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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Welcome to our crazy world

A small boy sat in the middle of the floor rocking back and forth rhythmically. His tiny body swayed to an unheard beat as he slowly rocked. His expression was one of peaceful contentment, his bright blue eyes focusing on one thing only; the spoon he wiggled deftly in his chubby fingers. The world around him did not exist as he rocked and wiggled his spoon.

His mother sat down on the floor next to him, mesmerized by the sight. She reached out and stroked her son's mop of dark curly hair, the result of many haircut refusals, and gasped as the boy jerked away from her as if burned by fire. She pulled her hand back, afraid to incur yet another one of her son's screaming fits. He didn't like to be touched, hadn't since he was a toddler. There was no snuggling with him, no kisses, no tickles, no hugs; only screams. The reality of it brought tears to her eyes.

The boy continued to rock, oblivious to his mother's presence. He stared intently at his spoon from the corner of his eye, the fingers of his right hand keeping the spoon in constant motion. No sights or sounds could distract him from his self-imposed isolation. His mother watched him as he rocked with the quiet concentration of a Zen monk. She found herself beginning to rock along with him. They rocked together, side by side, a tandem unity of fluid motion; together, yet separate.

The boy's father watched from the doorway, his arms crossed. He watched as mother and son sat and rocked. He wasn't used to seeing his wife so still, so caught up in the moment. She picked up a spoon from the floor and began to wiggle it in her fingers exactly as her son did. A tiny smile played on his lips as he watched his wife get lost in their son's peaceful solitude. He found his own breathing slowing to match the rhythm of his son's rocking. Tranquil. Yes, that was the word that came to mind. The scene before him was tranquility at its most poignant.

A pair of tiny arms wrapped around his legs, breaking the moment. He looked down to see his daughter's big blue eyes and happy grin. He ran his fingers through the soft light brown curls that framed his little girl's face, a face that was the image of her mother's. The precocious four- year old scurried into the room to join her twin on the floor. She saw her mommy imitating her brother and figured this was a new game. She wanted to play too. She sat down next to her brother and rocked along with him and their mother.

The boy eventually realized that he wasn't alone in his rocking and spoon flapping. Both mother and sister were there caught up in the moment with him. Suddenly he looked over at his mother. He stopped rocking and looked her straight in the eyes. She sat still, holding her breath, as she gazed into the curious eyes of her son. Then it happened: he smiled! It was brief and fleeting but it was there, a smile of recognition. She cried out and grabbed her boy, kissing him on his pink cheeks. He flinched and looked away. The rocking continued with greater intensity.

The mother stood up and rushed over to where her husband stood. Tears shone in her eyes and a smile brightened her face. She wrapped her arms around her husband and he enveloped her in his loving embrace. He could feel her tears soaking into his flannel shirt as she sniffled. He caressed her long dark curls and pressed a tender kiss to her head as she leaned against his shoulder.

"Luke, he looked at me. He looked right at me and smiled." Lorelai Danes looked up at her husband and gave him a watery smile. "He's in there somewhere. I know he is."

Luke was at a loss for words. He sighed and held his wife while he watched his son rocking, lost in his own little world. The little boy continued to rock, his gaze on nothing in particular, while his twin sister rocked along with him, a happy smile on her face. The hypnotic serenity of the scene playing out before him caused Luke to reminisce. His thoughts traveled back to the moment it all began.

"I can't believe I have to do this again," Lorelai groaned, as she waddled down the hallway of the hospital. "Just because your daughter won't stay head down and keeps turning, I have to go through this agony again!"

"Oh, so now she's MY daughter," Luke argued, as he followed Lorelai to the maternity wing. "It's not my fault that you've got two rambunctious babies in there who won't stay put! Sounds like they take after YOU!"

"Don't start with me Luke," Lorelai seethed. "I've got no ankles. I can't see my feet, let alone reach them. I've got heartburn from hell, and I haven't been able to sleep comfortably in months! I'm tired and cranky, and I'm not looking forward to having two doctors push and shove on my big fat belly just so they can get Rosemary's babies here to move into the proper position for birth! It hurt like hell the last time!"

