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Chapter One

It seems as if it were only yesterday that it happened. But it wasn't. It had been three years. Three long years since my dead heart was ripped right out of my chest.

As I thought back to that dreadful day, I fought to hold on to the good memories, not the ones where she was bloody and broken, and then gone. I shook those from my head and tried to focus on her laugh, her smile, and the way she looked at me and I just knew she loved me, without her ever having to say one word.

The tears never came as I sobbed silently in my room, alone. How I wanted them to come. How I longed to feel that escape of emotions that I so desperately needed.

They never came.

My emotions, as well as everyone else's stayed bottled up inside of me like a pool of despair, reminding me everyday of what I had lost.

Alice. My fair, pixie-like angel.

It was three years to the day that she was taken from me. And believe me, we tried searching. We looked everywhere but they were nowhere to be found.

I heard a faint knock on my bedroom door and I tried to compose myself before answering. "Come in, Bella," I said. I always know when its Bella. Her emotions always give her away. A mixture of confusion, sadness, relief, and sometimes love, but only sometimes.

It wasn't just Alice that was lost to us on that day. Edward was gone too. But fortunately for Bella, she can't remember Edward. Or Alice for that matter. Her human memories were erased with her change just like Alice's had been, so long ago.

"Esme wanted me to come ask if you wanted to go hunting with us, Jasper. You probably need it, your eyes are solid black." She smiled at me and I forced a smile back at her. It was too hard to stay sad when Bella smiled at me.

Everyone remembered what today was, but no one dared to speak of it. The heartbreak we all felt was enough. Mine more than anyone's. That's probably why theywere pushing this hunting trip on me. But I didn't mind, at least it would get my mind off of things.

I pushed myself up off the ground with my hands and closed the distance between us. My arms wraped around her as I pulled her into a hug.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"I just needed a little cheering up."

"Well then here," she hugged me again and then planted a firm, chaste kiss on my lips. "Feel better?"

I sighed into her hair and then pulled away looking into her deep golden eyes, "Much better. Come on Bella, lets go get us some dinner."

We walked hand in hand down the stairs, at human pace, and met our awaiting family downstairs. Esme smiled at us and asked if we were ready.

"Yes, Mom we're ready to go." Bella replied in her sweet wind-chime voice. We all headed out to the cars. Carlisle pulled Esme into the Mercedes as I got behind the wheel of the Jeep. Bella climbed in the front seat beside me so Rose and Emmett could snuggle up in the back. She was always making sure other people were happy.

I smiled over at her and made sure everyone was set before starting the engine and pulling out of the drive. Our house loomed behind us as we drove out of sight.

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