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Chapter Two: New Names, Fallen Families

Kakashi held the small baby boy with hair as black as night and eyes so green that the put emeralds to shame. He looked at the boy with a gaze of understanding and love. Sarutobi watched in wait, quietly observing the reactions of the other four. Hyuuga looked at the blonde child in his arms with something akin to excitement. Anko and Ibiki were in awe that they had been entrusted with bundle so precious. Uchiha only saw these children as weapons, especially the red headed baby girl in his arms and the baby boy in Kakashi's arms.

'Once they activate their bloodlines, they will be unstoppable. The sharringgan will be the most difficult to master because you have to kill your most precious person. The Byakugan is easier to master because it only takes hard work and it is more helpful in missions than the sharringgan. Kakashi is the only unknown bloodline in the village. They will tell me the secrets of the two bloodlines if they don't want to end up like the branch house of the Hyuuga,' Fugaku Uchiha thought, a plan already forming in his twisted mind. Sarutobi and the others watched the wheels turning in the head of the Uchiha turn on. They knew what it was that passed through the head of Fugaku Uchiha.

'I'll talk to Itachi and see if he will keep an eye on his father and the children when they are within the borders of the Uchiha compound,'Sarutobi thought and disappeared in a swirl of Sakura blossoms when they reached the gates of the village. Anko and Ibiki go Kakashi's address before heading home.

"Kakashi, stop by the compound soon, I have something for you," Hiashi said, looking at the silver haired Anbu. Kakashi nodded his head before dissolving into thin air. Hiashi smirked at the display of power before he too dissipated into a cyclone of water. Fugaku Uchiha watched their demonstration of power with an analytical gaze. He turned towards his home and faded away in a bright blaze.

Kakashi's Apartment

Kakashi Hatake's apartment was like any normal two bedroom apartment. It had a spacious living room, a moderate dining room that connected to a small kitchen. The apartment had two bedrooms that were spacious yet comfortably small in feeling.

"Now what do I do with you little one? I will need to give you a new name first off. What would you like to be called?" Kakashi asked the baby. Harry looked around the living room and spotted a painting hanging on the wall. It was a picture of a raging lightning storm.

"Ah, I see you forund the painting my mother painted. She named it 'Arashi' because it is a storm of life and death. Arashi is what I shall call you for I can sence the raging storm within you. You possess the lightning of my clan. Storm Hatake, I like the ring to that. You shall stay in my room for now, until I can get the second bedroom set up. Seeing as you are going to be my son, what about do you say to making it permanent?" Kakashi asked the little boy, already looking forward to the blood adoption ritual. Storm just giggled before laying his head against Kakashi's chest, slipping away into the waiting arms of Morpheus. Kakashi sighed put his "son" into the crib that had emerged from a plume of smoke.

'Guess this means that I am out of Anbu for awhile. What can I say, I all ready love him as my son, seeing as I can't have children of my own,' Kakashi thought as the memory of his last mission in the Land of Snow drifted through his mind. He shook his head of these painful thoughts and erected several ancient safeguards, wards and other traps before leaving his apartment to go meet with the Hokage.

As he made his way to the Hokage Tower, he literally ran into someone. However, the person he ran into steadied him as he started to fall. Kakashi looked up at who held him and found himself looking into the Sharinggan eyes of Itachi Uchiha, son and heir of the Uchiha Family.

"Sorry about that Itachi, I was making sure that my safeguards still stood after I left. It has been a long time since I have woven them. I am more concerned with the little one at home who is sleeping," Kakashi apologized, thanking the gods he had a mask to hide his blush. He disentangled himself from the incredibly hot Uchiha Heir.

"No problem Kakashi. I wanted to tell you that my father is planning on turning the children into weapons. I am planning on taking my father's place really soon. I was visited by a man named Odin, do you know of him?" Itachi said, noting the slight blush on Kakashi's face before walking next to him.

