Chapter 19

On Saturday morning Ziva woke up ready to hop out of bed and demand her discharge papers. Tony had to restrain her, not wanting her to hurt herself Tony helped her get dressed in a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a her olive jacket for warmth. Tony was glad to see her in something other than the hospital gown or a pair of scrubs. She was starting to look like the Ziva he knew. She was a cross between a sexy assassin and a tomboy.

When the doctors came in and gave her the discharge forms, he asked Tony to come outside for a minute before they let her go home. The instructions for her homecoming were simple, make sure she was comfortable, encourage her, and make sure she doesn't push herself too hard. Tony couldn't help but think that the doctor was dreaming when he said to make sure she didn't push herself too hard. Obviously he didn't know Ziva.

When he came back into the room, Ziva was sitting up in bed with her paperwork already filled out. She handed it to the doctor. "Can I go home now?" she asked with a smile. "Please?"

The doctor flipped through the paperwork, "Well it appears that everything is in order. I'll send a nurse in to make sure that you have everything you need, but you can get ready to leave."

Ziva smiled as the doctor left the room. Tony came closer to the bed and pulled her wheelchair up close so that he could transfer her from the bed to the chair easily. She flinched at the sight of the chair. She didn't like having to depend on it. She hated the way people looked at her when she used it, and she hated that there was no other option until her spine healed. She heard Tony lock the breaks and without a word, Tony's hand was on the small of her back and her arm was around his neck as he gently lifted her from the hospital bed and settled her into the wheelchair.

"Thank you," she whispered to Tony. She tried to hide the tears from her eyes. "I hate this chair."

"It's okay," Tony said. "You'll be rid of it in no time." He could tell that Ziva thought he was just being nice, but it was true. She had made great progress in the few weeks of physical therapy she'd had. Her range of motion was improving and she had more upper body strength to make sure she could get around while she was recovering. "Hey, you still want to go out for dinner tonight?"

"Yes," Ziva stated, "Just not in my jeans and t-shirt."

"Okay," Tony stated. "So, McGee and Abby are going through your fridge, cleaning out anything that isn't edible and replacing whatever went bad. Gibbs and the Director are stopping by later to bring me a bag of clothes."

"You don't have to stay with me," Ziva cut him off. "I can take care of myself."

"Ziva, you just got out of the hospital and you might have a hard time adjusting…"


"Being home and in the wheelchair? You're apartment isn't entirely handicap friendly."

"Then I'll manage!"

An imagine of Ziva climbing on the countertop to get something out of a cabinet, losing her balance, falling and cracking her skull flashed before his eyes. "No Ziva. I don't want to see you in the hospital again." Taking a deep breath he stated, "Besides, doctors orders, someone needs to stay with you."

"Are you sure my doctor ordered that?"

"No," Tony smiled. "I made it up." Ziva slapped him playfully. "Hey! No slapping the person who's gonna be feeding you."

"Oh no, feeding myself is one of the few things I can still do," Ziva said holding her broken wrist. "Even with this broken wrist, and I would watch it if I were you. In my experience, a mass of hardened plaster makes for a very good weapon."

The nurse came in with a smile. "Ms. David, you ready to go home?"

"Yes," Ziva said. "Please, let me out of here."

The nurse took a step behind Ziva and began to push her chair towards the door. "Oh!" Tony exclaimed. "I almost forgot." He fished through his pocket and pulled out Ziva's Star of David necklace. "They must have taken it out of your hand one of the times they were giving you a checkup." Tony knelt down next to Ziva as she held her hair back from her neck so that he could fasten he necklace. Tony let go of the necklace and watched as it dangled close to Ziva's heart. "There you go. Now you look like your old self."

Ziva smiled, "Except for my wheels."

"Alright, are we ready to go?" the nurse asked.

"Yes," Tony said as he picked up the bag that contained what little personal possessions Ziva had when she came into the hospital. "Lets go home."

The nurse escorted them out of the hospital and towards the car. Once they got to Tony's mustang, Tony loaded her into the car and shut the door. He joked with her, telling her not to drive away before he popped the trunk and started folding up her wheelchair, stowing it in the trunk of the car. He climbed into the driver's seat and put his keys into the ignition.

"We would have been here a lot sooner if you'd let me drive!" Ziva said as they pulled up to her apartment building and into the space where her red mini cooper used to be.

"Ziva, you can barely move your legs and we were driving in the lunch rush!" Tony argued as he got out of the car and ran back towards the trunk of the car and pulled out her wheelchair.

"Gibbs would have let me drive." She said as he returned back to the passenger side door with her wheelchair and started unfolding it.

"In this case I don't think he would have. God! These things are not easy to unfold!"

"There's a latch on either side."

"How do you know that?" Tony asked.

"I watched the nurse unfold it the first day she brought it into my room."

A few latches later the chair unfolded into something that looked reasonably comfortable to sit in. Tony lifted her out of the car and placed her into the chair. Ziva was surprised when the chair lurched backward suddenly. "Tony!"

Tony grabbed the armrests of the chair, "I'm sorry, I forgot to put the brakes on."

"It's okay," Ziva said as Tony pulled her bag out of the car. "Let's just go inside. McGee and Abby should still be here."

"How do you know that?" Tony asked.

"I'm a spy!" Ziva stated as Tony stood behind her and started pushing her wheelchair. She heard him laugh in response. "That and McGee's car is here!"

The took the elevator up to Ziva's apartment, and then Tony pushed Ziva down the hall until they got to Ziva's room. Ziva went through her bag of personal belongings trying to find her key. "No need," Tony said. "I still have the copy you gave me." Tony unlocked her door from the outside and wheeled Ziva into her apartment. "Look who's home!"

"Ziva!" Tony heard Abby squeal as she ran out of the kitchen area to hug Ziva. "Oh! I am so happy you're home."

"Me too Abby," Ziva managed.

"Abby! Abby! She can't breathe!" Tony exclaimed.

Immediately Abby let go and Ziva took a breath. "Sorry. Got to remember you broke your ribs!"

"Did you get all the spoiled food out of Ziva's fridge?" Tony asked Abby.

"Yes," Abby said. "And we made you a casserole for the week. In case you didn't feel like cooking and Gibbs called a little while ago. He wanted us to tell you that he is on his way and will be here at any moment."

"Thank you, Abby," Ziva said. Suddenly the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Tony watched as Ziva navigated the wheelchair towards the door and positioned it so that it was out of the way of the door. She opened the door to see Gibbs and Jenny standing there, holding a small wooden ramp in his hand. "Hello Gibbs! Hello Jenny!"

"Hey there Ziva, how are you doing?"

"Okay," Ziva said. "Happy to be home." She gestured to the ramp in his hands. "What's that for?"

"The step to get into your kitchen," Gibbs answered. "Let me put it in and you can try it out."

"Thank you Gibbs," Ziva stated as he left to go towards the kitchen, allowing Jenny to come forward. "Jen!"

"Tell me they have you on good drugs!" Jenny pleaded.

"Plenty," Tony stated for her. "She's on Vicodin."

"Oh, very good drugs," Jenny said as Gibbs came back towards the door.

"Ziva, come try the ramp. Make sure it's not too steep."

Ziva wheeled away to go check the ramp while the Tony stood next to the director. "Tony," she began. "You have a lot of explaining to do."

"I couldn't continue the relationship," Tony said. "I'm sorry. After Ziva got hurt…"

"You don't have to explain," the director said. "Sometimes friends are more important."

"Ziva's more than a friend," Tony said. "I'm in love with her."

"Then keep her close." Jenny stated as she watched Ziva roll up and down the ramp. "Don't let her get away."

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