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So I abandoned this story years ago, but now I am editing it in plans to continue. I admit that I am not going to rewrite the whole thing, so the quality may be improve in later chapters. However, I aim to fix some of the typos and errors that I noticed and that were pointed out to me in reviews over the years I was gone.

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Lucius the Conqueror

Chapter 1: Lucius the Conqueror

Hermione watched as her one true love, Ron, died from an "Avada Kadavra" spell cast by none other than her mortal enemy Draco Malfoy. She dropped what she was doing and rushed over to Ron's body.

"No! No, Ron...wake up. You can't die, it's always me, you and Harry. The trio can't go on without you. Please wake up!" she was clutching him to her and crying desperately. She was muttering incoherent words and memories before she was pulled up harshly by the murderer himself. "Let me go Malfoy! Or at least kill me quickly," she spat with venom in her voice.

"Oh, my little mudblood, why on earth would I kill a pretty thing like you? I admit, you're still the annoying know-it-all that I met 8 years ago, but you've grown up to be quite a looker. My father and the Dark Lord will be pleased... yes, very pleased..." he muttered almost to himself before pointing his wand and yelling "Stupefy!" and catching the now unconscious Hermione Granger.

Hermione woke up in a large bed in a room that she knew she had never seen before. She jumped up quickly and ran to the door, but when she touched the knob it burned her hand and she pulled away. Of course it was sealed by magic, but she had to try. She looked around frantically. She saw that there was a window, and she ran over to it. She opened it quickly and attempted to climb out when she hit an invisible barrier of some sort. Falling back immediately, she grunted as her rear connected with the stone floor of the chamber. That was when she heard the voice. That evil voice that she could have gone the rest of her life without hearing ever again, but alas, she heard it now. It was worse than Draco's, and she didn't dare turn around.

"Well, Miss Granger, isn't this a pleasant surprise? You in one of the Malfoy mansion's guest rooms and I in complete control of whether I release you or not. Very pleasant if I may say so..."

"Well you have no right to say so. If you would kindly let me go now, I will leave quietly."

Lucius Malfoy laughed a deep evil chuckle that sent chills down Hermione's spine. "You can dream, but it will do you no good. You're under our control now. My son's, Lord Voldemort's, and of course... me," he said with a grin. "I believe we could have a bit of fun if you just relax, " he said while walking towards her. Walking up to her and putting his large hands on her full hips, he bent until his mouth was next to her ear and he whispered seductively, "Yes... I believe this could be quite enjoyable for both of us if you give in."

"Never!" she growled and attempted to twist around and knee him in the groin, but he was faster. He grabbed her around the waist and threw her on the bed, while he followed.

"Oh now, little spitfire, you really don't want to cross a Death Eater. We can be times." On the word famished he nipped her neck and drew blood. Hermione didn't even flinch and she struggled to get out from under his much larger frame. He was going to take her virginity. Right here, right now. This wasn't right. She was waiting for Ron on their wedding night. But Ron was dead.

Lucius looked down at the young girl below him. She was the same age as Draco, which would make her about 19. Perfect. She was beautiful. As a girl, she had bushy hair and a skinny frame, but now she was a woman. Her hair had grown to become little auburn ringlets that framed a pale heart shaped face with large brown eyes. A cute button nose and rosebud mouth made her quite pretty. Her body was perfect as well. She had filled out and now had perky but round breasts, a slim waist, and ample round hips and thighs that would be perfect for child-bearing. Her calves were shapely and she had cute feet. Her arms gave way to delicate wrists and small dainty hands.

The only drawback was her mind. She was too damn smart for her own good. However, Lucius would break her. He always did. He broke Narcissa didn't he? Oh Narcissa... Beautiful but dumb Narcissa. Always much too skinny with harsh features and no warmth. They were perfect for each other, but she didn't excite him at all. Hermione Granger excited him beyond belief. She was warm, young, intelligent, spirited and adorable. He should tell her that she was brought here to be Draco's bride, but that would mean he couldn't have first samples. While she was asleep, he had a doctor confirm her virginity, and he was perversely excited. Narcissa had been a virgin of course, but she was a cold fish in bed. He needed someone ALIVE, even if it meant kicking and screaming. Yes... Hermione would scream, and even after she and Draco were married, he would continue to make her scream until they were screams of pleasure.

