Re- worked and slightly altered. Some recent reviews and favourites have made me feel extremely guilty for letting this story go so I promise I shall finish!

I know its been a while but there will be progress! Life decided to toy with me for a while but I promise a happy ending soon=D

For those new to the story it is a Chris revelation fic. I love the Chris/Leo dynamic and wanted to see more so.. here we go.


14 year old Christopher Perry sat on the support beams of his favourite haunt, staring down at the city. He was watching people go around their lives, watching them smile and laugh like the world was still the same place.

He wanted to a part of their world. The one that let them smile. The one where demons were a fairytale and people died of old age. Right now, all he wanted was that world.


22-year-old Chris shot up of his sleeping position as his weak muscles sent him down almost immediately. He winced as he remembered last night's demon hunt and the bruises it had left him. He shook his head, images from his recurring memory playing in his mind.

'Chris Perry get down to the manor now.'

Chris could feel the anger reverberate around his head as Piper called for him again. He sighed and threw his legs over the side of the couch he slept on and prepared to orb...


3 hours earlier at the manor...

Phoebe sat at the kitchen table, absentmindedly pulling at her hair. She barely glanced up at the sound of orbs metres away. She continued to stare at nothing as the orbs formed in to Leo.

"Phoebe?" he said.

She did look up at him then, allowing her frustration to crawl across her face. She sighed.

"I'm thinking about Chris," she said.

Leo had expected this. It had been two days since the whitelighter had dropped a bombshell on them all and decided that disappearing minutes after returning from the future was his best bet. It was why Leo had visited more in the past two days than he had in the past two months. He wanted to know just as badly as the sisters.

"You know, that was the first time I could really feel since we met him," Phoebe said again.

"My powers have picked up pretty much everyone, but never him," She gave a half smile.

'I didn't know who I was even sensing for a little bit. His barriers are so strong.' She paused.

I never really expected to even be able to sense him. It was..' She paused there again, like she was reaching for the right words.

'It was sad Leo. Sad and angry. But he loved her.' She opened her mouth to speak again and paused, not sure how to explain what she had felt.

"Phoebe," Leo implored. "He has obviously lost a lot. I would expect him to be grieving, but he made it clear he doesn't want help."

"I know Leo, but people who grieve normally have something. He doesn't. His fiancé just betrayed him, might possibly be dead and he's got no one to turn to because we're all too busy obsessing over what he didn't tell us!"

"Phoebe, it is sad but it doesn't change his actions' Leo implored.

"We don't know who he is or what he wants and he hasn't given us a lot to trust him on." he reasoned.

'I know that Leo.' She breathed out her frustration. 'But I sensed him after he came back, and all I wanted to do was die. All I wanted was to crawl into a hole and never see anyone ever again.

"I'm an empath, I can't just walk away from that kind of feeling."

She rubbed her brow in frustration as she stood and sighed. 'I help perfect strangers for a living, Leo. Why the hell shouldn't I be able to help our whitelighter.'

She stopped and took a breath.

'And.. he's a kid Leo. I thought he just looked younger than he was because he was a whitelighter. He's a kid whose life clearly sucks and who is completely alone and I've got this nagging feeling like I should be protecting him, like we should be protecting him."

She sat down in a huff, and put her head back in her hands.

'Leo, I don't know what to do. I don't trust him and feel guilty for it, and I feel like I kicked the family pet. I'm kind of grateful for the barriers he puts up. And then I feel guilty about that.' Her voice was high and fast, raising at each sentence.

Leo looked at Phoebe sympathetically. He didn't trust Chris, but he did feel guilty for leaving him out in the cold, so to speak. Their kind was supposed to help people, he told himself. He was a force of good. He was a whitelighter practically abandoned another whitelighter. People like Leo didn't do that. They weren't supposed to do that anyway.

Leo sighed. He was an elder now. Be damned if this kid didn't want help, Leo was going to offer it anyway.

He smiled gently at Phoebe. He seriously doubted Chris would be receptive to anything. But he knew she would try anyway.