Disclaimer: I do not own any twilight characters God this is so fucking pointless no one owns twilight except Stephinie Myers

Disclaimer: I do not own any twilight characters God this is so fucking pointless no one owns twilight except Stephinie Myers!! Or any of the songs!!

It has been 3 days since Edward left and since then I went back to my old self my true self. Yes I know I can not walk across a flat surface but in skate boarding I totally kick ass! I changed my hair back to the way it was before I came hear, I changed it to my natural color black.( picture paramores Haley Williams hair except black, although she has had it that color…) I put my piercings back in I am surprised Edward never noticed it before but on the other hand he does not love me so… FUCK THAT… I hate the way he still has control over me and is gone!! But oh well life sucks so it should not surprise me. But there is one bright side to my personal hell my best friends have come down.

Skip to 3 years later

I was in the recording room when David came bursting through. "Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, BBBEEELLLAAA!! David screamed. "WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT! CAN YOU NOT SEE I AM WRITING A FUCKING SONG!!" I screamed back. Just then Jason walked in. "hey david stop pissing off my lil sis or I will kick your ass." Jason said. David responds " I honestly didn't mean to sorry bells" " its not your fault… its just this song im righting is really hard cause I got to put all my feelings about Ed…. Him… and its really hard for me to face the past… Fuck…" I say as tears began to cascade down my face. "Shit" I mutter I really hate it when I show any weakness but at least its only in front of these guys, I don't mind all that much when it is in front of the band or the girls. Jason and David look really pissed. "Common Bella forget that damn fucking loser! I hate the way it hurts you at the sound of his name!" David shouts. Then Jason approaches in a softer way "Bella you are amazingly, musically talented you deserve so much better" then he adds "although no guy is good enough for my goddess like lil sis." This makes me laugh. Both guys brake out into a smile. "SOOO! What's the songs name" asks a way to happy David. Now I know what you're thinking me in a band with a whole bunch of guys right. WRONG! I am so not attracted to any of those guys I have known them forever. Jason and I are just that brother and sister relation. It is like that with all the guys. And they are all taken anyways Jason is with my best friend Kristen. David is with my other best friend Noah. Shaun is with Erin. And finally Alex is with Jess. No not Jessica Stanley from forks. Actually Jess is her real name not a nickname. "Earth to Bella" David said. "Oh what??" I replied sorta drifted off to space. "What is the song called " A Vampire Lambent" and "The Crimson". I said. "Hey that sounds pretty awesome! Can I see the lyrics" David said. I hand him the lyrics without a word. "ahh very interesting… ohh nice metaphor ahh…" I then throw a shoe at him "stop being a retard" Me and Jason both say. Now common we got a concert in… like an hour so lets practice this song" Jason says as he proceeds to call Alex and Shaun to come and see the new song so we can practice.

A/N: tell me how the first chapter is. The next one is on how the Cullen's are watching TV when Bella and her band come out playing one of their songs live. And then it is concert time. Please Review I need at least 13 or 14 reviews. Oh and this is what Bella and her bands positions are (I guess you could call them that).

Bella vocals, lead guitarist, and lyrics writer (or whatever you call it)

Jason vocals, guitarist (only plays when he is not singing)

David lead bass guitar

Shaun music writer and guitarist

Alex Drummer and vocals