He turned his attention back to the fighting girl beneath him and smiled. He had changed her into a short silk black night gown. She looked stunning. Her hair mussed from the struggle, eyes wide, and cheeks pink from anger. Her chest was heaving with each hate laden breath, and he had to close his eyes to make sure he didn't spend himself in his pants by just having her squirm beneath him. He had to take her, and now.

Hermione couldn't believe this was happening. He was actually going to rape her. She fought even harder out of panic, and unknowingly excited him more. He quickly ripped away her teddy with wandless magic and she looked down to discover herself completely naked. She had been so preoccupied that she hadn't even noticed that someone had changed her out of her muddy jeans and t-shirt into a silk nightie and bathed her with perfumed oils. Lucius obviously liked this as he practically attacked her neck with his lips and teeth. She knew he was leaving marks, and she closed her eyes to drown out what was happening. He had said a quiet spell to bind her feet and hands to the bed, leaving her helpless. He sat up and looked down.

"Well well... looks like the little Gryffindor mudblood is going to be deflowered by the big bad Slytherin. I think it's fitting," he said as he took off his Death Eater robes and clothes underneath until he was completely naked. She looked at him and saw him smirk. He knew he was good looking. He had the body of a Greek god, and white blond hair dusted his chest and legs, as well as his... oh dear God! He was huge! She had given Ron oral sex before, and he was well-endowed, but Lucius was bigger than she thought possible. She almost wondered if he had done a spell somehow to make him larger. As if reading her mind, he laughed. "No, it's all natural darling. And trust me, this will hurt."

Hermione struggled pointlessly out of instinct and fear when he lowered his mouth to her own. She took this opportunity to bite his lip, and she even drew blood. Lucius looked at her with wrath in his silver eyes and slapped her. Hard. She flinched at this, but quickly recovered and matched his stare with her own. He bent to her ear and whispered, "If you want the rest of that Weasel family to live, then you had better be nice. If you so much as pinch me again, the two trouble-making twins will be tortured and killed. And you know I can make it happen," he threatened.

This stopped her. She knew Lucius, and he wouldn't hesitate to have them kissed by the dementors. She closed her mouth but he just smiled and nibbled her earlobe. She hated to admit that when he was gentle, it felt good. He licked her ear and sucked a trail down her throat to her breasts. He rubbed the left one while he suckled the right nipple. She accidentally arched off the bed and Lucius laughed. He knew she was enjoying this. Well, physically at least. There was no doubt that this was rape, but he could make her body react whether her mind wanted to or not.

Moving to the other nipple, he then kissed a wet trail down her stomach. He was about ready to kiss her core when he lifted himself up and kissed her mouth again. She didn't open for him, but at least she didn't bite him. He traced one finger over her full lips and then trailed it over her entire body before rubbed it down her slit. She gasped and he touched her sensitive bud lightly. She jerked and he became harder when he thought that was impossible. However, he wanted her wet for her first time. After having women fawn over him since he was a boy, he had learned several tricks to make a girl beg and scream for release. He doubted Hermione would ever do that, but he could still make her orgasm. He took his index finger and inserted it in her hole. She whimpered, and he knew that even this was probably uncomfortable. He then took his thumb, while leaving his other finger in her, and rubbed little circles around her clitoris until her breathing was short and shallow. She closed her eyes and he used this opportunity to withdraw both his fingers and position himself at her opening. Her eyes flew open and pleasure turned to fear.

"It's time sweetheart," he said in a deep voice before moving the head of his cock to her pussy and rubbing it up and down in her juices. He moaned from the feeling and pushed himself partly in. She gasped and squeaked while he continued to push in. He reached her barrier and he quickly put a silencing charm on her before plunging in to the hilt. He could see her screaming from pain, and her heartbeat had tripled. She was crying, and he saw her turn her head away. He should have felt bad, but she was tighter than any virgin he'd ever been with. He could barely fit, yet he forced himself in. The feeling was incredible. He had never felt anything closer to heaven than this.

