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In the midst of Link trying to find Sheik in Termina, he hit one major detour. One that included the moon, a familiar tune, and approximately three days to live. He had jumped time more than in his past, and had been turned into a deku scrub, a goron, a zora, and finally something he never thought could exist. He shivered in his skin just thinking about the amount of power the Fierce Deity held and the blood lust that warped his mind when the mask was on.

Despite it all, it was worth it. He had saved Clock Town and Termina from the wrath of the moon and Majora's Mask. In turn, he had saved Sheik as well.

But one of the most satisfying things that came from his heroics was reuniting Kafei and Anju.

He had squirreled between the two, acting as their messenger until the day came that they finally met with each other in the small room of the inn. They wouldn't remember it, of course, because a few seconds later Link would have to play the Song of Time, lest the moon crash down upon the happy moment. But time after time he had gotten them back together and the final outcome was him, in all his Hylian child glory, sitting front seat to the small wedding that had been planned all along.

Kafei now stood tall, having been changed back to his adult form. With Skullkid released from Majora's Mask, Kafei was able to turn back. But, as it turns out, the magic of the mask was only released halfway. Kafei was forced to have a body of a teenager until they traveled to the Great Fairy. She had smiled gleefully, and then changed Kafei back to his adult form. With that, she also gave Anju a potion just to make sure he did not revert back under stress.

Link chuckled under his breath when he saw Kafei hiccup from the last dose of the potion.

The older man, Link admitted, was beautiful. Long dark purple hair curled around his ears and the locks framed a pair of ruby red eyes. Eyes that looked so familiar. His skin was pale, not nearly as tan as other Sheikahs. Oh yes, Kafei was Sheikah. Link's heart warmed at the thought. That's why he possessed the familiar red eyes, he had found out. You would not think it, but Kafei, Madame Aroma, and Mayor Dotour had once lived in Snowhead, which again thrilled Link to know since Sheik had said he lived there. The family had moved to Clock Town simply because of harsh conditions in the mountains, and in turn had left their Sheikah culture behind.

That didn't change anything though, as Kafei stood at the alter waiting for Anju to walk down the aisle. Kafei was still a Sheikah.

He held his Sun Mask in hand shakily, but his smile was confident. He had abandoned his snobby character for this one day; he was all smiles. Maybe it was because the parents had refused to come to the wedding—they had hoped that with the falling moon and Kafei's disappearance the wedding would be called off and were very much disappointed to hear it was back on.

Kafei was still a Sheikah. He had the eyes and the intuition to prove it.

Link looked over his shoulder and pushed himself up against the chair to watch Anju walk down the small aisle. The small group that had been invited to the wedding cooed wondrously because, again Link had to admit, Anju was beautiful. In a dress that flowed down to her knees, she walked, holding the Moon Mask to her chest. Her lips trembled happily.

Link would wait until after their honeymoon to let himself tremble happily. He didn't want to ruin this, despite how much he wanted to find Sheik.


Anju quirked her head to the side cutely and Kafei just rolled his eyes. "We can't leave the inn to its lonesome. Someone has to take care of it." She flipped aimlessly through some pages of the guestbook. All nice comments; no one had nothing to complain about. Not that there were many people to complain in the first place.

"What about your honeymoon," Link pleaded. "I could take care of the inn!" Anju's mom had given the inn to Anju herself, not wanting to deal with Kafei's snotty attitude all the time.

"Oh but Link, you've done so much for us already."

"Besides, kid, you can't do everything even if you think you can." Kafei twirled his hair between his fingers and tched. "We'll get some alone time, so don't worry about it. Taking care of the inn is just something we have to do." Anju kissed his cheek softly and he smirked.

Anju perked up for a moment. "Oh Link, I was wondering! Where—where are you living?"

Link froze. He honestly had been sleeping out in Termina Field, taking baths in river water and cleaning his clothes by the cleaner side of the swamp. He didn't want to bother Cremia or Romani and he certainly didn't want to bother Anju and Kafei. He was happy sleeping out in the woods; it was like Kokiri forest. He just hadn't thought of how the two would react to him sleeping as such. "Uh…"

The young woman's eyes widened and she suddenly grabbed Link to her chest in a tight embrace. "You poor thing! You've been sleeping all alone with no shelter this whole time haven't you!?" She cradled him against her breasts and Link could swear her heard Kafei chuckle maliciously from the side. "Oh Kafei," She cooed, still holding Link tightly. "I know we hadn't agreed on it just yet, but we must let Link stay with us! He's done so much for us after all."

Kafei shrugged, closing his eyes. "Hey, I never said no. He can stay for as long as he wants."

Anju beamed.

"But I think you're suffocating him."

And Link coughed.