"You done yelling at me or should I brace myself for round two," Luke growled, as they approached the nurses station in the maternity ward.

"Can't we just go home and let them turn themselves," Lorelai whined, giving the Gilmore pout for good measure.

"No. Now get a grip and let's get these rugrats back where they belong," Luke stated as the nurse looked up.

"Can I help you," the nurse at the desk asked. Lorelai groaned but said nothing.

"My wife is here for her second fetal version in three days," Luke said calmly.

"Name," the nurse inquired, as she looked at her computer screen and prepared to type.

"Lorelai Danes," Lorelai said with a tired sigh.

"Okay Mrs. Danes, come on back and we'll get you prepped and ready for Dr. Rubin," the nurse stated, as she escorted Lorelai and Luke into a nearby room.

Lorelai undressed and put on a gown. She hated being exposed in the back, so she put another gown on backwards to cover her completely. Luke helped her up onto the examining table and she lay back, resting her head on the paper-covered pillow. She felt uncomfortable all morning, crampy and more hormonal than usual. Her lower back hurt so she positioned herself on her side while waiting for her Obstetrician. She was promptly greeted by several strong kicks to the ribs from her stubborn babies. They were in a breech position and apparently refused to turn head down in the birth canal.

"Ah Lorelai, I see you're back again," Dr. Rubin announced, entering the room, file in hand.

"Yes I am," Lorelai replied. "I just can't get enough of this place; the poking and prodding, the cold gel on the belly, the having to pee every five minutes during an exam, oh and my favorite… the thrill of having my huge belly pushed, shoved and twisted, all in an effort to turn these rascals head down into the position for birth. I'm thinking about moving my bed in here, maybe do a little redecorating, hang a few posters on the wall…I need a focal point during labor so why not Bono?"

Dr. Rubin laughed and set down the file on the desk. "Well let's see what we're dealing with before you go hiring redecorators. Now if I could get you to put your feet in the stirrups please…"

"Aw jeez," Luke grumbled, causing Lorelai to giggle. "Do I really have to be in here for this?"

"You really think I'm going to let them squash my baby laden tummy like Play Doh without you here," Lorelai said with raised eyebrows. "Suck it up Cool Hand, I need you."

"Yeah, well the claw marks in my arms and hands still haven't healed from the last time," Luke complained. "You took chunks of flesh out of my forearm, not to mention ripped out quite a bit of hair on said arm so you need to find another masochist to hold your hand."

"You ARE kidding right," Lorelai asked with wide eyes. She turned on the pout full force. "Twenty-six hours of labor with Rory! At least I had breaks between contractions. This was ten minutes of excruciating pain!"

"Well before I can torture you again Lorelai, I'm going to have to do an amniocentesis," Dr. Rubin stated, looking up from a sheet-draped Lorelai. "You're beginning to dilate and I want to make sure your babies' lungs are mature in case you go into labor early."

"But I'm not due for two weeks," Lorelai said, panic beginning to build in her voice.

"It's just a precaution," Dr. Rubin stated calmly. "Your babies are breech and, in this position, if you went into labor, there's a chance the umbilical cord could prolapse and cause complications. I'll do the amniocentesis and then we'll do the fetal version. You stand a better chance of avoiding a c-section if the babies are positioned head down in the birth canal."

"Is it going to hurt," Lorelai inquired pensively.

"Not nearly as much as a fetal version," Dr. Rubin replied smiling. "Don't worry: you'll get a shot of local anesthetic to numb the area. Just relax Lorelai. I'll be right back."

After Dr. Rubin left the room, an ultrasound technician entered, wheeling the ultrasound equipment. She lowered the sheet on Lorelai's waist and lifted the gown up above her burgeoning belly. Lorelai was glad she had followed Maria's advice and used vitamin E lotion on her belly throughout her pregnancy. She was relatively free of unsightly stretch marks. The technician squeezed a blob of blue gel on Lorelai's belly and began to run the ultrasound over the expanse of taut skin.

