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Prologue: Odin's Promise

"Albus, this isn't the right course of action, Lily was very insistent and specific that Petunia Dursley was to never have custody of young Harry. You swore an oath to her as well. When Lily learns of this indiscretion, may she have mercy on you because Lord Odin will not," Minerva huffed and started for the door. Before she reached the door however, Albus shot an obliviate at her. The spell hit her square in the back. He hurried around his desk and held her steady.

"It seems you moved to quickly Minerva," Albus said and released her. She stiffed slightly and looked at him, which led to her shaking her head to clear her thoughts.

"It seems you are correct Albus, thank you for steadying me. Now I must get ready for the funeral," she replied with a shaky voice and left the office. Albus watched her leave and turned back to his desk. In his chair sat the most majestic man Albus had ever seen. He raised his wand in surprise and habit but was forced to relinquish it.

"You tempt many Gods and Goddesses with your action Albus," the man said raising an eyebrow at the weary old man.

"Who are you?" Albus asked, moving to the chair in front of his desk with great caution.

"I am the light of the Order, I am the oldest creature to ever walk this Earth. I am the bonded of Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Rownea Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Kayman Guardhart. I am the bonded of this school. Forever to give guidance to her headmasters and headmistresses, I am Fawkes," the man answered. His eyes the color of molten lava and his hair a goldenrod color. Albus sat in silent shock and awe before finding his voice, shaking it out of his throat with a cough.

"I wasn't aware that Phoenixes had a human form, so now I ask to what do I owe the opportunity of being graced with this secret?" Albus asked, still not trusting himself to stand. His eyes ruffled with curiosity and confusion.

"I show you this form because the founders, Hogwarts and the Old Deities are in a disagreement with your actions concerning the children of Lily Evans, Elizabeth Granger, Molly Prewett, Jillian McDawning and Narcissa Black," Fawkes said matter of factly and leaned back into the chair with a smirk.

"What do you mean? I am protecting these children from the fates of the prophecy that was given to me by my brother Aberforth," Albus said as he tried to stand. He fails and sinks slowly back into the chair and places his head in his hands.

"…..Five born to those of the past, one born to each house, one born to the forbidden. Darkness sees to make them bend, Light sees to change them. Born to those who hold true to the old ways, five born to those of the past, controlled by neither Dark nor Light, protected by the hands of the Ancients and of oaths broken to the ones who join together in Asgard….," Fawkes replied in a tone as if he had been rehearsing it many time over. Albus paled when he heard the name Asgard spoken so matter of factly.

"How do you know this?" Albus choked out. He was positive that he was the only one to have heard this prophecy and for this man to recite it was unheard of. Fawkes sat up straight in his chair as the air around him became charged with electricity. Albus lost his color and his breathing slowed. He turned slightly to the right and sucked in a deep breath.

In front of his office door stood the most regal man Albus had ever laid eyes on. The man had an iron crown with runes engraved on it was sitting a top his head. He had an eye that was covered with an eye patch. On his shoulder was a gorgeous cape that was lined with fur and settled on his right shoulder was a beautiful raven which was staring at Albus.

"Lord Odin, it is a pleasure to see you again after so many millennia," Fawkes said and got up to embrace his friend evoking a smile.

"That it has my friend," Odin said with a raised eyebrow and glared at Albus.

"Now if you would be so kind as to tell me what is going on and why I have been summoned?" Odin asked. He raised his hand to his chest and a chair made of stone appeared.

"You were summoned to this place because the current headmaster has broken an oath made to one of your five daughters, Miss Lily Evans," Fawkes replied and shot a glare at Albus. Odin turned and stared at Albus with a look that could freeze the fires of the sun. The air started to drop in temperature and the latent magic in the room started to become visible.

"You broke an oath that was made to my first daughter and have thus sealed her fate. Her soul now wonders in purgatory because of this indecency. She was meant to come to Asgard so that she maybe with her family. You have taken that right from her," Odin said and stood up from his chair and points to Albus with an accusing finger.

"You shall pay for the lives of my daughter and my grandson," Odin thundered and turned to Fawkes.

"Lord Odin, your grandson is still alive. the headmaster has a plan for him and four other little ones. This plan is illogical and should never be carried out," Fawkes said quickly sending another glare at Albus. Odin looked murderous and was quite capable of the deed as he stared glaringly at Albus.

"Don't tell me he is going to turn those children into weapons," Odin said looking to Albus.

"That is what his plan is. He has already set into motion the down fall of the old ways and the shadows that lead us," Fawkes replied. The air was heavy with electric charges. Odin seemed on the verge of killing the old man for his insolence.

