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Chapter Four: Lucius the Master

Down in the Malfoy dungeon, cells lined each side of the narrow corridor. They were barred, but the cell inside was quite roomy. However, it was bare, except for an old cot in the corner. The bigger it was, the more empty it felt. Most of the prisoners would agree that they wished they had a smaller cell...it might make them feel less alone. Lucius Malfoy had freed (and wiped the memories clean) of several of his muggle slaves once the war ended. The stress of fighting was gone, so he didn't feel the need for rough sex as often. However, he kept two girls. One was a redhead with curly hair and pale skin. The other was a beautiful dark skinned Indian girl. They were both beautiful, and would make some man very happy once Lucius freed them. Contrary to popular belief, Lucius very seldom killed his captives. He found no joy in murdering a woman. He mistreated and abused them, yes, but never actually dealt the final blow. Right now, he desperately wanted to relieve his lust for that Granger girl. Either of the girls would do, but he decided that he wanted both.

"Aimee! Hana! Come to the bars."

Since there were only two of them, he had moved a cot into the other one's cell and allowed them to "room" together. He considered himself very generous for such a gift. When the young women heard his call, only one of them came. Hana, the more exotic one, came to the bars with defiance in her eyes. He had forgotten that he hadn't broke these girls yet. They had only been there for a few weeks, and he had been preoccupied. Deciding that tonight was the night he would break their spirits, he smirked. He always loved this part.

"Go to hell, you sick bastard."

"Tsk...tsk...Hana. Is that any way to treat your master? And after I let you have your little slumber party with Aimee."

At the sound of her name, the redhead lifted her face from the cot and stared daggers toward the tall and pale man. She was a true redhead, and that meant her temper matched as well. Hana would be slightly easier to break than Aimee, but that would prove her undoing as well. Aimee would want him to leave Hana alone, so she would offer herself. It worked like a charm every time. For now, he'd leave Aimee there. Once he was done with Hana, he would allow her to go back into the cell and Aimee would offer herself in exchange for Hana's life. He had used this method countless times, and he had never found a girl selfish enough to make the plan fail.

Opening the cell with a simple charm from his wand, he grabbed Hana before she could fight back. He closed the cell door and saw Aimee shoot up from the bed.

"Where are you taking her?"

He smiled. It was working already.

"Oh, don't you worry your little head darling. Hana will be quite fine. I'll return her to you within the hour."

Aimee shook the bars in a futile attempt to reach Hana and almost growled with anger. Lucius turned back to the struggling girl in his arms, and began to drag her down the hall. Once he reached the door of his destination, he cast a quick "stupefy" charm and carried the unconscious girl through the frame. Locking the door back, he dropped her unceremoniously on a richly furnished bed in the middle of the room. The room was empty except for that. Some dungeons contained torture instruments and bondage toys, but Lucius had never found those helpful. He preferred to use good old fashioned fear tactics and his own two hands.

While she was still out, he took his wand and muttered a few spells. Quickly, she was naked and clean with her legs and armpits shaven. Her hair fell in its natural waves and there was a little bit of make-up on her pretty face. He had invented this charm in his youth, and it remained one of his favorites. After all, the girls could get pretty filthy in his prison. Once she was situated on the bed in a beautiful spread eagle, he cast the "ennervate" charm. Immediately, she tried to jump up and flee, but he easily held her down. He crawled up over her and let his thighs keep her legs from kicking any unwanted areas, and his hands kept her arms splayed open. Now it was time for the threats.

"Hana. You will do exactly as I say."

"Like hell I will! Let me go."

He almost laughed with the absurdity of that request, but every girl responded the same way. These two girls would have done well in Gryffindor if they had been born something besides a filthy muggle.

"You WILL do as I say, or your family will die. One by one. In mysterious accidents."

He was bluffing, as he had no idea if she actually had family, but this was another tactic that worked quite well.

"You don't know where they are!"

A slight detour.

"Do you really want to risk that?"

To intimidate her, he flicked his wand and the curtains around the bed caught fire. He allowed them to burn for a bit before casting the flames doused. Hana swallowed nervously and seemed to contemplate this. Realizing that he needed a different approach, he used legilimens to search out her greatest fear. He saw himself fairly high on that list, but he had to search deeply (for what seemed like hours) to find what he sought. Spiders. How original. Honestly, Arachniphobia was one of the most common fears, but that suited him just fine. Getting up, he allowed her to run to the door and yank on the door handle. He admired her naked rear for a while before pointing his wand towards the nape of her neck and sending a nonverbal spell. A spider the size of a two pound coin appeared and began to crawl down her spine. At first she didn't feel it, but then she reached her hand back to scratch the itch. When she felt the large insect, she shrieked and spun around. Immediately, another spell sent ten more eight-legged friends toward her feet. She screamed and ran to jump on the bed. He simply doubled the number and had twenty dangling from webs above her. She began to cry and finally relented.