"Ah! Here we are," the technician stated. "Wanna see your babies?" She turned the monitor screen toward Lorelai and Luke. "Yep, you were right: I see two little babies, lying on their sides, content as can be. This position is called a transverse breech. If we can get them turned head down, and staying head down, you should be able to deliver normally."

Dr. Rubin entered and gave Lorelai a shot of lidocaine in her abdomen at the spot the ultrasound technician felt was safe. Once it was determined where to draw a sample of amniotic fluid that wouldn't interfere with the twins, Dr. Rubin retrieved a syringe with a rather large needle. Luke averted his eyes as Lorelai gripped his hand in a white knuckled show of nervousness. Using the ultrasound as a guide, Dr. Rubin inserted the needle into Lorelai's belly and drew a syringe full of amniotic fluid. Just to appease Lorelai, he placed a Barbie Band-Aid on the incision site.

"I'll be back in a few minutes and we'll begin turning your babies," Dr. Rubin said smiling. He headed off to drop the sample to the lab.

"I really don't want to do this again Luke," Lorelai said softly, her voice trembling.

"It's going to be okay Lorelai," Luke soothed, "I'm going to be right here through the whole thing. I managed to not pass out seeing that ridiculously large needle so I'm good."

"I can't wait to get off this table," Lorelai groaned. "My back is killing me."

Dr. Rubin returned with another doctor and they positioned themselves on opposite sides of Lorelai's expansive belly. The ultrasound technician guided the equipment over Lorelai's abdomen, as the doctors planned out their course of action. They then placed their hands over each baby.

"Are you ready Lorelai," Dr. Rubin announced. Lorelai nodded while trying to do her breathing exercises to calm her nerves.

The doctors began to gently push Lorelai's abdomen, trying to coerce the stubborn babies beneath to move. The pressure became deeper as each baby slowly changed position. Lorelai panted and moaned, while doing her breathing exercises and keeping a death grip on Luke's hands. Luke sat at the head of the table, looking down at Lorelai's red face. She continued to pant as tears slid down her cheeks.

"Stop! Please, it's too much," she panted, choking back a sob. The doctors halted their movements, giving Lorelai a chance to compose herself. Luke brushed the tears from her cheeks and kissed her forehead. When Lorelai was calmer, the doctors continued to push the babies slowly. Lorelai moaned, groaned and grunted while trying to deal with the pain. After several more stops and starts, the procedure was finished. Dr. Rubin watched as the ultrasound technician ran the equipment over Lorelai's friction reddened abdomen. The twins were now head down and not so happy about it.

Lorelai looked over at the monitor and saw her babies writhing and flailing their tiny arms, fists clenched and mouths open in silent protest. She could feel their kicking and punching. It only added to the residual pain she was feeling from the fetal version. Seeing her babies in obvious distress kicked her maternal instincts into high gear and she did the only thing a hormonal mother to be could do: she promptly burst into tears.

"Lorelai, your babies are fine," Dr. Rubin said assuredly. "They're just not too happy right now, but they'll settle down in no time." Lorelai continued to sob. "Take some time to rest. I'll check up on you in a bit and then you can go home," Dr. Rubin remarked.

Lorelai held onto Luke as she wept, finding comfort in the softness of his flannel- covered chest. He kissed her tears away and tenderly rubbed her belly in a circular motion. He could feel his babies' frantic movements beneath. As he gently soothed the aggravated flesh, he could feel the movements calming. He kissed his wife's big belly while he rubbed.

"Now you two settle down," Luke said softly to the baby-laden bump. "Mommy has had a rough time today so don't go worrying her any more than she already is." His response was a hard kick under his hand. He grinned like a little boy and looked up at his wife. Lorelai had stopped crying, but now had a look of panic on her face.

"Luke! My water just broke," Lorelai gasped. She looked down and saw the sheet getting wetter by the second.

"What do you mean your water just broke," Luke repeated in shock.

"Crap! Now I'm having contractions," Lorelai panted. "Go get Dr. Rubin! And call Rory. I need her to bring my bag from home. Luke!"

Luke turned around and rushed to Lorelai's side. "Are you okay?"