He couldn't stay still any longer and he began to thrust in and out. He braced his strong arms on either side of her body and started to move faster. His breath was coming in short little gasps now as well, and she was crying until she thought she couldn't cry anymore. She had never been in so much pain. It felt like she was being ripped apart. He continued his thrusting until he was banging her so hard that his balls were slapping her ass. He knew he was getting close, and he was surprised he lasted this long with her being so warm and tight. He pounded and pounded until he felt the familiar build. He kept going until he felt his balls tighten and then he speared her one last time while he screamed his release. She felt something hot and wet enter her and it felt like it just kept coming. It was by far the most intense orgasm he had ever felt.

He collapsed, sweaty and tired on top of her and then rolled off to the side to keep from crushing her. He changed the bonds from keeping her in a spread eagle position to just tying her hands and feet together. Draping one heavy arm over her breasts possessively, he pulled the covers over them. He took the silencing charm off, but she was too traumatized to speak. He went to sleep, but she stayed up crying for at least another hour before she fell asleep out of pure exhaustion. It was over.

When Hermione woke up the next morning, she was alone and unbound. She thanked God for that. Lucius was no longer here in the bed, and maybe she could actually think about escaping now. She started to move but then noticed an extreme ache between her legs and all the memories of the night before came flooding back. Before she could utter a swear word, none other than Lucius himself entered the bedchamber with a tray full of pastries and jams. It smelled heavenly. He set it next to her on the large bed and smiled at her in that slimy Slytherin way. She glared at him but didn't blink. He moved closer, and she noticed that while she was naked and her hair was tangled, he was impeccably dressed in a black robe with a green shirt and black pants underneath. His hair was pulled back in a straight ponytail at the nape of his neck and he had his cane. He sat next to her on the bed and she scooted away while pulling the covers up higher. He laughed.

"Now Mudblood, aren't we a little too modest this morning after all I saw last night?" And plan to see again, he thought. He got up without waiting for her answer and got a washcloth from the bathroom. Dipping it in soapy water, he once again sat on the edge of the bed. He yanked the covers down to her feet before she could protest and held her legs still. She immediately began to fight, of course, but he shushed her and proceeded to gently wash away all the blood and semen from the previous night. He tenderly brushed all the places that hurt the most and made sure there wasn't a stain left on her. A quick spell had the bed linens clean, and he sat back up. Hermione immediately pulled the sheets up again and stared at him. This man had just actually touched her with kindness. Granted, he was the cause of her pain, but he was gentle. She was beginning to become more frightened than she even was before.

After he disposed of the cloth with a flick of his hand, he scooted the tray toward her and left the room. She looked around and finally decided to eat. After all, Ron was dead. So what if they poisoned her? Death would be better than being raped by Lucius Malfoy every night.

Hermione was still staring out the window that night. She had found the lever that opened the door to the bathroom and bathed. There was a silk robe next to the tub and she'd decided to put it on since she couldn't find anything else. She obviously didn't have her wand, so she couldn't conjure up anything either. After finger combing her hair, she'd settled on the windowsill. She didn't know what they would do to her, but she had faith that Harry would save her soon.

With that thought, Hermione heard the door open and turned to see not Lucius, but his son, Draco. She cursed under her breath. Two Malfoys. Damn her luck.

Draco sauntered over to where she sat and she didn't even turn to acknowledge him. The blond hated being ignored so he harshly grabbed her chin and twisted her head towards him.

"Hello little mudblood. How was your night all alone with no one to talk to," he asked with a smirk.

Hermione furrowed her brow. Didn't Lucius tell Draco what he'd done? Apparently not. That was interesting. Well, she could use this to her advantage, but she'd have to wait. Draco would never believe her right now. Hermione just glared back at him and he roughly released her chin. She continued to stare out the window while the younger Malfoy kept getting more and more furious about being ignored.

Finally, he grabbed her around the waist and threw her on the bed in the same way his father had the night before. She had to gasp to catch her breath from the surprise and he was on top of her before she could inhale once more. Hermione tried to hit any vulnerable part of Draco's body, but he had put the same spell that his father had the night before. Her hands and legs were tied spread eagle to the bed posts and her clothes were gone.