"Fine! I'll obey...I'll do whatever you want...just please make them go away."

He smiled, but didn't erase them just yet. She curled into a fetal position and began to sob. The spiders began to crawl up her naked flesh and she began to almost convulse in fear. Figuring he had illustrated his point, he waved his wand and they all vanished into thin air. She peeked around and allowed the tears to stop. Looking at him as her only savior, she asked in a small voice.

"Are they gone?"

He nodded and went over to her to stroke her dark hair away from her tear-stained face.

"Yes, they're gone sweetheart. However, they can easily come back if you disobey me in the slightest."

Squeezing her eyes shut against the impossible decision, she hesitated a bit before nodding. He smiled and leaned over to kiss her temple. He had already raped Hana and Aimee many times, but it had been a few days since his last visit. Therefore, he was sure that their (originally virgin) young cunts would still provide a tight embrace. Pushing her back into the mattress, he divested himself of his clothes with a single word. She turned her face away, and he allowed this for the moment. Reaching down, he found her dry entrance and sighed. Taking his hand back, he began to squeeze and caress her breasts. He leaned over and allowed his hair to tickle her smooth skin while he suckled each nipple in turn. As always, she tried to deny the pleasure, but it came swiftly. Her breathing began to quicken, her heart beat a little harder and her eyes closed. He nibbled on one nipple, and she accidentally arched towards his mouth. Reaching down to check again, he found her wet surprisingly soon. This would be easier than he thought. As he prepared himself to enter her, he looked down and gasped when he saw Hermione's face and hair instead of Hana's. His mind imagined his fantasy girl, and his cock hardened even more. When he couldn't wait any longer, he surged forward and bottomed out. Keeping himself still for a while, he looked at her face, expecting to see Granger's, but it was Hana once more. He sighed in disappointment, but he reasoned that Hana was still gorgeous. Probably even more attractive than Hermione, but she wasn't the one he wanted. He wanted his son's future bride. Closing his eyes and imagining the bushy haired know-it-all beneath him, he growled and began to pound without mercy. Hana gasped and squeaked a bit with each savage thrust. Soon, these squeaks turned into little gasps of pleasure, and he reached down between them to stimulate her clit. This turned her gasps into moans, and he groaned in response. Opening his eyes, he saw Hermione once more and this caused him to speed up his thrusts and lean over to bite her breast. Hana groaned in pain, but he pretended it was pleasure and took two more spears before removing himself and spilling his cum all over her breasts and face. When the last spurt was finished, he realized that she was still hot for an orgasm. Making a last minute decision, he got up and went through the door to get Aimee. He knew that Hana was too spent to move.

He walked down the corridor and stopped in front of the girls' cell. Aimee was still there by the bars, waiting for any news of Hana. She looked up and he noticed that he would have to use the "beautifying" charm on her as well. He had kept them in filmy nightgowns, and hers was ripped and stained with past encounters. Opening the barred door, he grabbed her roughly by the arm and dragged her into the lit room in much the same way he had dragged her friend. Shoving her through the door, he locked it again and turned to find her looking at Hana. She seemed to be searching for any bruises. At this moment, Lucius cursed himself for forgetting to leave some. That would make this event more dramatic for Aimee, and make her more likely to cede sooner. Oh well... he would just have to improvise. Walking towards her, Aimee remained glued to her cum covered, nearly unconscious (with pleasure) friend, and didn't turn around. He walked until his flaccid cock was against her covered arse, and wrapped his arms around her. This woke her from her reverie and she began to struggle.

"Why isn't she moving? What's wrong with her?"

He didn't tell her the truth, instead her used his theatrical flair to make the situation seem worse than it was.

"She's close to death, my dear Aimee. And only you have the power to save her."

She turned around and glared at him.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that she will die, by my hand, unless you follow my directions to the T."

At this moment, Hana opened her eyes and Lucius dashed towards her before she ruined everything. Leaning down, he whispered fiercely in her ear.

"Unless you want the spiders to come back, you will remain silent."