"You have made a large mistake Albus Dumbledore. Mark my words, in thirteen years time these children will be taken by their ancestors and will not be seen until they are deemed ready to return. In this time frame, you are to disappear until my grandchildren return home. They will be guarded by those who are loyal to the old ways. So mote it be," Odin said and disappeared with a loud thunder clap.

"This is the decree given to you Albus. If it is not fulfilled then your powers and your magic will be stripped from you, you will be obliviated and you will be placed with the muggles you so despise," Fawkes said and smirked when Albus stiffened.

"Yes Albus, I know all of your secrets and of your hidden hatred of muggles. I know everything about everyone," Fawkes added and disappeared in a ball of flames with a secret smirk on his face, feathers floating in the air. Albus let out a shaky breath and moved to his headmasters' chair.

'What am I going to do? Those children need to be martyrs for the light. I can't risk losing my magic either,' he thought and started to write out his resignation. He whistled and his owl, Zeus, flew in and landed on the perch that Fawkes normally rested upon. Once he was finished, Albus made three copies. One was made for the Ministry of Magic, one was made for the Board of Governors and one was made for himself. They were a reminder that he was a mere puppet amongst high powers.

With one final glance around the office, he turned to the fire place to floo home. Albus Dumbledore left Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to await the return of the Five Heirs. After his departure, his painting appeared on the wall as well as his letter to Minerva on the desk. Seconds later Fawkes appeared in his human form and let out a sigh. Five regal looking figures seeped through the walls to stand around him. Fawkes sat down in the headmasters' chair and put his head in his hands and leaned forward to put his elbows on the desk.

"Do you think I did the right thing? Sending Dumbledore away when this world is so weak?" he asked, not really asking anyone in particular.

"Yes, Dumbledore needed to learn this lesson. He is going to see that the world must fix itself, not have him coddle it and make the decisions for them," a tall pale man said. He was wearing green robes. His eyes were the deepest of emerald and his hair as black as night.

"Salazar, you know that panic will rise once they see that they have to fend for themselves. They need guidance from a neutral party. Now that both sides are without a leader, panic will pave the way to an uprising of power," Fawkes said leaning back in to the chair. A snort was heard from a tall man dressed in black robes and a pair of broad swords strapped to his left side. His eyes were a deep violet color and his hair was like moving shadows.

Fawkes glared at the man before saying, "Shut up Kayman Guardhart. Your house has been forgotten because it is so secluded. There have been so many students who have passed through this school that were meant to be Shadow Wolves, yet when you allowed those restrictions to be placed upon the school you condemned those who could manipulate the shadows you so cherish to a life that have left so many incomplete."

"Give one example of who should have been in my house," Kayman challenged.

"I'll give you six examples; Lily Evans, Elizabeth Granger, Molly Prewett, your beloved daughter Jillian, Narcissa Black and Severus Snape. Both Lily and Jillian died at Voldemorts hand. They weren't able to follow what their natures dictated because of your insolence and selfishness. Molly changed and is now following the path of a light maniac. Narcissa and Severus followed the path of Darkness because their souls were empty. The worst was Elizabeth. She lost her magic because she didn't know what her power was. Her magic has been lost forever with no hope of getting it back. The only good thing you can get from this situation is that her daughter possesses the same abilities as her mother," Fawkes growled, standing up from his chair. the magic of the castle started to come alive with his anger igniting.

"First off, Salazar is right. You have seen this coming for awhile. Even I have seen this with my accursed sight. Secondly, Kayman you are an asshole and you have caused a lot of problems with how things are going to work. Fawkes is right about you and your actions," a melodic voice chimed in. Everyone turned to a brown haired woman in blue robes. Her soothing green gaze calmed the warring men.

"I know Rowena, but I don't want to see all of our hard work bursting into flames because we decided that a lesson needed to be learned," Fawkes replied, looking to Rowena and Salazar with exhaustion.

"I am in agreement with what has been done. This world needs teaching and this is but the first lesson. Our classes must be reinstated," a small blonde woman said, causing everyone in the room to look the woman wearing yellow robes going completely unnoticed.

"Helga you have got to be kidding, the Ministry won't allow it nor will the Board of Governors," Godric said, looking at his wife questioningly.

"These changes have been taken care of already; one Lucius Malfoy is bringing all of our classes back. This also includes the knowledge and reinstatement of the fifth and final house of Howarts," she retorted with a smirk on her face while glancing at Kayman.

"My love, you have been spending too much time with Salazar and Kayman," Godric replied with a sly smile.

"So it has been decided then. The old classes are to be brought back as well as house Wolfsoul, home of the Shadow Wolves. So mote it be," Fawkes said laying his head on the desk and letting out a sigh.

"Our next step is to return to our time and prepare for the arrival of our heirs," Rowena said. Everyone nodded and started to depart when Minerva and Severus walked into the room.

