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Full Summary: Naruto was chosen to be Mrs. Uchiha's personal doctor but when he arrived to accomplish his business at the mansion, he never thought that he would be bound to become the fiancée of the terribly dangerous, horribly popular, and stunningly handsome Uchiha Sasuke—the President of the great gangster organization in Japan.



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Title: A Gangster's Way

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chapter One xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chapter One xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Stretch of shadows loomed all around the white painted walls, the cream velvet couch, the dim gray desk, and on the figure wearing a long medical coat—lying over the clinic bed of his private office. No thick rays of light lingered towards different directions of the room except for the Venetian blinds, covering the rectangular windows, which were all rolled down. The room was also in a tranquil silence with only the echoes of the ticking wall clock provided sounds inside it. Tan-ish eyelids trembled. It stopped. Then after a second, slowly, the most clear and sparkling blue eyes—being shadowed by long, curled up golden eyelashes and strands of flaxen messed-up-styled hair—were revealed. The silent atmosphere greeted him and the dim lit room came to his view. At last as realization took him, he fully opened his eyes to look at his quiet surroundings. He sat up, holding his head as if to support it from swaying and walked towards his personal desk.

Rubbing his eyes carefully, he picked up the spectacles from the table and wore it slightly low upon his nose bridge. He fixed the consultation papers, piled the patients' profiles, and kept the pad of medical certificate in his desk drawer before securing it with his key lock. He wore off his medical gown and laid it over his black leather chair, grabbing his leather case as he did so. With a last glance at the clock—which pronounced that it was already past ten in the morning—he went out of his office and locked it after putting on his navy blue coat and fixing his tie.

Before he could fully pass his assistant's room, a sound of a door being slammed over the wall made him suddenly halt. High-heeled shoes tapped the marble floor as a pink-haired woman approached the blonde man.

"Doctor Naruto Uzumaki, didn't you go home to your house last night again?!" The emerald eyes that his assistant possessed were fiery.

"Uhh…yeah." Naruto tried to smile at her but it failed because of the blatant signs of exhaustion his face showed. Dark shadows colored each part of skin under his half-open eyes. His usual rosy lips were terribly almost out of blood as well as his pale tan skin. Even his good body built went a little frail under the contours of his clothes.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to over pressure yourself in the hospital? You are our Director; therefore, you must stay in a good shape." Her eyes melted down to an anxious look.

"But I have to do the successive operations and surgeries that require my effort. I can't fail the patients, Sakura."

"You didn't go home for a week and only had merely an hour to rest everyday. As the Assistant Director, I can't risk your health.

"I know. That's why I'm going home now. I'll just take a whole day off. It's enough to gain my energy." Naruto gave her a smile the same as lately.

"No. Not only one day." She shrugged. "Don't worry, all of our doctors here will work hard for you. Have a long rest." This time Sakura's eyes softened and then smiled at her best friend waving for his leave.

After seeing Naruto's retreating figure gone, she dug for her mobile phone from the side pocket of her medical gown as it vibrated and continuously rang.

"Mr. Umino?" Sakura spoke after raising up her phone to her ear.

"Sakura, may I please have a word with you? I'm at the coffee shop of your hospital." The voice on the other line seemed quite reluctant.

"Ummm…What is it about Mr. Umino?" Sakura asked.

"I'll tell you about it on our conversation. I'll be waiting." Iruka hanged the phone and glanced at the guy beside him.

Sakura thought for awhile and then later, instructed a nurse to do something for her before going down to attend to the request of her best friend's guardian.

"Director!" A soft voice called. Then a woman with pale ash eyes and long, silky black hair came running to him from the personnel's parking lot elevator.

"Hinata, are you going in for work?"

"Yes, Director."

"Hinata, how many times do I have to remind you that I want you to call me Naruto…or do you want me to call you Dr. Hyuuga that's why you're formal with me?" Naruto flashed the same tired smile he gave to Sakura.

"No. It's not that…N—Naruto." She observed the Director's obvious condition and frowned. "I heard from Dr. Haruno that you didn't have much rest for the past week. I'm glad you're going home now. I—I mean, I'm happy that you decided to rest from work." She blushed as she spoke while the blonde sat on the driver's seat of his car.

"Thanks for your concern. I'll definitely use this day for my rest. I'll have to go back to the hospital immediately anyway." Naruto waved at her before automatically closing his window and turning to the last corner side for the exit gate.


Naruto slowly opened his eyes as he heard the continuous roaring buzz of his doorbell. A line of light struck his face, waking him up further to welcome the nice greetings of the morning. For a week without a bed, not enough appetite to eat, no time for rest or any sleep, and now finally having a time to regain, this new day gave him a bright kind of energy. Though it didn't made him fully recover. He sat up and rubbed his eyes before grabbing his spectacles and rolling out of bed to get the door. The ringing stopped as Naruto was going to hold the knob. Then two familiar voices and one different voice made him wonder about the unexpected visit. After a few moments when he was going to turn on the intercom (with LCD) of his house to check for the faces of his visitors, the ringing started again. Instead, he opened the door.

