authors note- I don't own this movie or the book. This story is based on both put together. Anouk's POV. If you read the book you will see but if you just watched the movie it won't seem that different. Enjoy!

My mother, Vianne used to sit and stare out into the night when we lived in so many places. I always thought she was looking for a new place to settle but I think she was really look for him. Roux was always what I imagined as a father. I remember when he left and how upset maman was. After his boat burned down Roux left for no specific reason and he still won't tell me why. I know that maman was going to have a baby when he left because of the look on her face and the constant straying of her hand to her belly.

I remember when Roux came back and Pantoufle left to continue his adventures. Maman was so happy as he stood at the door with a smile on his face, gently swinging the door back and forth remarking that it only needed an adjustment. Maman smiled and I ran and hugged Roux with all my might. Maman made hot chocolate and Roux said to her, "I thought you'd never guess, Hot chocolate my favorite." she just smiled and said she knew that. It was then that the door opened and Pantoufle left. I wasn't sad, I knew I had Maman and now Roux and soon the baby.

I was ten when Maman and Roux married and Armande was born. Armande was as cute as a button. She had chocolate eyes and mousy brown hair like Roux. She was like Maman and I , I knew. I still live in Lansquenet with my husband, Jeannot Drou and Armande visits me often when I am home but that is not often. I help run the Chocolatrie with my mother. Armande is now thirteen and helps baby-sit my daughter, Lynette when Jeannot is at work and I have to stay in the shop. Maman and Roux live above the Chocolatrie still even though Caroline offered her her mothers house. Still Maman refuses and told Luc to live there.

Armande loves to hear about her namesake and that her love for chocolate is the same as Madame Voizin. As much as I loved to hear of Grandma and Grandpa. Though Maman doesn't tell me the story anymore I still can hear her telling me it as a bed time story when Pantoufle and I would beg her. I always felt bad for grandpa not ever knowing what happened to Maman and grandma. Maman misses her still I know but she still has Roux, Armande and I. The river rats show up every now and then to see Roux and Maman. Reynaud greets them friendly and asks them to church if they wish. Caroline, now married to Conte Reynaud invites Luc's wives family to dine on Sundays after five. Luc's wife seems content living here, I think she feels better knowing that she won't be frowned upon and that her family still visits often.

Josephine runs Café Armande still her husband, Arthur François a British born man who came to Lansquenet in search of somewhere to feel at home. Their son, Claude, plays with Armande who loves the fact that her name is on the Café doors. Claude, Armande, and Luc's son Michel who is the youngest at six, play by the river bank like Luc, Jeannot and I used too. I still find it funny how they are so much like we were when we were that young. I think its just the age.

Not much has changed over ten years except my being married and having a child and seeing my friends with their children. I am happy as is Maman and Roux. I have a wonderful feeling that it will continue to be wonderful here in Lansquenet.