Were the Malfoys in the mood for, all the time? It seemed so. He quickly divested himself of the black pants and black robe he was wearing before he kissed her on the mouth with bruising force. She tried to bite him, but he pulled back too soon. Smiling at her failure, he then kissed his way down her neck to her breasts. He was more inexperienced than Lucius, but he was even more enthusiastic if that was possible.

He sucked one nipple into his mouth hard and almost drew blood before moving to the other one. He then took his hand and moved it up the inside of her thighs and thrusting one finger into the sorest part of her body. She arched off the bed in pain, and he laughed. Luckily, he didn't seem to notice that she wasn't a virgin, or he didn't care as he just kept moving his mouth and fingers over every inch of her tired body.

He was panting furiously when he finally took his boxers off and stood to the side of the bed. Hermione tried to look the other way but he forced her head to the side and made her look. He wasn't quite as big as Lucius, but he was hardly an inch shorter, and that was still bigger than most men could dream of being. He moved closer to her until his erect penis was inches from her face. He was about to make her suck him off when he thought better of it and jumped atop her once again. He spit on his hand to lubricate his cock and her entrance before shoving himself all the way in. It didn't hurt as badly as the night before, but she was already so sore that it still stung like hell. She screamed and Draco seemed to delight in this. Every time she would scream for him to stop, he would laugh and pound harder.

Her body was heaven to him. He wasn't sure if she was a virgin, but she was tighter than he ever thought possible. It took all of Draco's will power to not cum in her body right then. He tried to go slowly, but her pussy and the fact that he was fucking the almighty Hermione Granger made him delirious with ecstasy. Dipping his head to bite hungrily at her soft white neck, he continued to thrust in and out of her abused body. He grunted in pleasure every time she sobbed or moaned from pain. He could feel it building, and he wanted it to last. However, he knew it was coming soon. Very soon.

He fucked her hard and fast and bruised her hips with the imprints of his large hands. Looking down into her tear stained and red face, he saw how unbelievably beautiful she still was, even while he was raping her. He frowned for a second before growling his release and pushing his hot cum inside of her young body. His climax seemed to go on forever, and he knew that no one…not even that slut Pansy Parkinson…could compare to Hermione. She was different, and he wanted her. And soon, she would be his in name as well as body. Life couldn't be better.

As he collapsed on top of her spent body, sweating and breathing heavily, he silently thanked his father for giving her to him. Hermione was his, and there was nothing that scarface Potter could do about it. Voldemort and Lucius were prepared for him to try and save his friend, and this would make it that much easier for them to kill the great perfect wizard. Draco smiled at this and rolled off Hermione before taking off the spell with the bonds. She immediately slapped him, but he just laughed and pulled her into his stiff embrace. He silently kissed the nape of her neck and breathed in her scent. He could get used to this...

The next morning Draco woke to find Hermione Granger still lying in his arms. Whether she meant to or not, she had slept all night that way. He smiled with satisfaction. His perfect little bride. He couldn't help but feel giddy about owning this hellion of a girl. She was drop dead gorgeous, ridiculously intelligent and an incredible witch. She would give him wonderful heirs. He dreamt of 5 boys and 5 girls. All of them would have strawberry blonde hair from a mix of both Hermione and Draco, and bright blue-silver eyes. The boys would have the Malfoy good looks and charisma, and the girls would all have Hermione's beauty and intellect. It was too wonderful. Their 10 children would go to Hogwarts, and they would live in the Malfoy manor long after his father and mother had vacated it. Draco would be Voldemort's right hand man, and Hermione would be the perfect Death Eater hostess. This was all he wanted.

Normally, mudbloods would never be considered for marriage to a pureblood, but this generation had left the pureblood little to be desired, and the men were forced to look in the lower ranks for the perfect breeding female. They took looks, intelligence, witchcraft talent, youth, charisma and strength into consideration before choosing the best fit for their bride. Draco had been eyeing Hermione since she had punched him in their third year. He had never met anyone so infuriating and alluring. He wasn't in love, no. Love was only for the weak, and Malfoys were anything but weak. However, he could admit to a feeling of respect and lust for the chit.