"Good Morning!" Sakura greeted animatedly, moving inside and letting her two other acquaintances in the house without the permission of its owner. She faced Naruto and answered his curious expression.

"What took you so long? And—why are you being four-eyed again? I thought your vision is better when I last went with you to our ophthalmologist. Didn't Dr. Hyuuga say that?" She commented first before explaining the presence of his guardian and his friend.

"You know I have to go down from the third floor and I gave my housekeeper a day off. About my eyes…my sight goes blurry sometimes." He shrugged. "But—but anyway, why are you here?" He pointed out his guardian and the man with him.

"Aren't you going to let us sit first?" When the blonde was going to offer them the huge couch, Sakura waved her hands. "I'm just kidding. It's not needed since we're going out for lunch."

Naruto glanced at his silver watch.

"Get ready and be fast. I'll wait for you but the two gentlemen will be ahead now." She gestured something to the two retreating males who were now at the door, closing it behind them.

"Sakura, what's the meaning of this?" Naruto looked at her behind the thick semi-rectangular shape of his spectacles.

"We'll propose something for you to do. It's more like a grave request though. Hara…hara…" Sakura waved her hand.

"Let's just talk about it later. Fix yourself fast alright! Don't make me wait too long. My stomach is already complaining!" She said while pushing her best friend towards the stairs.

"Naruto, he is Mr. Kakashi Hatake." Sakura introduced the silver-haired man that was sitting beside her best friend's guardian, Iruka.

"Please to meet you Naruto-sensei." Kakashi reached his hands towards the New York's youngest hospital director.

"Naruto sen…sei?" Naruto repeatedly softly, a hint of irritation blended with the tone of his voice. He was just staring at the hand absent-mindedly.

"Uhh. Naruto, Kakashi is a very special friend of mine and I am hoping for you to help him." Iruka was the one who spoke for he noticed the silence that visited his master's son. He and Sakura both knew the unrelenting impression of Naruto towards Japanese people.

"About the request, our organization has decided to get a skillful doctor for our lady. She is ill and others doctors are giving up on—" Kakashi's words ceased when Naruto interrupted.

"If other doctors have given up on her, what makes you think that I wouldn't do the same?"

Sakura's eyes widened from her best friend's words. Iruka, on the other hand, stared at him in pure disbelief and disappointment.

"You are known to be the youngest doctor who became a director of New York's greatest and main hospital. And we belie—" Once again, his words died out because of Naruto's retort.

"Would you not prefer an older doctor then? They probably would have made more experience and knowledge about your lady's illness. And doesn't Japan have great doctors as well? I mean…your country is an indepen—"

"Director!" Sakura cut his words and looked at Kakashi for him to continue. She gripped Naruto's hand when he attempted to speak again.

"The main request is that you will become her private doctor and will always personally nurse her whenever the illness attacks."

"Are you saying that I will stay in your man—" Sakura tightened her grip. Naruto threw her a glare.

"Yes. You have to fly with me to Japan and stay there until your services are required."

"How come he could speak so confident like that? His words are not fit for a request but an order!" Naruto thought as he glowered at the Japanese, silver-haired man.


"I can't believe I'm doing this…How can I mingle with Japanese people?" Naruto's temple creased as he glanced at the guy beside him. He shrugged his irritation and hissed to let the guy right next to him to notice how reluctant he was. Kakashi looked at him and met up with the doctor's what-are-you-looking-at stare. When he went back to the book he was reading, Naruto huffed by the man's ignorance and snorted at the window. His behavior is becoming unprofessional, he thought and sighed.

Somehow, as he gazed t the mist curtain clouds passing fast his window side, he felt nervous being far from his friends and the place where he grew up and successfully reached his goals. He also felt nervous about landing on the country which gave him memories he will never treasure.

"Grab and fix Naruto-sensei's cases and prepare him a bath." Kakashi commanded the butler and shifted his attention to instruct another command.

"Prepare good food for dinner, a feast maybe. The boss would be home early and he will have a 'special' guest." The woman servant bowed and walked away to attend on her task with the help of the others.

"Naruto-sensei, please follow him. He will lead you to 'your' room." Kakashi bowed politely and left.

"He acts like as if he is the manager of this mansion. How can one family own something as large as this estate? What organization do they control anyway?" Naruto sighed.

The room was enormous and elegant. Though it was full of beautiful furniture, the style was designed for a man's liking. The bed was almost queen-sized and the sheets and pillow cases were made of costly silk cloths. The lamp beside his bed was fashioned in some unique curving and the golden stand was circularly twisted. It looked like a gold spiral wave balancing a rare-looking Japanese parasol.