"It is true then," Severus said in amazement. Kayman let out a slow as he recognized the familiar magic within Severus; it was half unlocked. The other part of Severus' magic lay in wait to finally merge with the rest of its counterpart.

"May Odin guide you on your journey home," Severus added and bowed deeply to show his respect for them. Minerva copied Severus in a curtsy. As she looked up, she noticed an envelope with her name on it. She looked at it with confusion. Fawkes saw this and traced her gaze to the letter. He picked it up and read the contents. He smiled and put it back on the desk, pushing it towards her.

"Go on Minerva, I believe you know as well as I what this letter entails," he said. She walked to the desk casually and scooped up the letter. She read it and turned to look at Fawkes. He smirked widely and nodded his head in agreement. She smiled in excitement before running from the room. Kayman turned to Severus.

"Severus, I am asking you to take over as Head of House for Wolfsoul. Seeing as their will only be ten students who will be placed in my house to receive my knowledge. Salazars' house and my own are similar in many aspects except my house delves deeper into the blackest of all magics. This magic is something few specialize in. If I hadn't allowed them to petition for the house to be disbanded, you and the others would have known what your abilities were and your magic wouldn't have separated. You would have joined us within the shadows," Kayman said staring into Severus' midnight eyes.

"I would be honored to preside over your house milord," Severus answered, feeling as if more power was already coursing through his veins.

"With that surge of magic and power, comes the truth that you are without a doubt, a Shadow Wolf in mind, body, soul spirit, and magic. Therefore I will show you what you need to know. This is so that you may pass it on to our young charges when they return," Kayman told Severus and turned his attention to Salazar.

"I am giving you three gifts. The first is the language of the snakes. The second is the magic and knowledge that goes with it. The final gift is to grant the first two abilities to the eight who do ont have it. Harry and Shadow already have these powers. You will only have enough power to give their friends these abilities," Salazr said and gently merged his mind, magic and spirit with the dark haired man.

"Now that we are joined in spirit and magic, you are my son. With this revelation, I formally disown Tom Marvolo Riddle as my heir. I proclaim from this day forward that Severus Kenaz Snape is my heir and second surviving family member. Do you promise to guide our heirs, especially Harry James Potter, who is the son of the one you love and Shadow Blade Wolfsoul, the daughter of your best friend?" Salazar said watching as the magic connected them together. Severus took a deep breath and let it out slowly; letting the magic settle within him and feeling it merge fully with his own.

"Thank you for this gift Father. I will look after them as my own, starting with Shadow and Harry. How that old codger was ever allowed near children I'll never know nor do I actually want to," Severus said and bowed before excusing himself to leave. The five founders laughed before saying goodnight to Fawkes and returned to their realm to prepare for the arrival of their heirs.

"Good luck to the Five Heirs. May guidance and truth lead them on the correct path," Fawkes said and slowly melted back into his phoenix form. Minerva returned to the office a few hours later and sank into her headmistress' chair. She waved her wand in resent moon shape, making the office less imposing and more comfortable.

"Well Fawkes, its just you and me now. With Albus gone there won't be anymore chess games with people posing as the pieces. The manipulations will be nonexistent," she said, taking a look around her new office. Fawkes Trilled in agreement and settled into a deep sleep. Minerva smiled at him before getting up to go to bed in the Headmistress' Tower.

As soon as she left, the shadows began to dance a long the walls leaving people in their wake. Fawkes awoke suddenly and was in his human form ready to fight.

"Rest easy Guardian of the Five, We are the ones Salazar and Kayman sent to teach the new classes," a dark haired woman said stepping into the light. Fawkes relaxed a small margin when he saw who it was that disturbed him.

"You must forgive me, spending this much time in this form leaves me tired and drained. There is a tower in the Northest part of the castle, which is the home of the Wolfsoul Wolves. That is where the heirs will be staying. Your rooms are located there as well. Rogue, do be careful with these children. They have been through so much and are the ones meant to rule this realm," Fawkes said, looking at Rogue with sorrowful eyes.

"Shadow is not meant to rule this realm Fawkes," a black haired man said.

"Julian, you were not here when Jillian had the twins nor were you here when she had a third child three years after. Shadow and Chase are tied to this realm by fate and destiny. Ty is the true ruler of your realm," Fawkes snapped and lashed out with his power. Julian was sent flying into a wall on the other side of the room. Rogue laughed with the others as Julian got to his feet all the while cursing birds and about how they have too much power.

"Goodnight Fawkes, we will leave you to rest and we will see you tomorrow afternoon," Rogue said and disappeared into the shadows. Fawkes just sighed and changed back into his phoenix form to get some much needed sleep.

Meanwhile, figures from the clouds smiled and nodded to each other. Each would be waiting for the one they would teach their knowledge to and held hope that it would be enough for when they faced the evils that were heading their way.

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