the box right? Then you'll stay here with me and work to stay here! That way, my father won't get angry and you'll have a home at the same time. See? Isn't it a magnificent plan Haru?"

"You have a bad habit of cutting people off and automatically thinking everyone will agree with you," Haru's words were laced with malice that stung at Tamaki's heart. Then he sighed and looked out the window, "But...if it means not having to go back out there..."

"Then it's settled!" Tamaki decreed. "You, Haru, will now be my personal lack-dog."

"Eh-?!" Haru jumped up, "I don't even know your name and you're calling me something like that."

"You're right, dear Haru. Excuse my manners. I am Suoh Tamaki, the King of the Host Club and the prince-type!"

Haru had no idea what a host club was, and he really didn't care to know. All he knew was that if Tamaki was in it, then he didn't want anything to do with it. "Tamaki-san..." Haru repeated the name, trying it out.

"Now we must inform the maids and tell them to get your quarters ready for the night," Tamaki said, ushering Haru out of the room and into the hallway.

"Wait!" Haru said and turned around to face the blond, who blinked in mild confusion. "I like Haruhi better."

Tamaki blinked again and tilted his head to the side, "Haru-hi?"

"Hai," Haruhi said with a shrug, "It suits me better, I think."

Tamaki broke out in a wide grin and nodded, "Then Haruhi shall be your name."

Haruhi sighed and sat down on the bed that had been provided for him, "This is really too much." He looked around the room. It was larger than any room he could remember seeing, which wasn't many because at the moment Haruhi could hardly remember a thing. What he could remember sent chills up his spine.


Haruhi cringed. The blond idiot was banging away on his door. As if it wasn't bad enough that he'd made him his lackey! Haruhi sighed again as he walked to the door. 'What am I thinking? I should be thankful that he let me in his home and is taking care of me. But...he's already annoying.'

He slowly turned the doorknob and let Tamaki inside, "Haruhi, I came to say good night!" he announced as he entered. "Do you like your room?"

"Hai, arigato," Haruhi thanked him as he inspected the room. Tamaki smiled and nodded.

"Kyouya says he'll come over tomorrow."

"Kyouya?" Haruhi asked.

Tamaki grinned and whisked around, "Yes! Kyouya and I are best friends. As soon as I called him and told him about you, he said he would be coming over tomorrow. Haruhi, can you ask for a greater friend than that? Can life produce another person so willing to help?"

Haruhi sweat dropped. Little did he know, Tamaki was slipping into host mode. Then he startled Haruhi when he suddenly snapped his fingers and said, "Well Haruhi, it is time for us to depart for the night."

"Um...okay then...good night Tamaki-san," Haruhi walked the blond back to the door. "And really, thanks for this."

"It is my duty," Tamaki gracefully bowed and when he came back up, ungracefully yawned. "Night Haruhi."

"Goodnight," Haruhi gently closed the door shut. He sighed and turned the lights off. When he found the bed and got comfortable in it he found that he couldn't go to sleep. Something was not right. Besides the fact that he was sleeping in someone else's home, resting in a stranger's bed and such...there was still something that was bothering him. But he couldn't figure out what it was no matter how hard he thought about it. His mind was blank.

He sat up and looked out the window. The moon's ray was shining down on him as if it were trying to lend its help. Haruhi remembered when Tamaki had first found him. Don't cry, little boy. Haruhi suddenly felt a pang at his heart. Something was really wrong with that sentence. Haruhi didn't mind being called a boy, no, that wasn't it. Especially since Tamaki had said it in such a kind, gentle way. But it did make him think Tamaki was an even bigger idiot than he had already made him out to be. That's when it hit him.

Haruhi got up and walked to his private bathroom that a maid had said would be his as long as he stayed in the Suoh mansion.

When he came out he had a whole new prospective.

'I'm...a girl...' she thought.

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