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Wielder of the Sazeto

Chapter 5: Scrolls

By: Zashire-hime

"Hai," Tazuna said in response to Naruto's question about whether he killed the ANBU or not.

"How could that have happened!? I don't remember ever killing them! Every time I go Kyuubi, I at least have some sort of memory of what I did. When I fought Sasuke-teme at the Valley of the End, I used two of Kyuubi's tails to help me fight him, and I still have a perfect memory of what happened then," Naruto paused to think for a moment. "Maybe the more tails I have, the worse my memory is when using them. Even though my tails are solid and not chakra, they are still made of the Kyuubi's chakra, right?"

"That could be possible, but why the hell are you asking me? All I know about the fox is what you've told me! You're going to have to figure it out for yourself or wait until your girlfriend wakes up," said an annoyed Tazuna.

"Sorry bu- HEY! SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!" the blonde shouted after realizing what the older man said. 'Though I may have been the one who hurt her.' That thought brought a small frown to his face. What if he was the one who hurt Sakura? How would he know? The blonde wanted to put the blame on the ANBU, but couldn't ignore the fact that he may have been the one to do it.

"Well you two sure act like it. Anyways, this whole thing with the damned fox shouldn't be something to lose sleep over; at least not for me. I'm off to bed," Tazuna said with a yawn. "When do you think you'll turn in, shorty?"

Even after all Naruto had done for this village, Tazuna still had the nerve to make fun of him. After he muttered something about 'stupid drunks' he replied, "I'm going to go work on some of the jutsu from the scroll Kyuubi gave me out in the forest. Knowing me, I'll probably end up sleeping out there like I did several years ago." Remembering some of that brought a grin to the blonde's face.

Tazuna gave a light snort. "Just don't kill yourself. I don't need your girlfriend worrying about you when she wakes up." After that, the old man used all the speed he could muster up in the span of .25 seconds to escape the barrage of kunai and shuriken that were hurled at him by one very annoyed jinchuuriki.

All Tazuna heard was the call of 'SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!' before he reached the safety of his room. After slamming the door behind himself (remembering to lock it), he sighed trying to calm down from the near heart attack he had. Tazuna then walked over to his closet to get his night clothes on.

When he finished changing into his pajamas, a dark blue t-shirt with neon pink shorts that had little white bunnies on them, he walked over to his bed and lied down. The last thought that went through his mind before he went to sleep was: 'That blonde knucklehead is way too easy to tease, but he really needs to lighten up. Those weapons he used could have killed me!'


Back in the room, Naruto was pulling his shuriken and kunai out of the wall with a sadistic grin on his face. 'Next time he pulls a stunt like that, these weapons won't miss!'

When he finished pulling the silver weapons out of the wall, he walked over to Sakura to say another good night before leaving the house. He stopped a few feet away from her and smiled. The blonde unconsciously moved one of his tails over to the pink haired girl and watched as it stroked her face.

Sakura made a little yawn, which made Naruto almost jerk his tail away to save himself from the embarrassment if found them like this. Thankfully, he didn't move, but rather watched as the kunoichi snuggled her cheek up against his tail, which was now in between her head and the pillow.

They stayed like that for several minutes before the blonde decided he should go work on the jutsu from Kyuubi, or at least start reading about what they were. He reluctantly reached out toward Sakura to pull his tail out from underneath her head. When he was done slipping the tail, he looked down on her and noticed that her face was a bit brighter than usual at night thanks to the moonlight that was coming through the window. It pained him to know than he may have been the one who had hurt his friend the previous day. He felt a bit better at the sight of her peaceful face.

One thing he noticed was the fact that the only part of her face that didn't have any scratches or bruises on it was her forehead. 'You know, now that I think about it. That comment I made about her forehead while pretending to be Sasuke-teme really is true. She doesn't look ugly. She looks beautiful with it.' He noticed that she started to shake and roll around. The blonde assumed she was having a nightmare. So with that thought, he did something that he'd never imagined himself being able to do to anyone, much less Sakura. He leaned over whispering 'good night' and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, just staying long enough to see her visibly calm down. He then ran out the door faster than Yondaime could do Hiraishin no Jutsu, which was a very impressive feat.

Within a minute or two, he was leaning against a tall oak tree a ways into the woods surrounding the village. He was beet red at the thought of what he had just done. 'I kissed Sakura-chan!?' It may have been only a peck on the forehead, but that was enough to make him almost pass out.

After taking several minute to settle down and regain his composure, he pulled out the red scroll from Kyuubi. Naruto noticed that his hand was by his kunai pouch, ready to pull out the pointed weapon to bring out some blood for the seal. Remembering he was a fox-hanyou, he opened his mouth and ran his thumb along one of his canine teeth before smearing it on the seal.

Seeing a little part of the scroll begin to open, he helped it by pulling on it to get it to fully open quicker. After rereading the fox's note to him, he noticed that the rest of the blood red scroll was blank. 'Damn fox. If he says he's going to give me some jutsu, he better keep his promise.' His anger with Kyuubi made the tips of his tails turn from bright orange to a dark red, meaning his chakra went up a notch temporarily.

When his chakra spiked, the scroll seemed to feel it and some more text appeared on it. The blonde noticed it after his little fit of rage towards a certain fox was over. It read:

Hey kit,

Nice job on unlocking the scroll's first two jutsu. There we're only two ways I believed you would figure it out: 1. be smart enough and force some of my chakra into it, or 2. get angry enough at me for not keeping my 'promise' to teach you some more jutsu. I believe it was more the latter than the former. You know, sometimes you're so unpredictable you're predictable...

