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Full Summary: Naruto was chosen to be Mrs. Uchiha's personal doctor but when he arrived to accomplish his business at the mansion, he never thought that he would be bound to become the fiancée of the terribly dangerous, horribly popular, and stunningly handsome Uchiha Sasuke—the President of the great gangster organization in Japan.



Italicized words: Japanese language

Underlined words: Character thoughts

Normal: English

Title: A Gangster's Way

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chapter Seven xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chapter Seven xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sasuke threw his keys on the desk beside his bed. He loosed his tie with his index finger as he sat down on his cradle. Slowly, he sighed…he breathed—inhaled and exhaled. His eyebrows creased when another striking pain throbbed in his head. He was aware that he was tired. But being a workaholic doesn't mean that he would stop working or cancel any meetings he has to attend to just to have a rest.

It is a necessity to trash away all of his leisure time.

He sighed again, raising his left hand and catching his swaying head. He cursed under his breath, closing his eyes. The headache was irritating. Even as he attempted to massage his head, the pain won't go off. He also tried to move his shoulders, together with his arms in a circular motion. But it was no use for he still cannot feel relaxed.

"Crap…this sucks." He waved his head.

He opened his lamp shade to see if his vision was still clear. He closed his eyes, once again trying if his sight wouldn't waver. After a few moments of sitting still, Sasuke stood up to approach the door. He leaned his head over its smooth surface, controlling to hold his stance, before opening the door with his hand covering his whole face.

"Uhh…Sasuke…?" He heard someone whisper—its tone was worried and a little bit hesitant.

Sasuke removed his hand from his face and gave a tired look at the person who greeted him silently.

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" He asked, closing his eyes. It was obvious that he was not in the mood for any conversation.

"Hey are you alright?" Naruto caught Sasuke when he stumbled a little. He heard his hiss and touched the raven's neck gently with his palm.

"Your skin is cold." Naruto murmured, his warm breath tickling the surface of the raven's delicate neck.

Sasuke suddenly straightened up. His eyebrows furrowed as he stared at the shining eyes of the blonde before him. Giving him another look, he pushed Naruto out of the way to get out of his room. He ignored the blonde when he muttered something about him being rude and stubborn.

Then a hand grabbed his wrist and began hauling him backwards towards his room.

"What the…." He opened his eyes after being pushed onto his bed.

"What is your problem?!" He growled at the blonde. "Why—" He stopped when he noticed that Naruto wasn't paying attention to him. The doctor was busy pulling out some medicines or some kind of ointments from his case.

"This is annoying…" He rolled his eyes. He stood up and headed for his door again, not caring if the blonde was already there to give him some remedy. Before he was able to twist the knob, Naruto called him.


Sasuke turned to him and then suddenly Naruto injected something on his neck, causing him to flinch towards the door.

"What the fuck?! What are you doing?" Sasuke held the pricked part of his neck. It wasn't stinging, but the fact that the doctor unexpectedly injected something to him made him react violently.

He glared at the doctor.

"It'll soon take effect." Naruto smiled. "Why don't you go to bed?" He said, gesturing Sasuke to follow what he said. "Come on." Naruto repeated flatly when he only received a bored look.

Finally, after a few moments, Sasuke submitted to the blonde's request. He sat up on his bed, seeing if Naruto would stay. But the blonde walked towards the door and so he decided to go ahead and sleep. He can feel the slow effect of the medicine that was injected to him; whatever it is. When he pulled the hem of the blanket up to his shoulder level, he heard something 'click'.

He pushed himself up a little, using his elbow to lean it against his pillow. He was surprised when he saw Naruto approaching him.

"It's ok. I'll make you relax." Naruto murmured.

Sasuke's eyebrow rose.

"I already locked the door so don't worry." Naruto smiled.

"What do you mean you locked the door?" Sasuke was confused about the blonde's strange behavior, but he sounded more like a nervous kid.

"Don't be stubborn and don't move, understand?" Naruto said before pushing Sasuke flat on his stomach over the bed. He pulled away his blanket and realized that the raven was still in his suit. He slid his hands under Sasuke's body, looking like as if he was hugging him. Then he started unbuttoning his coat—his long sleeves afterwards.

Sasuke noticed that his body was starting to feel warm because of the blonde's innocent touches. He started to realize his own tiredness and made himself relax as the blonde began to massage his back.

"So that's what it is…" Sasuke thought.

"Sorry…that it was only then that I decided to give you some therapy." Naruto was saying when Sasuke turned to face him, causing the blonde to lose his balance.

He fell over the raven in an awkward position.

"Eh…sorry…" He murmured, pushing himself up, away from Sasuke as fast as he could. But a swift hand pinned his right arm; locking it over the soft surface of his pillow.


"Ahhh…ahh…" He groaned when Sasuke's touch became hard.

"Sorry…" Sasuke said after noticing that he was pushing Naruto over the bed too hard. He loosed his grip a little but didn't move away from above the blonde. "…but…" He leaned forward, stopping an inch away from Naruto's face when the blonde turned away—his breath becoming shallow. He looked nervous under the heated gaze of Sasuke's dark eyes.

Sasuke smirked.

He continued to lean forward until his lips touched the smooth neck of the blonde. Even when he felt the doctor flinch slightly from the contact, he breathed into it and savored the scent of the skin. He kissed it again and again. But when he wasn't granted of his desire the second time, he forcefully brought the blonde's lips to his.

"Mm…!" The blonde groaned. It's not like he didn't want to do this kind of "still strange" thing, but he was nervous that Sasuke might push him to his limits.

Sasuke pulled away, noticing the stillness of Naruto under him. Naruto's eyes were closed and his cheeks were slightly flushed. He pulled away further to see his face clearly.

"Y—you can go back to your room now." Sasuke muttered, hesitantly.

As he pulled away, loosening his arms from the blonde, he felt Naruto's palms touch his cheeks tenderly. He was surprised that the blonde was smiling at him when his eyes went back to looking at him.

"Please…don't expect too much of me." Naruto said before leaning forward to catch Sasuke's lips in a soft kiss. "But…" He dodged the expression of the raven. He was feeling embarrassed, but regardless of that—"I'll try my best…" He breathed. He didn't know what he was saying. His nervousness has overcome him.

Sasuke didn't wait for anything else after those words were muttered.


There was again that sweet, passionate connection.

They shared it…until the end of the night. Softly….and then deeply….


Sasuke opened his eyes slowly. He wasn't surprised when he saw Naruto sleeping beside him. He actually enjoyed sleeping as his arms were wrapped around the blonde. The warm sensation was relaxing. There was a different but nice feeling to it. And the thing was…it didn't feel strange. It was as if the blonde belonged to the place inside the security of his arms. He can feel that he was protecting something.

But somehow, he felt surprised of himself for he was able to limit his actions. He was able to control his desires towards the doctor—for the night they spent together was only composed of kisses and tender embraces. But even so, it felt amazingly relaxing. It was like a remedy that brought his tiredness to repose.

After a few moments, he stood up when he got a call from Kakashi. He was just informed that his meeting with the president of the new foreign company they'll be exchanging contracts with, will be held at two o'clock in the afternoon.

"You can go ahead Sasuke. I'll just follow after an hour." Naruto smiled as they were walking towards the main door. When Sasuke was going to walk off, he stopped him. "Do you want me to go…?" His tone was hopeful. He knew he always wanted to stay inside the mansion and be a good company and doctor to Mrs. Uchiha, but today—he wanted to see how Sasuke work.

Sasuke didn't reply and instead gave him a smile before going to his car.

Naruto knew what it meant.

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