His father had approved wholeheartedly with Draco's marital suggestion, and talked to the Dark Lord that very day. When the battle played out, Hermione had been purposely kept out of danger (which resulted in many injured and one dead Death Eater) while made to believe she was not. Draco knew he had to kill the Weasel to get him out of the way. He HATED the way Ron Weasley looked at HIS Hermione. The stupid red headed idiot had somehow captured her attention, but now he was gone. The fact that he hated Ron from the moment they met was just a bonus. When he first caught Hermione in his arms after the "stupefy" curse, nothing had ever felt better. She was HIS. No one could take her from him, and he held all the power. It gave him a thrill that was unlike any other. The only time that had come close was when he had received the dark mark.

Draco brought himself out of his thoughts and nestled his face in the curve of Hermione's slender neck. She smelled like vanilla and lilac. A strange combination, but it worked. He was so happy in his success at finding the future Mrs. Draco Malfoy that he hardly noticed when Hermione awakened. She groggily sighed and stretched a little until she was hindered by a pair of strong arms. Immediately she stiffened and tried to tell if the villain was awake or asleep. Unfortunately, she heard his intake of breath and an amused male taunt.

"Good morning angel. Did you sleep well? I daresay you did, and I would go so far as to say that I had a hand in that night's sleep. Would I be correct?" he asked, not expecting an answer. "Well... since I know I am right, why don't I reward myself." Draco had developed, not uncommonly, a morning boner, and for once he had the object of his fantasies available to help him relieve it. He rolled on top of the still bedraggled Hermione and trapped her between his forearms on either side of her arms. He wasn't going to use any spells on her this time. He knew she was still unwilling, but God how he wanted her.

He was still naked from the night before, as was she, and his desire presented itself quite clearly on her thigh. She panicked a bit, but Draco had predicted this and assaulted her mouth with a full-on kiss that would normally make a woman weak with desire, but left Hermione reeling with anger. He let a hand wander between her still sore legs and prodded her little nub. She had to admit, this caused her to jump. Damn the female anatomy. She tried to wrench away from him but his thighs held the lower half of her body in place and her wrists were grasped firmly in his hands. She wasn't going anywhere. Once again, he spit on his hand and massaged her opening briefly before plunging into her. She cried out, but obviously no one would help her even if they did hear her.

He groaned from the feeling. This would never get old. Indeed, he could happily live in this room forever just fucking his little mudblood and die a happy man. He stilled for a moment to savor the feeling of first wrapping himself in her warmth, but then began to move. He used the same rhythm as the previous night but kept a steadier pace. His father would be proud. He held his desire off for as long as possible while learning the ins and outs of the body beneath him.

They moved for what seemed like an eternity to Hermione, but only too brief for Draco before he sped up and gritted his teeth. He smiled down at her and leaned closer to roughly bite her neck. He knew it left a good mark, but he had to admit that leaving his territory clearly staked in the primitive manner was quite gratifying. Hermione just turned her neck away, causing the drops of blood to stain the white satin sheets. Draco kept at his fast pace but began to thrust so hard that she was afraid he was going to seriously damage her. Before she could finish that unwelcome thought, his moans became strangled and his face grimaced in what could easily be misinterpreted as pain. She was mesmerized at what she, or rather her body, could do to a man. It gave her a small amount of pleasure.

However, more pleasure was derived from Draco when he went silent and forced his seed into her womb while experiencing a climax so intense he thought he would die. He didn't, however, to the dismay of Hermione, and he rolled over to bring Hermione on top of him. He didn't disengage their bodies but instead relaxed his frame and closed his eyes. His arms and legs still held her, but Hermione could feel his hands, so bruising only moments before, gently glide up and down her spine. Almost tenderly. No, it was tender! What was it with Malfoys and kindness after rape. Something was wrong here, but for the moment she relished the absence of pain and gave in to the tantalizing feelings his fingers were working simply but effectively on her sensitive skin.

