The Guardian Chapter 1

Kuchiki Rukia is reluctantly thrown into a battle over the world's fate. Will she be able to survive and protect the last hope of a peaceful future?

Author's Note: This actually started out as a random story I began writing. But since I am currently obsessed with anything IchixRuki, I decided to turn it into a fanfic dedicated to the duo. So hoping you enjoy )

The actual story was inspired by a dream I once had. Creepy one too hehe.

The cool mist had begun to blanket the dark streets of Karakura. The laughter of people could be heard as the night brought life to the small town. The streets grew crowded as many of the inhabitants finally came out of their homes after being confined to them, due to the immense heat of the day. Now a cool breeze welcomed them, and they were most eager to take advantage of it.

However, the night was not inviting to all. A young woman ran through the dark alleys of the city, carrying a large bundle within her delicate hands.

When she could not breathe anymore, she sat down, the effort bringing tears to her eyes. The pain from the deep wound in her abdomen was unbearable and blood had soaked her coat. Yet she knew if she allowed her pain to get the best of her, all hope would fade.

Suddenly, she felt a vibration within her coat pocket, and quickly pulled out a communicator.

"Tatsuki, where are you?!" asked a young man with great concern in his voice. Tatsuki tried to speak as she took deep breaths. "They're after me again. I should have listened to you. They came out of nowhere and now I'm wounded. I don't know how much time I have."

The man stayed quiet for a few moments before replying, "Listen, we are near ol' man Urahara's shop by the park. Do you think you can make it to us?"

The woman thought for a moment and looked at her bundle.

With a determined look, she replied she would meet them there in fifteen minutes. After a few agonizing attempts to stand up, Tatsuki finally got to her feet and ran towards the park, hoping she could make it before it was too late.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, another young woman was frantically hurrying out her door. Shifting her soft, raven hair to the side, she shook her head as she tried to stuff the key into the key hole. "Great job, Rukia, you're late again. Kenpachi is seriously going to have my head for this", she mumbled as she tried to get her door to lock.

As soon as Rukia made it out to of her apartment, she began running for a nearby taxi. However, it seemed traffic was going to be a problem, and being already an hour late, she thought it would just be easier to take the shortcut through the park. Fastening her purse towards her side, Rukia began running for the nearby park.

Upon arriving there, she was annoyed at seeing it was so crowded. There was apparently a festival being held there, and everyone was out to see the fireworks that would soon light the night sky. It seemed as if the entire town decided to show up at the park that night as she found no way to get through the crowd. Shoving people left and right, Rukia tried as hard as she could to get through. It was no easy feat since had such a petite figure, and more then once she was nearly knocked off balance.

Finally as she reached a clearing, she began running once more. The sound of the cheering crowd began to slowly fade in the distance, leaving only the sound of the rustling leaves.

Suddenly, the sound of moaning made her stop dead in her tracks. She listened quietly, and could have sworn she heard someone in pain. Following the trail, Rukia finally stumbled upon the source of the cries. It was a slender woman, sprawled on the ground and covered with blood. Rukia grew numb and ran towards the woman.

She looked into her eyes and knew the woman was in serious trouble. The woman trembled as Rukia gently grazed her hands across the young, withering body, looking for an injury. Yet the woman didn't even seem to notice Rukia was there.

Rukia looked around frantically, but she could not see anyone in sight. Her yelling was not enough to fall on anyone's ear as at that moment as the fireworks had begun. She looked at the woman and said, "Listen, my name is Kuchiki Rukia. I'm going to help you, okay? What's your name?" The woman's eyes flickered for a moment, and she finally took notice of Rukia.

"Tatsuki Arisawa," she replied weakly

As Rukia began to stand up to go for her cell phone, the woman grabbed her suddenly. She had so much strength that Rukia fell back on her knees. The woman's eyes were wide with fear as she looked at Rukia. "Please, there isn't much time. They will be here soon. You have to help me!" Rukia stared at the woman for a moment, not knowing what in the world she was talking about.

Rukia assured her she was going to call the ambulance and get her to a hospital. But the woman kept a firm hold on her and replied, "There is no time. They are coming. Please, take my son and get him as far away from here as you can," Tatsuki pleaded as she pointed to the bundle she had been carrying.

Rukia curiously crawled over to where Tatsuki was pointing and saw the bundle in question. It was moving as if something was inside and cautiously she peeled back the edges of the blanket that lay on top of it. She was shocked to see a young boy sleeping soundly. She shook her head and looked back at Tatsuki.

"Look, I need to get you some help, okay? You are bleeding and you need a doctor." As Rukia attempted to get up again, she saw the look of horror in the woman's eyes.

"They're here," Tatsuki whispered, sweat and tears streaming freely down her face. She took the little boy and forcefully handed him to Rukia. "Please, you must get him out of here. They cannot get him. Please, protect Shouhei! Our world depends on his safety. Please!!"

Rukia tried to protest, but the woman began pleading as she sobbed.

Suddenly, Rukia could hear footsteps as she looked reluctantly at the woman before grabbing Shouhei and quickly hiding in the thickets nearby. From there, she could see a clear view of what was happening. The footsteps were close, and Rukia could hear very heavy breathing, almost a growl. Finally, two figures emerged. It took every ounce of strength within Rukia to not scream.

The two figures, whoever they were, were not human. Their grotesque features sent a wave of shivers over Rukia's delicate body, as she watched them approach. The figures approached Tatsuki and looked down at her.

"She is still alive," one of the figures spoke. The other figure approached and asked, "Is the child with her?"

The first figure shook his head while the other figure stared at her for a moment. Then without warning, he kicked her face hard, causing her to cry out in pain from the blow.

"Where is the child, woman?"

Tatsuki looked at him with disgust and turned her face away. "Very well, then. Metastacia, dispose of her as she is of no more use to us."

Metastacia smiled, revealing razor sharp fangs and approached the woman. He pulled out his sword and with one look at her, swung the blade into her heaving chest. Letting out a final gasp, Tatsuki's lifeless body was all that remained.

Rukia clapped her hand over her mouth, attempting to stifle the scream that had raised in her throat as she witnessed Tatsuki's death. Terrified and trembling, she found herself unable to get up. Shouhei began whimpering at the sight of his mother. Rukia quickly took him into her arms and tried to silence him, but it was too late. Metastacia's ear had heard the sound and was now looking in the direction they were hiding. Rukia cursed under her breath as she frantically tried to get Shouhei to stop making sounds. Metastacia slowly began walking towards the heavy thicket, pulling out his sword once more. Rukia tried to get as far as possible from the opening, holding Shouhei as closely as she could. 'This is the end,' she thought as the footsteps grew closer.

To be continued…

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