Anju left to make dinner, leaving the two alone. Kafei was behind the counter, thumbing through the reserves book. Like usual, the inn would be quiet until carnival came again. A perfect time for him and Anju to relax together, Link really had nothing to worry about. Kafei smirked and wafted some of his long bangs away from his face. It was cute how he was worrying about them, but Kafei… he could tell something else was bothering Link. He was awfully nervous about it too.

Even as Link dusted around the loose furniture with a cloth, Kafei could see it. Link was just dying to ask him something. Not Anju and him, but Kafei in particular. Kafei had to wonder what it was to get this kid so flustered. When he had met him in the back of the Curiosity shop, Link had seemed so sure of himself. His blue eyes gleamed with every word the purple-haired man had said. And he had left in a confident rush as if reuniting Kafei and Anju was secretly his life mission. His actions were very precise for a ten-year old kid and Kafei knew there was much more to Link than anyone in Termina knew.

Well, most everyone.

"Hey kid."

Link looked over his shoulder again and his hand paused over whatever he was dusting. "Yea?"

"Why don't you go ahead and ask me whatever it is that's bothering you?"

The Hylian flushed all the way up to his ears, making Kafei laugh at his embarrassment. Cute, cute, cute.

"I uh… Kafei, you're a Sheikah right?" Kafei nodded and Link tried to continue. "And you lived in Snowhead."

"For the lot of my life, yup." The older man scratched his chin, wondering where Link was going with this. This couldn't be all that was bothering him.

"I was wondering… if you knew a Sheik, by chance." The boy's name slipped off his tongue and he tried to pull it back quickly. As if, just saying his name would jinx all hopes of finding his lost love. Link's blush still ran rampant across his cheeks as he sat down on the seats across from the counter. Kafei hadn't said anything yet, but he looked pensive.

And then he reacted. Red eyes lit up in recognition. "Sheik! Yea! He was just a squirt when I left. But, yea, he was a good kid from my old Sheikah clan in Snowhead. Used to call me 'big brother.'" Kafei smiled and Link faltered. He knew that Kafei would only smile for people he really liked. "You know… I mailed him about the wedding. Sent two letters, one to Snowhead and one to where he had once lived in your land. But the moon messed up time—and then Hyrule is in a different time zone, so I don't know if they got through."

Link frowned and the blush slowly started to fade. Not only did the moon mess up time, but so did Link's seven year time jump. That's why Sheik had gotten the letter after he had aged. The young Hylian cradled his cheeks in his hands and he closed his eyes wearily. He hadn't seen Sheik at the wedding… and when he had gone up to Snowhead, there had been no sign of Sheik either. He had been all throughout Termina; where could he be?

Discomfort settled into his stomach.

There was a list of things that could have happened to his beloved Sheikah, and the list started with 'he lied.' Two words; simple and to the point. Sheik hadn't waited for him, or Sheik was no longer in Termina like he said he would be. It was all a lie.

Kafei noticed that the young Hylian was on the brink of tears and Anju had walked up behind him from the kitchen. He knew that the last thing his wife wanted to see was this kid cry, so he forced a warm smile. "Hey! How about this! I will send off letters to where he normally hangs out. Surely he's somewhere." He had to admit that he found Link's 'boy crush' on Sheik a little amusing. He wouldn't ask how the two knew each other.

Anju placed her hands on her husband's shoulders and smiled. "We can send them off right away. The mailman owes me one."

No one asked her why.

And later that day four letters were sent off in an attempt to find Sheik.

Several weeks later Link abandoned his Hylian clothes and adopted a more Terminan style of dressing. It wasn't a drastic change; he just lost the green cap he wore and the tunic. His hair had gotten longer through the time warps so he pulled it back into a short pony tail. Instead of the tunic, he wore a dull green, loose shirt that peaked in the mouth, through the sleeves and on the sides near the hem. Each cut had a dark string criss-crossed in an 'x' holding the flaps together. He had decided he rather liked shorts and wore a baggy pair of beige ones. They matched the brown shoes that mimicked Kafei's yellow ones.

He was outside the Stock Pot Inn, taking a break before he went back inside to complete his chores. Anju had insisted, so he found his pleasures in playing with the scruffy dog that had once chased him down as a deku scrub.

Kafei hadn't been seen since the morning.

The dog wagged its tail happily and Link honestly had the thought to whip out Bremen Mask. It was a strangely addicting mask and Link found that he enjoyed marching around with the animals. Link ran his fingers through the dog's long hair and his ears perked at the sound of someone walking up behind him.

Several weeks later and there had been no word from Sheik.

"Hey Link!"

Several weeks later Kafei was behind Link holding a sheet of paper that started with curly handwriting that spelled 'Big brother Kafei.'

Link felt himself smile widely. He jumped up to snatch the paper away but Kafei held it above him and out of his reach. "Hey hey, this letter is addressed to me."