Draco smiled. He deserved this. This girl was an angel, and he knew what she thought of him. Yes, it was all true. He was growing up to be like his father, but goodness he deserved someone purely good in his life to balance him out. He had found her, and he wasn't going to let her go. They would learn from each other, and God knows his life wouldn't be boring with Hermione Granger as his wife. Draco murmured soothing words in the ear of his bride-to-be and fell asleep beside her. They would sleep in.

Lucius put down the "Daily Prophet" to see his son walk through the door to the dining room where he was finishing his breakfast.

"Ah! Draco, my boy. I trust you found Miss Granger to be satisfactory? Are you still going through with the marriage?" He asked.

"Most assuredly father. She is perfect, and I have you to thank for her. I am beyond grateful, and I should like to name our first son after you." Draco said earnestly.

"Oh, that is not necessary, but I will not discourage you. I am glad that you are pleased. The Dark Lord will be also. Are you prepared to turn Hermione over to your mother for the wedding details? We will want to get the ceremony done quickly."

"Umm...of course. But I will have to tell Hermione first. She is still sleeping."

"What? You haven't told her of your plans? What have you been doing all this time?" Draco grinned at his father and Lucius smiled knowingly back. "Ah, never mind. I trust you showed her who was in charge? I had hoped that you would wait for the wedding night with her, but there is not use crying over spilled milk."

Draco chuckled at the unintended pun. "Yes father. I regret that I could not wait, but she is most tempting when her mouth is actually silent."

"I will have to take your word for that," Lucius lied.

After an awkward silence Draco said finally, "Well, I must be getting back to my fiancée, and I will tell her of our plans." With this, he left and Lucius smirked at the closed door with the satisfaction of knowing he could have his cake and eat it too.

Hermione had woken up and gone to bathe when she heard Draco or Lucius come in. It turned out to be Draco and he just let himself into the bathroom where she was currently relaxing in the tub. Hermione tried to cover herself with bubbles as quickly as possible, but Draco just laughed.

"Do you mind?!" Hermione asked harshly.

"Actually, I do. Here, let me help you."

At first Hermione thought he was joking, but he quickly knelt by the tub and took the sponge she was using in his hand. She tried to glare him away, but he just smiled and began to wash her neck and back.

"Draco... I can wash myself." she insisted.

"Oh, I'm sure you can, but it isn't nearly as much fun for me." He proceeded to her chest. She tried to ignore him but he swirled the soapy sponge softly over her nipples and they turned hard as pebbles. Draco did not fail to notice and he smirked before lowering the sponge below the water to wash her belly and legs. He swirled it in her belly button and then skipped to her feet. Washing her feet gently, he then did her calves. She had already shaved, so her smooth legs were just begging to be touched. He obliged and washed the outside of her thighs and then the inside. Her breathing had become shallow, and he took the advantage of her closing her eyes to get rid of the sponge and put his fingers right where she ached the most. She jumped and he smirked. She tried to wriggle away, but Draco just held her with the other hand. He took his index finger to lightly circle her nub, and then moved his middle finger up and down her slit. She leaned back and closed her eyes.

"Do you like that?" he asked unevenly.

Hermione refused to answer, but he expected that. He quickly circled her clit faster and faster before removing his hand completely. She gasped and frowned before realizing what he was doing. "Yes! Yes... I like it."

"Do you want me to do more?" He asked, and she nodded. He shook his head. "Say it."

"Y-yes. I want you to do m-more..." she breathed. He granted her request and began his ministrations with a new vengeance. She squealed and moaned. Draco was getting harder than a rock, but he knew that he had to persuade her, and if he continued to rape her, then he didn't think that would get him very far. He took one finger from the other hand and pushed it inside of her. She gasped and resisted at first but he continued his clit circles, and she couldn't resist. She was going to come, and now the finger thrusting rhythmically inside of her was just helping. She began to whimper and moan, and Draco almost lost himself right there. It was taking all he had to not take her right on the bathroom floor.

She was getting closer and closer, so Draco kept up his movement down below but then moved in to softly suckle at her nipple and she lost herself. She arched out of the water, looking like a mermaid princess, and closed her eyes before spasming around his finger. She could see stars and then she calmly came back down. It was wonderful. Draco left his fingers there for a few moments before pulling them out and leaving the bathroom. Hermione was left glowing from the orgasm and wondering where on earth that had come from.