"Yes, I know who he is, what did he say to you?" Kakashi asked, his uncovered eye widening.

"He told me to take out my father and to take out my entire as well if they got in the way. I am to take care of the little one and to make sure she is alright before I wipe out my entire clan. I was also given permission to do blood adoptions with all the children," the younger man replied, shrugging his shoulders.

Kakashi nodded his head in understanding. He knew exactly what Itachi meant. As they made their way to the tower, they were joined by Hiashi, Anko, and Ibiki. Nothing needed to be said for they all knew what it was that passed through their minds as being the same; seek permission from the Hokage to initiate the blood adoption rituals with their charges. The receptionist jumped when she noticed the five of them standing before her desk. She recognized exactly who was standing before her; the Head of the Hyuuga Family, Heir of the Uchiha Family, and three of the most power jounin.

"We have an appointment with the Hokage," Hiashi said, his deep voice echoing throughout the waiting room like thunder rolling through a valley. The receptionist looked at the appointment log and nodded her head in agreement.

"Yes, you may proceed, the Hokage is waiting for you," she said before returning to work on her nails. Itachi narrowed his eyes at the shrew before he and the others walked through the oak doors of the Hokage's office.

The Hokage was facing a wall of windows. The east wall had three paintings on it. Each painting had a different face on it with a name plate under each. On the west wall, there was a built in library. The shelves were made of dark oak and the desk was situated four feet from the windows was made out of mahogany and oak. Five chairs had been placed in front of the large double wood desk. A small table was located in between the chairs and the desk. The Hokage turned when he heard them sit down.

"I know what it is that you seek. I do not have a problem with this course you have chosen. You have my permission to follow through with the blood adoption rituals. Have you decided on names for them yet?" Hokage said and poured six glasses of whisky.

"Harry chose his own name. He saw the painting my mother did before she passed away. He has chosen the name Storm. His most dominant element in his blood is lightning. It is fitting if you think about it Hokage-sama," Kakashi answered, taking a glass of whisky.

"Ron was very adamant about his name being Ares. He would not stop throwing things at me until I agreed. Half of my walls are covered with kunai or shuriken. He even managed to hit me a couple dozen times as well," Ibiki said and raised his coat to prove his point. Ibiki's black coat was littered with holes. The other occupants laughed at the pitiful sate of the coat.

"I suppose that was extreme. Draco merely changed his name to Dragon before going to sleep," Hiashi said, sipping his half full glass of whisky. Anko was ready to burst out laughing. Everyone turned to look at her like she was joined to a hyena.

"Hermione was the most vocal one out of the brats. She told me her real momma wanted to call her Athena, after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. I told her I did not think wisdom was a good enough trait to be named after, so I told her I liked the name Jera. She thought it over before agreeing to it," the woman said and slammed her whisky in one shot. The only one who had yet to speak was Itachi. The Sharringgan Heir sat quietly, before his eyes narrowed.

"Hokage-sama, May I have permission to assassinate my father," he said quietly. Every single glass on the table shattered into shards. The Hokage pulled out his crystal ball and poured raw power into it. He focused on the main room of he Uchiha compound. What he saw made his blood boil.

"Go. You only have a limited amount of time before that god forsaken ritual is complete," Sarutobi said, watching as Itachi and the others disappeared.

'I hope that you stop that ritual Itachi, for nothing good can come of it otherwise,' thought the third hokage. He watched as the group of Anbu made their way to kill the head of the Uchiha Family.


Fugaku Uchiha was an impatient man. He was also a man who wanted ultimate power. So when he was presented with an opportunity to get that power, he snatched it without a second thought he knew almost instantly that Lord Odin did not full trust him with raising his granddaughter. So naturally, he decided to begin the process of a blood ritual that would tie the child to him as much as possible.