The steam of the hot water touched Naruto's skin as he entered the bathroom. Like what Kakashi had instructed, the maids prepared him a very good and relaxing bath. The aroma of the soap hugged his skin and stayed even when he wiped himself with a blue felt-towel and went out to change for the evening. He wore a beige dinner jacket to match his white polo long-sleeved shirt underneath it. He went out of the room and paused to ask one of the maids attending the other rooms on the second floor.

"Uhh…uhh…do you know—where is the lady's…room?" Naruto strived to speak in broken Japanese. He had learned how to speak a little of the Japanese language before his mom died and somehow, he could still remember some phrases and words.

"Mrs. Uchiha's room? It is the last room in this floor, the biggest one, Naruto-sensei." The maid answered.

"Arigato." Naruto spoke and headed for the ill-lady's room.

Naruto knocked the door softly.

"Ah yes! It's open. Exactly…I was about to ring the—" The slightly weak-looking woman stopped as she gazed, with so much interest, the good looking male who just entered her room politely. Her unchanging beautiful long silky raven hair fell on her shoulders when her grip loosened from it and her bright-looking eyes that matched the color of her hair glinted. Her face flushed with sudden great enthusiasm to know the male who just got inside her room. Looking at the elegant golden hair he possessed, the lady Uchiha assumed that he was a foreigner.

"What's your name, dear?" Naruto looked up at her in surprise when she spoke in English.

"I—I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I'm sorry if I have bothered you because of my visit. I will be your doc—"

"Your name is Naruto…Oh what a cute name!" The lady Uchiha beamed, her face was flushed with happiness.

"At last I was able to meet you!" She coughed after the last word of her sentence came out. Naruto immediately ran to her and supported her to calm the coughing.

"Are you alright Mrs. Uchiha? Wait, I'll get my medica—" Naruto stood up to get back to his room and get his medical case, but was stopped by the weak hand that grabbed his wrist.

"No. I'm alright. I'd like you to stay here with me until my son comes. I wonder why he did not immediately introduce you to me. You're so adorable to be forgotten by him." She sighed. "My stupid son."


"Who is the son she's talking about? Is that Kakashi? No…no…his surname is Hatake and he's a bit old to be this lady's son."

"Could I ask about your current feelings? Any pain or unusual feelings…I need to check your condition." Naruto started, thinking about excusing himself first to get his medical case so he could start his job early.

"Aren't you a very caring child…You would really be a great spouse. I'm so happy he found someone like you." She smiled warmly at Naruto who was starting to get puzzled by her words.

"Ahh…a good spouse? Ye—yeah…maybe. Thanks for saying that. Now, let me please know what you're feeling right n—"

The door suddenly opened and interrupted Naruto's words. For a few swift strides, a tall man revealed himself to the two persons who were in the room. His possessed the same brilliance as his mother's and the same beautiful raven hair crowned the stunningly handsome face of the man. His face was kind of sharp but the gentleness can also be noticed through the nice features. His skin was pale and smooth; his toned and dignified built pronounced the high pride of his family's name and success.

"Sasuke, baka son! Why are you late? Didn't you tell me that you're gong home early? And worst, to let your fiancée introduce 'himself' without you!" The lady Uchiha, Mikoto, held up Naruto's slender hand. "And where is the ring? How cruel of you to disregard the presence of the engagement symbol. Naruto-kun was even shy to approach me lately." She pouted at Naruto—who was silence the whole time she spoke.

The two male exchanged looks, although the raven kept himself composed as he looked at his mother—who must've mistaken something; then shifted his gaze to the male—who was looking uneasy and totally baffled.

All the surprising and unbelievable words that Naruto heard from Mikoto flooded in his mind together as he was hypnotized by the dangerous beauty of the other male standing in front of him. Naruto's eyes were staring at him curiously—as if in need of someone who would be able to prove that he was terribly dreaming.



"Engaged to her son?"

"Is she nuts…or is she referring to someone?"

"Is her illness being crazy?"

"Uhh…I think you made a huge mistake Mrs. Uchiha. I'm a doctor…you're doctor (this was vaguely heard) I'm not bound to your s…s—" Naruto stuttered dreadfully because of the shock he just encountered and his words ceased when the deep, relaxing but frightening—(for Naruto)—voice of Sasuke interrupted him and brought him to the edge by saying these words,

"I'm sorry mother…that I wasn't able to come with my fiancée as you may well please." He gave a seductive look towards the blonde,

Naruto's mind panicked because of the fast events.

"I'm sorry Naruto…give me your hand." The raven smirked when he took the limped delicate hand (the left hand) of the doctor and slid a sparkling ring to his finger. The doctor's mind started to swirl when he felt the warm hand and knew he wasn't dreaming for certain.

The ring reflected its glittering shine on Naruto's exquisite glowing sapphire eyes…And for a moment, his vision was blocked with darkness. Then he felt strong arms wrapping them around him comfortingly.


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