Lucius waited outside the door to Hermione's chamber until he saw Draco leave. He intercepted him in the hall and stepped in front. "Did you tell her of the wedding?" he asked.

"No... not yet." Draco said sheepishly.

"Goodness. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself." Lucius muttered before pushing Draco out of the way and entering the chamber. Hermione had put on another nightgown and robe and was in front of the vanity combing through her curls. Lucius closed and locked the door and turned to her. Hermione hadn't even acknowledged his entrance. However much ignoring him bothered Draco, it bothered Lucius even more. He stepped behind her and grabbed her hair forcefully. "Don't ever ignore me mudblood. Do you understand?" he growled after giving her hair a hard tug. She nodded through gritted teeth and gave him a smile laced with venom. He laughed and let her go. "That's more like it. I thought you would like to know that the reason Draco came in here earlier was to tell you of your upcoming nuptials."

"What?" she said laughing. "You can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am. The reason you were kidnapped was not to be a sex toy, although I have no qualms about that, but to be a bride. For Draco."

"No." she said simply and turned back to the mirror.

Lucius laughed and put his head down next to hers to look at her through the reflection. "The future Mrs. Malfoy... how... quaint." He smiled and licked her earlobe before standing up once more and looking around the room. "I'm afraid you don't have much say in the matter darling."

Hermione turned with fire in her eyes and spoke firmly.

"And does Draco know that his own father had first serve?"

Lucius' gaze darkened and he cast a quick spell to lock and silence the room before grabbing her by the hair and wrenching her upward. She squealed in pain, but he just pulled harder until she had to stand up to keep her curls. He forced her face to within inches of his, and spoke low.

"I will not tolerate such disrespect from you, and Draco will remain unknowing about that little bit of trivia until I decide to tell him."

He threw her on the floor and stood over her. "Now... I will not have some mudblood speak that way to me again. Do you understand me?"

She simply glared, so Lucius pressed his boot into her throat until she had to nod in defeat. "That's better. Now, I say, just to show you where you belong, that we have another little session to remind you who is still man of this house."

She closed her eyes in anticipation, and sure enough he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her until she was standing before him. She felt like some sick ragdoll, and she hated it. He pushed her until her knees hit the bed and she fell backwards. This seemed to suit Lucius fine, and he began to undress. Hermione tried to get up but she discovered her legs were paralyzed. She hadn't even heard him say anything! She almost growled in frustration as he stood over her with the trademark Malfoy smirk.

He snapped his fingers like a house-elf and his clothes were gone. How could Malfoys hold erections like that so long? It was unreal... He took the spell off her legs and situated her, while she was struggling, so that she was laying lengthwise on the large bed. She eventually gave up struggling for the time being, but when he climbed on top of her, she spit in his face. This did not go over very well. The elder Malfoy wiped the saliva from his perfect face and sneered into hers. Before she knew it, he had slapped her much harder than the night before, and she could taste a bit of blood coming from her lip. She didn't shed a tear, but he saw the slight defeat all the same.

"I have warned you. Now, what I may do is completely your fault."

He ripped her robe and gown open and with another muttered spell, they were gone. She glared at him, but he just smirked. He bound her hands to each post, with rope that seemed to appear from thin air. He hiked up her legs and spread them apart. She felt completely exposed, and Lucius knew it. He chuckled deeply and took one pale, cold finger to circle her nipple. He was being gentle, and Hermione hated this more than cruelty. Her body was surely going to betray her, and she was correct. Her nipples hardened and he dipped his mouth to suckle softly on the unoccupied nipple. She bit her bottom lip as he drew it into his surprisingly hot mouth and nibbled lightly. He swirled his tongue around the bud and sucked it hard. She gasped as he pinched the other nipple, and she could feel herself growing wet already.