Link gave him a dirty look.

"But I'll tell you what it says," Kafei cleared his throat and turned the letter to read it. "Big brother Kafei. I'm sorry I missed the wedding, but I seem to have found the love of my life deep in the cold willow of Snowhead. I'm afraid I won't be coming to Clock Town because the Head priestess has called it fate that we should fall in love. We ourselves are going to get married--"

Link kicked his shin. "You dirty liar!"

Kafei could only laugh. Of course he was a dirty liar; Sheik was like, nine. The kick hadn't hurt and he was in good spirits; his mother hadn't bothered him with mindless rumors lately.

"All right, chill, you little brat. I'll tell you what it really says." The older man ignored the glare he was getting. "Big brother Kafei. I'm sorry I missed the wedding. While I did get note of it, I was waiting for someone. But I fear I have missed him," Link cheeks tinged pink and he had to fight the urge to smile even brighter. "It will take me a couple days, but I will come to Clock Town immediately. I can't wait to see you again and to meet Miss Anju. Sheik. That kid is always so formal." Kafei tsked and handed the letter to Link.

The Hylian held it in his hands numbly. They were Sheik's words. All of them.

It was dusk.

Anju was about ready to close up the inn when the door creaked open and one short boy walked in. She quirked her head to the side from the counter as she looked at the unfamiliar boy.

A small boy with wide red eyes and spiky blonde hair had walked into the main room. Those eyes of his scanned the room curiously and he seemed to ignore Anju taking in his appearance. He was short, probably nine or ten years old. His skin was tanned, bringing out the blonde in his hair. And his clothes were simplistic, something she hadn't seen around Clock Town before. Bandages covered the boy's wrists and ankles, with small shoes at his feet and a simple pair of beige shorts covering his legs. His shirt was layered in two. The bottom was dark blue with short sleeves that frayed at the hem. And the top layer, she noted was sleeveless, the openings for his arms also frayed as well. And then she caught two very important details. The shirt rose up to a small cowl. Not as drastic as ones she had seen before; this one only covered to about his bottom lip. On the shirt a bright emblem blazed at her; one single eye cried on his shirt as he continued to look around warily.


The bag at his side was the only other confirmation she needed.

Anju's cheeks tinged pink and she tried not to smile as much as she wanted. "Hello! You- you must be Sheik!"

The boy perked up and then blinked at her a couple times. His red eyes crinkled and his lips curled up into a warm smile. "And you must be Anju. It's nice to finally meet you." He swept some of his spiky locks behind his ear.

"It's so late," she noted as steps became louder behind her. "Did you just arrive?" She then heard Kafei gasp and he started trotting to around the corner to reach Sheik.

Sheik nodded. "I got caught up in the mountains. Ever since the moon stopped acting up, the blizzards started. It's like the mountains are trying to adjust to a sense of normalcy again."


The younger Sheikah flinched when he heard his name called so loudly. But when he turned, he couldn't have been any happier. "Big brother." Kafei kneeled down before him and ruffled his hair softly. "It's been a while, huh kid?" Sheik nodded and Kafei looked up at Anju. "I see you met Anju."

"She's lovely."

"Isn't she?"

Anju broke out in a case of the giggles and a bright blush rose into her cheeks. "Kafei! Instead of flattering me, isn't there something you should be doing?"

"Oh yea. Before we catch up, Sheik, you have to see something."

Sheik quirked his head to the side curiously. Something he had to see…? He planned to stay here for a couple weeks, couldn't it wait? He was kind of tired. But he didn't have a chance to say anything before Kafei grabbed onto his covered wrist and softly tugged him along. He heard Anju giggling still behind the counter.

Kafei dragged them past the stairs and down a hallway that led to the room where Anju's grandmother had once lived. She had moved out when Anju's mom had given the inn to them. And now someone else was staying there. Kafei's ears twitched every so often, picking up the sound of movement from within the room. Good, so the kid was awake.

He nudged Sheik's shoulder. "Go on. Knock on the door."

The younger boy gaped at his clan-mate, his upper lip visibly rising above his cowl. What was Kafei doing, bothering a guest like this? And Anju had agreed to it? What were they planning? "I don't know, big brother." He eyed the door in scrutiny. Kafei was kind of a 

trickster, maybe something was hanging on the ledge as a 'welcome back' sort of prank. His blonde eyebrows quirked as he thought of all the possibilities.

The purple-haired man tsked and he put his hands on his hips vehemently. "It's nothing bad! In fact, I think you'll be quite happy." Kafei honestly didn't know how seeing Link would make Sheik feel. But from the way Link was so happy to hear from him, they obviously had a past together. Kafei was just taking chances now.

And so was Sheik. He hesitantly reached out and knocked on the door with bandaged knuckles.