She swallowed her tears and nodded solemnly, before closing her eyes again. He turned back to Aimee, and when he saw that she wasn't buying it, he raised his wand in a fake threat to end Hana's life.


Even though they weren't witches, Aimee could tell he meant something bad, simply by his tone.

"Wait! Stop...I'll do it. I'll do anything you say, just leave her alone."

He smirked and stepped back. Moving his wand to Aimee now, he cast the same cleansing and undressing spell he had used on Hana. Soon, her pale and curvy body was open to his view, and he had to admit it was just as magnificent as Hana's slim one. Her red hair fell in ringlets now, and she looked stunning. Lowering his wand, he motioned towards Hana.

"Lick my cum off of her, and don't leave a drop."

Aimee looked like she was about ready to argue, but she swallowed her pride and walked toward the girl. Getting on her knees on the bed, she knelt over Hana's body. Lucius moved around the bed to get a better view, and was glad when he saw Aimee's little tongue touch Hana's belly for the first time. His cum was still wet, so she didn't have to do much more than lick. And lick she did... She lapped up that cum like it was milk. He couldn't tell if it was from enjoyment or desire to get her friend out of this alive. He didn't much care at this point. Hana had begun to grow flushed and excited again as Aimee used her lips to suckle the semen off of Hana's nipples. She moved up and licked it off her neck and chin. Finally, she reached Hana's mouth and kissed her passionately. Lucius was completely blown away. Were these girls lesbian? No... he could tell they were straight by the way they reacted to his cock the first time he had undressed... but maybe they had grown sexually frustrated after being fucked senseless for days on end and then left high and dry for a week. He'd have to remember to do this to all his slaves. It was fantastic.

Hana and Aimee were now embracing and using their tongues avidly. Hana was arching towards Aimee, and Aimee gasped when her sensitive nipples brushed Hana's own nipples. Lucius could feel himself growing hard again, and he reached down to absently stroke his member. Speaking gruffly, he gave Aimee her next order.

"Make her come... make Hana come..."

Without hesitating, Aimee slid down and began to eat Hana out viciously. Hana gasped and arched towards the redhead. She threaded her fingers through the curls and pushed Aimee's face more firmly against her. Lucius saw her eyes roll back and heard her moan. She was getting close already. A few more seconds and Hana screamed out her powerful orgasm. He saw her entire body arch and twist, while he saw her fingers clench in Aimee's hair. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen.

As Hana's spasms subsided, Lucius moved forward and pulled Aimee away from Hana.

"Aimee... lie on the bed. Hana, move to the side."

Miraculously, they did as they were ordered. They were too far gone with pleasure. Lucius moved his now aroused body over Aimee and reached down to find that she was already dripping wet. Smiling at his good fortune, he thrust into her. She was slightly tighter than Hana, but that wasn't saying much. They were both incredibly tight.

"Hana, I want you to pleasure her breasts and mouth."

Without hesitating, Hana went forward and began to attack Aimee's flesh with ferocity. Aimee moaned, and Lucius could feel it all the way to his toes. This was bliss. He began to pound her feverishly and Hana sped up as well. He could feel Aimee beginning to move closer to the edge, and he reached down to help her along by circling her nub. She arched and cried out as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her sweat covered body. Her pussy clenched around his manhood and he tried to hold off as long as he could. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on anything but the present, but he couldn't. Opening his eyes and looking down, he stared at the two beautiful girls currently making out in front of him, and he lost himself too soon once again. He pushed forward and then pulled back quickly before he came inside of her unprotected womb. He sprayed the two girls with his cum and without his prompting, they began to lick it off each other. Lucius moved back to watch them work, as he recovered his breath from his second orgasm that day. The two girls remained oblivious to their captor as they finished cleaning each other off. They finished with a long kiss and fell back on the bed exhausted. He waited until he was fairly sure they were both asleep (wrapped in each other's arms) and dressed himself quietly and walked out of the door. The two of them had served him well, and tomorrow he would obliviate them and return them to their homes. He hadn't planned for this turn of events, but life was unpredictable...and women were definitely impossible to predict. He locked the door behind him and made sure there was no way they could escape before he came for them tomorrow.

He adjusted his clothes and made his way upstairs. That had taken his mind off Hermione for the moment, but he had a feeling his obsession would grow even more once he got rid of Aimee and Hana. That was a thought for another day. Now, he had to sleep. He wasn't as young as he used to be, and those girls had surprised him to no end. He was exhausted.

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