"I'm not ready for this, not today," Lorelai said barely above a whisper, her voice trembling. "I thought we'd have more time to prepare. I mean we're having twins Luke. Twins!"

"Everything is going to be fine," Luke said gently. "You've given birth before. I will be right here through the whole thing. Just rest. I'm going to call Rory and your parents and get Dr. Rubin."

Rory Huntzberger sat at her desk, typing her latest article on her computer. She glanced frequently at her notes, wondering if maybe she'd been too extensive in her research. She was always incredibly organized, making pro/con lists, taking detailed notes and printing off tons of information from the Internet. Today was no exception. She glanced at the mounds of paper stacked neatly on her desk and sighed. Since starting her job at the Hartford Courant, she found herself reveling in the work she loved, the work she thought she'd never be able to do again.

She stood up to head to the break room for more coffee when her cell phone rang, startling her. She thought it might be Logan, wanting to meet her for lunch, but the caller ID said otherwise.

"Luke! Hey, what's up," Rory answered.

Rory listened for a moment then ended the call. She called Logan and gathered her things. Her mom was having the twins! She notified her supervisor and headed for the elevator. After all that her mother had done for her in the two years since a car accident nearly took her life, she owed it to her to be there for this big event. She waited out front for Logan to pick her up.

The waiting room in the maternity ward of St. Joseph's Hospital was soon filled with family and friends. Emily and Richard Gilmore paced the floor, impatiently waiting for news of their daughter. Rory and Logan arrived with Lorelai's bag from home. Sookie left Jackson home with their kids: she wouldn't miss her best friend giving birth for anything. After all, Lorelai had been there for the births of her three kids. She was so determined to be there for her friend that she left work early, letting Manny take care of preparing dinner at the Dragonfly.

Lorelai's labor was slow to progress. Her contractions were strong and yet, after many hours, there was little dilation. Luke never left her side. He sat behind her in the bed and she leaned against him, exhausted after each contraction. He stroked her hair, kissed her cheeks, and rocked her gently in his arms between contractions to sooth her. She moaned and occasionally cried softly. Every fiber of her being was wracked with pain. Luke gave her some ice chips to suck on. She gave him a wry smile, as she was too exhausted to pelt anyone with them.

"Ah! God! Get them out, get them out, get them out," Lorelai groaned, as another strong contraction bore down.

"You're doing fine, Lorelai," Dr. Rubin said, looking up from his position at the end of the bed. "You're dilated to five centimeters now. I can see a head in the birth canal. It shouldn't be long now."

"Ah, no, something's wrong," Lorelai grunted. She felt the urge to push but she knew it wasn't time. "I need to push."

"I want you to hold back Lorelai," Dr. Rubin stated. "Keep breathing. It's not time. I'll tell you when you can push."

"Ah! Luke!" Lorelai cried out as a sharp pain tore through her.

"I'm here. I'm not going anywhere," Luke said, leaning close to her ear.

Lorelai screamed as another searing pain ripped through her abdomen. Dr. Rubin jumped up and alerted the nursing staff to prepare an operating room. Lorelai looked down and saw blood soaking the top of the sheet that was draped over her lower half. She screamed, alerting Luke who also saw the blood and had to fight the urge to vomit. He felt light headed as he tried to listen to Dr. Rubin. He heard the words 'ruptured placenta' and 'heart rates dropping'. The room began to spin.

Lorelai was rushed into the OR for an emergency c-section. By the time Luke was gowned and masked Lorelai had been put under anesthesia, the mask covering her nose and mouth. Luke stood helplessly nearby, trying not to get in the way. Within minutes he heard the cries of his newborn, a boy. He cut the umbilical cord and watched as the team of doctors and nurses quickly cleaned his son and wrapped him up. Next came the cries of his new daughter.

Luke briefly held his new babies, one in each arm, as he looked over at an unconscious Lorelai. He kissed his wife's cheek, tears rolling down his face.

"You did it hon, you did it," He whispered into her ear. "They're so beautiful Lorelai. Our babies are here. Welcome to our crazy world kids," Luke cooed, kissing tiny cheeks.

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