Anyways, here's how this is going to work. You will only be able to work on one jutsu at a time from this scroll (two in the beginning). I pretty much gave the first two to you because I think you need to learn something before you get into a fight and have no clue how to work you fox features. Be aware, it's only going to get harder to unlock these as you go along. They will unlock one by one based on when you are ready for them. Each one has a requirement you must meet before getting the privilege of learning it. The requirement will remain unknown to you until you do it. Don't think that I'm not being fair because at some point, I believe you will meet most if not all of the requirements that are needed to learn these jutsu.

Before I finish, I would like to say that not all of these are jutsu, some are taijutsu styles, and others may be how to make a specialized weapon or something like that. You will know when you have mastered a technique because your name will be listed under 'users.'

With that said, here is your first two fox-hanyou jutsu...

Naruto was really getting excited. Not only would he be learning new jutsu from this scroll, but also different ways to fight! He would also be learning not one, but TWO jutsu at the start of his training. Barely holding down a scream of 'YATTA!' he continued reading the scroll.

Jutsu: Shippo Shinten (Tail Extension)

Class: D-rank

Type: Mid to Long-range

Users: None

Pre-requisite: None

Hand Signs: Tori-Inu-Ne-Tora-Tori

Description: Allows the user to extend their tails. The more chakra that is put into it, the farther the tail extends. It is suggested to practice with different amounts of chakra so the user doesn't extend the tail too far or too short. Once mastery of extending the tail is achieved, the user may go further by learning to control the direction in which the tail goes when it extends. More speed may be added if the user has an affinity for wind. It is ranked D because it won't cause too much damage if another jutsu is not used with it.

Jutsu: Rasengan no Shippo (Tail of the Rasengan)

Class: A-rank

Type: Mid to Long-range

Users: None

Hand Signs: Saru-Tori-Inu-Ne-Tora-Tori-Tatsu

Pre-requisite: Shippo Shinten (Tail Extension)

Description: In order to learn this technique, the user must first know Shippo Shinten no Jutsu. This technique forms a Rasengan on the tip of the user's tail, albeit larger than the original version for the fact that there are more tenketsu in the tail than there are in the body. This makes it easier for the user to control the chakra. Once the Rasengan forms on the tip of the tail, the tail will shoot out in the direction the user aims and attack the target. It is ranked A because Rasengan is ranked A. If the user learns to shoot their tail faster, they may up the rank to S depending on the speed.

After reading that, Naruto was in dreamland. He was already thinking of different attack combinations he could use in a real battle if he were to learn these jutsu. The blonde was also a bit curious as to how the Kyuubi came up with something involving the Rasengan, but then remembered that the fox had limitless access to his memories. Either way, he knew he would totally kick ass if he learned these. So without hesitation, he began reading the instructions on the Shippo Shinten no Jutsu.

An hour later, Naruto was beginning to get blurred vision because he had been reading mostly in the dark. He decided to try the jutsu once or twice before going to bed.

Making the Tori hand sign, he focused a fair amount of chakra into the tips of one of his tails. As he weaved through the hand signs at a steady pace, he concentrated on the chakra he had gathered when making the first hand sign for the jutsu. When he reached the last hand sign, he knew he was ready.

"Shippo Shinten no Jutsu!" the blonde called out into the night. Immediately, he felt his tail shoot out in front of him. He watched it go about ten feet, then return to back to its normal size. Now he was willing to yell out.

"YATTA!!" Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs. He couldn't believe he had done the Shippo Shinten no Jutsu on his first try. Sure, it would need a lot of work, but he thought he was off to a great start.

After letting that burst of energy leave his system, he suddenly realized how tired he was. Almost collapsing on the spot, he decided that he would spend the night out there in the woods. He remembered that the scroll was still open, so he quickly rolled it up and watched as it resealed itself. 'I have to remember to ask Kyuubi how to do that stuff.' He put the scroll in his pocket before he lied down.

He looked up at the stars and let his thoughts wander aimlessly. 'I really wonder how I killed four men without even remembering it. It would make sense if I lost memory due to having too much power, let alone the Kyuubi's. Speaking of the battle, who the hell brought us back to the hospital anyways? It couldn't have been Tazuna-san or Tsunami-san because then only heard the news about it. They didn't see it first hand. Who brought us back then?' With that last thought, the blonde drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, the sun peaked over the ridge of some hills and shown down on the woods where Naruto was sleeping. He woke up immediately for two reasons: 1. the sun was very bright, and 2. there was something licking his face.

He cracked his right eyelid open and noticed he was staring something in the eye.

"AHH!!" he shouted as he jumped into a sitting position. The animal leapt away in fright momentarily. He looked the animal up and down and saw things that reminded him of a certain someone: pointed ears, long nose, bushy tail, claws, canines, red fur...It was a fox. The red fur looked exactly like Kyuubi's which seemed a little odd.

'What are you doing out here? I mean I know you live in the wild, but it's odd waking up to a fox licking your face," he wasn't expecting an answer, but felt like stating his thoughts. Surprisingly enough, he got one.

"Lord Kyuubi sent me. It wasn't hard to find you because you smell like a fox. By the way, I'm Tsuki. You are Uzumaki Naruto-sama, correct?" the apparently female fox asked. Her only response was a dumb nod. "Well, nice to meet you then, Naruto-sama."

"Sama?" Naruto asked, snapping out of his shocked state of being.

"Hai. You outrank me in the fox levels and are my new master. Kyuubi sent me to help you in battle and hopefully as another companion," she grinned as best as any animal could.

"Uh...well then, nice to meet you too, Tsuki. But we should probably get back to that drunk's house now. It's almost breakfast time."

With that, the two ran off through the woods back to Tazuna's.


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