"this is the only way that my family will have the ultimate power. I am sorry little one that you have to be the first one to give up your power," Fugaku cooed quietly to the child. He laid her on a stone alter and proceeded to draw symbols on the ground. The alter was made of alabaster stone, which was engraved with symbols of power. As the Uchiha head was lighting black candles, mist started flowing into the room. Fugaku didn't think anything of it and continued with what he was doing. He never noticed the five other ninja surround him. At the point of the star pattern they had taken was Itachi. He motioned for everyone to stay where they were.

"Father, what the hell do you think you are doing?" Itachi asked his father, startling the man enough so that the runes he was working on switched their meanings and intent.

"I am making sure our family remains dominant throughout history. With this ritual I will ensure that the Uchiha Family remains strong," the estranged man answered, before motioning Itachi out of the circle. Itachi moved back to his original position and motioned for the others to join him.

"The ritual has been reversed. There isn't much we can do. There also isn't much time before this rite has taken my father's life and soul. Go get the other child, this ritual was originally meant as a chakra ripper. It rips your chakra from your body, taking with it your life force and your soul. Since it is reversed, my father will die in about twenty minutes. I want to protect our children as best as we can. This ritual will add to their protection. Their power will only increase a little bit, followed with the blood adoptions they will undergo. So hurry up and bring them here," Itachi explained and watched as they disappeared in smoke and leaves.

He turned towards his father and watched as invisible hands slowly move their way to the Uchiha Head. The break in the shield was slowly closing. There was enough room for Itachi to move through. Ten minutes later, they came back with the other four children. Itachi took hold of all four children and moved through the hole as quickly as possible. Once they were all situated on the altar, Itachi slid through the small hole that closed fully when he was clear.

"What do we do now? From what you have said, this will take a few hours," Ibiki said, leaning against a pillar. Everyone sighed and prepared for the long wait. Itachi activated a concealment jutsu on the others and waited for the ritual to end.

'This is a very powerful rite. Father you are an idiot, this is a dangerous ritual when it's reversed. It is not going to cause their deaths but yours instead,' Itachi thought and closed his eyes.

Hours dragged by and the guardians of the five chosen were getting restless. They could feel that the ritual was coming to a close. Suddenly, in the last fifteen minutes of the ritual, a new power was trying to break the surrounding dome. The five Anbu opened their eyes and were ready for battle.

"Fawkes, what the hell are you doing?" Itachi called, tempted to just shoot the blasted bird. Fawkes turned to Itachi with cold eyes.

"What am I doing? What the hell are you allowing?" Fawkes growled. Itachi thought a moment before answering.

"This ritual is totally safe, the effects were reversed. My father screwed up on the runes and this caused the reversed effects. Instead of taking their lives, it is taking my father's chakra and distributing it among them," Itachi answered, his tone defensive and calm.

Fawkes backed down and relaxed a little bit, still uncertain about the ritual. He sat down next to Hiashi, who was meditating. He leaned his head against the pillar that they were using as a shield. The ritual lasted another five minutes before the power and magic of the ritual faded. They stood up from their previous positions and went to check on their charges. Each child had a major difference. Instead of being newborns, they were four years old physically.

"This was unexpected; I thought that they would age two or three years. Oh well, we will make do," Itachi said and began to do a series of jutsus to check on their vitals. "Everything is in order, which is good so that tomorrow we can proceed with the blood adoptions." Fawkes did a quick scan as well before nodding to the others.

"After the blood rituals, do not let them do any more rituals of any kind unless it is absolutely necessary and I would like to be notified. Dangerous things can happen if one does too many rituals to their bodies and power," Fawkes warned and disappeared as quickly as he came.

Itachi, Ibiki, Hiashi, Anko, and Kakashi looked at each other before picking up their child. All five guardians decided to head back to the Hokage's Tower to update the old man.

'Thank the gods that Itachi distracted his father. If he succeeded, there is no telling what would have happened,' Ibiki thought to himself and held tighter to Ares. Unbeknownst to Ibiki, the others joined him in this train of thought.

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