He seemed to read her mind, for as he moved his mouth to the pinched nub, his finger trailed down her stomach, past her belly button and into her curls. He drew his finger down her slit and briefly touched her clit, with a moan from Hermione. His mouth left her nipple with an audible pop and he smiled down at her. He stuck one long digit into her and pulled it out to show her how moist she was for him. She sneered, but he just licked all the juices from his hand and kissed her roughly on the mouth. Before she knew what he was going to do, he had slid down the length of her body and spread her legs as far apart as they would go. Her heart sped up as he blew on her core. She arched a bit, and he obliged her silent plea by taking his talented tongue and giving attention to her clit. She moaned loudly and he sped up. He stuck one finger in her cunt again, and took the other index finger to his mouth to lubricate it and then stuck it in her "other" hole. She thought she would be appalled, but it somehow felt good.

He kneaded her clit in much the same way as he did her nipples. Before long, she could feel the familiar building of an impending orgasm. Her body began to shake, and Lucius sped up as she moved closer. She shuddered and a wave of sensation gripped her pussy and ran all along her body. She pulled against her restrain and screamed with release. It seemed to last as long as she had ever climaxed and he didn't stop there. He quickly removed his hands and mouth to replace them with his extremely hard cock. She gasped as the member filled her and began to move with his every thrust. She had to admit, it was pleasure unlike anything else. She groaned with each thrust, and she looked up to see his eyes open and looking at her with a scary intensity. His veins were visible, and his chin was clenched-completely lost in the feeling.

His body picked up the rhythm and she moved along with him. She experimentally twisted her hips and was rewarded with a deep growl from Lucius. He pounded her so hard that she couldn't think and soon was shuddering herself. He looked into her eyes and thrust a few more times before he threw his head back and groaned with a deep thrust and warm climax. Seeing his face sent Hermione over the edge and she screamed out again with ecstasy as they both rode over the edge. The pleasure was shared and she couldn't believe that Lucius Malfoy had done this to her. He collapsed to the side of her and unbound her wrists. They were both slick with sweat and exhausted. He pulled a sheet over them and wrapped her in his arms. She only had time to think about how wrong this was before they both drifted into a deep slumber.

Hermione woke up to find herself still wrapped in the arms of Lucius Malfoy. She was about to disengage herself from the man when Draco came through the door with a tray for breakfast. She gasped, and this caused Lucius to wake up. She thought he would be ashamed, but he just smiled.

"Draco, come and join us."

Hermione began to scream inside her mind and tried to get away from Lucius. Draco looked on with disgust and shook his head.

"Never. I should have known that you'd never let me have one good thing that was just mine. You did seem too eager to request her from the Dark Lord."

This didn't seem to settle too well with his father because Lucius took his wand and seemed to pull Draco with an invisible rope. "I said...join us. You'll take her cunt, and I'll take her arse hole. Understood?"

Draco was about to argue when Lucius said "Imperio." Hermione couldn't believe that he had used the imperius on his own son, but she had more important things to worry about. Lucius conjured a bottle of lube from thin air and turned her over roughly. She struggled, but it was to no avail. He lathered up her ass hole and appeared to order Draco to lay down. He forced Hermione on top of Draco, and she watched as Draco's cock became hard and he undressed. He pulled her down on top of his cock and she gasped before realizing that Lucius was pushing her forward so he had access to the other end. She closed her eyes in anticipation, and he pushed his large dick inside the much too small passage.

She whimpered in pain and he moaned in pleasure. Draco began to pump up and Lucius pumped the other hole. Soon, they had a rhythm and Hermione was lost in sensation. It didn't feel good, but at least he'd provided lubrication. She was too full, and he was too large. He hadn't worked to loosen her up, and it was quite painful. Whimpering and trying to pushing him out, she felt a few tears drop onto Draco's cheeks as he stared blankly up into her eyes. He had to hate both her and his father right now. She didn't care, honestly, but she didn't think anyone deserved the imperius curse.

Lucius spoke up as he smacked her ass to pull her attention back to him. "You're a little whore aren't you. You like two dicks in you at the same time."

She shook her head, but Lucius just laughed and reached his climax, filling her anus with cum. Draco shuddered and filled her pussy with his own seed, and Hermione collapsed on top of him. Lucius stayed inside of her and stroked her hair. She vaguely noted how disgusting she felt before sleeping once more.

It seemed sleep was the only place to escape this nightmare of an existence anymore.

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