The movement in the room stopped.

Sheik froze and Kafei grinned.

"Kafei?" Was asked from inside the room. Sheik noticed it was a small voice, high-pitched like a boy who hadn't reached maturity. But it had a familiar ring to it. He looked up at Kafei with questioning eyes.

Kafei ignored him. "Yea?"

"What do you want?"

"Open the door."

"What?!" The voice sounded a little irritated.

Kafei took a couple steps back away from the door and then shouted back. "Just do it!"

There was an annoyed scowl and then a tired sigh, all from the same voice. Sheik noticed Kafei taking more steps backwards as feet reached the door. He also noticed how Kafei was giving him a 'stay there' look. Honestly, this man was only playful with Sheik and Anju. Why was Sheik cursed with such a playful Kafei?

Nonetheless, he stayed in place, but took a step back when the door knob jiggled.

The door swung open.

Blue met red.

And they both gasped.

They had to stare at each other for a moment before reality set in ad they realized just who they were looking at. Link reacted first, of course, being the more rambunctious of the two. He suddenly jumped and Sheik had the common sense to open his arms for him.

Small fingers ran through his hair and hands palmed all over his back as he was embraced by the younger Hylian. It was as if Link was making sure he was really, pressing his hands to the small of Sheik's back and letting his finger tips press against flushed tan skin. Sheik held his arms around Link's waist and he buried his face in the blonde's hair.

Link stood on his tippy-toes as he pulled back with his hands still entwined in the Sheikah's hair. Tears had welled up in both pairs of eyes and Link trembled as he took in Sheik. He loved how Sheik's fingers softly kneaded into his side, pushing the fabric of his shirt in weird positions.

"You- You're tall." Was the first thing he was able to mutter and Sheik closed his eyes contently.

"You'll be taller than me."

"I know. I'm still jealous though."


"I missed you."

"I missed you too, Link."

And Link buried himself in the fabric of Sheik's cowl. Neither noticed Kafei backing away completely.

"You're the one that stopped the moon?"

Link nodded with a spoon halfway in his mouth. He and Sheik were sitting at a small table hidden in the back of the kitchen. In front of them were two bowls of steaming stew that Anju had made. They were enjoying it heartily as it was started to get a mite bit cold in Clock Town. They sat beside each other, both pairs of legs dangling off the sides due to their height.

"I should have figured." Sheik smiled softly and brought his own spoon to his lips. "Always the hero."

Link choked on his stew and turned to give Sheik a playful but taunting look. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, I suppose." The Sheikah boy took the spoon in his mouth to enjoy some of the broth of the stew.

Link let it go and comfortable silence passed over the two. Link stared up at the tiles of the ceiling, not really thinking of anything, as he continued to spoon-feed himself the delicious stew. He didn't notice Sheik looking at him from the corner of his eye. It was really wonderful being around Sheik again; Link loved it. It was totally different than before, since Link was no longer on some epic journey and Sheik no longer had to be so secretive. They could be much more open with each other… well, about as open as a ten-year old and an eleven-year old can get.

They were finding out new things about each other too. Small things, but they were so important to each other. Like, Sheik was allergic to dogs. He started sneezing uncontrollably when Link got near him with the pooch from town.

"Hey Link…"

Sheik broke him away from his thoughts. The Hylian made a quirky grunt from the back of his throat to acknowledge the Sheikah.

He seemed very distant for a split second, Sheik did. His red eyes glazed over as he asked the question brimming on his mind. "Do you ever think of… of going back to Hyrule?"

Link quirked his head to the side and his spoon hovered in front of his mouth. "Well yeah. To visit Zelda and Saria, but I don't know besides that. I rather like it in Termina. I don't really have a home in Hyrule now, anyways."

"What about the Kokiri?"

"I'm going to grow up someday," Link chuckled. "I would only be able to stay there for so long. Why do you ask?" He leaned towards Sheik curiously.

Sheik stared down at his soup, the reflection of his red eyes quivering in the liquid as he moved his spoon around. "I don't think I would go to Hyrule unless you were." He was a lot shyer when he was young, than he was older. He flinched when Link's hand suddenly cupped his cheek to turn him. His face curved so he was facing Link and he flushed violently when Link leaned in a place a gentle kiss on his lips.

"I'm not going anywhere. Not now that I've found you."

With that, Sheik found himself smiling widely and a bright blush rose up into his cheeks. Unrestrained, he threw his arms around Link in a bout of rushed emotion. Link gasped, certainly not expecting that, and his arms flailed about wildly as the stools they were sitting on wobbled unevenly. So unevenly that they toppled over with a large crash.

Link ignored the giggle fit he heard from the counter and just focused on Sheik in his arms.

Yes, he had found him. Just like he had promised.