M for sex.

Very short and to the point.

Kat stepped out of the shower dripping wet, her dark hair a tangle draped around her shoulders, and grabbed a white fluffy towel from the towel rack. She reveled in the warmth and texture of the fabric on her milky skin. Soon fully dried off, she walked naked into the bedroom.

Kat stepped up to her dresser and began picking out a clean pair of underwear and a bra, but Casper had other plans. He stepped out of the shadows of the doorway, and crept as silently as he could to Kat to surprise her. "Won't work," said Kat in a sing-song voice. "You know me too well," said Casper as he buried his face in her wet hair, then began to kiss her shoulders. Kat rolled her eyes. "You smell so fresh," he said. "Not now," she started. But it was too late--Casper had already aroused her desire. She spun around to face him and began to unbutton his shirt, kissing him on the mouth the whole time. Before long, the shirt was off along with the trousers and boxers.

Casper swept Kat up in his arms and placed her on the bed, kissing her ferociously every place on her body he could find. He gently rubbed his hands down the length of her thighs, then swung his legs over her hips. He gently caressed her face before arching into her. She groaned in pleasure as his rhythmic thrusting became faster. After a few exhilarating minutes, it was Kat's turn. She rolled over on top of him and began to thrust, leaving a trail of kisses from Casper's pelvis and up his torso to his face.

Kat laid her head on Casper's chest, listening to the rhythmic beating of his heart. She gave him a kiss, then got up out of bed. "Baby, where are you going?" asked Casper in surprise. "To shower," she replied with a smirk.