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My family were driving me absolutely crazy—there was no other word for it.

Because of them I now had six boxes of condoms hidden in my bedside drawer, a splitting headache, and entirely too much confusion on my mind.

Carlisle had just left after seemingly quoting Jasper exactly from our earlier discussion, and my entire face was a permanent shade of red from when he spied the rest of the contents on my drawer.

"Everyone gave them to me, I swear," I told him, thoroughly embarrassed.

"Hm. One from your mother and me, and one from Jasper, Emmett, Rose, and Alice each. That's five," he counted, a smirk on his face.

"And one from Mr. Banner," I mumbled, not meeting his eyes.

"I see," he had replied, amusement in his voice. I was grateful when he left without saying anything else, and hoped that he wouldn't spread the news that my biology teacher felt the need to give me condoms...

But then I was horrified when I looked out my window to see what Bella was up to, only to have to face the obstacle of wood. Real wood, that is, blocking her visage from me, covering her bedroom window.

I hadn't spoken to her since the Principal's office, and I didn't know how she felt about any of this, and the only time I'd been able to force myself to look at her had been during Jasper's conversation with me. Now I wished I had paid more attention so I could have seen this happening. And seen whether or not she had witnessed my conversations for the evening... And the tasteless items I was given by my family.

I hoped to any God in existence that she hadn't.

And especially that the Chief hadn't.

But now her windows were boarded up, and I didn't know how she was or if she was alright.

I did the only thing I could think of: I climbed out of my window for the second time in two nights and climbed down the trellis. I still had a bit of an adrenaline rush for not killing myself doing so, but I was in a saner mind set than the last time. I might be a rule-breakin' hooligan by doing this, but I wasn't invincible. And Charlie Swan would probably shoot me before he strangled me if he saw me.

So I leaned my back against the side of the house while I scouted the terrain. No one was in the front room of our house, and I spied a head in through the living room of Bella's, facing the TV rather than the outside. I was in the clear if I didn't draw unnecessary attention to myself, so I took a couple steps out into the yard.


"Ssh!" I hissed, dramatically waving my hand at Meyer, who was hanging in his doghouse with Steph.

"Uh-woo-woo-woo-woo-wooooof!" he howled happily in response to me, and I panicked, sprinting across the two lawns and street separating our houses.

No one came to check on the dogs, and I didn't think that Chief Swan was distracted from his game. Thankfully.

My hands were shaking as I grabbed the lowest limb on the tree next to Bella's window, and I had to pause before pulling myself up. I would have ended up killing myself if I tried to pull myself up fifteen feet without a steady hand.

It was much harder this time around. I was exhausted—both physically and emotionally—and I didn't know how Bella would react to seeing me. If she hated me and screamed at my appearance, then this could very well be the end of my life. At least I got to kiss her before I went...

The curtains of her side window were closed, and I knocked lightly on the glass, hoping the Chief wasn't inside, talking to her at that moment.

Something crashed and Bella let out a light yell of shock before the curtain popped open, her wide eyes staring at me in surprise.

"Bella?" I heard muffled in the background, and the curtain closed in my face again. "Are you alright?"

"Fine," she squeaked, and I held my breath. Had he seen her looking out the window, or was she quick enough?

"I heard something break."

"Yeah, I started falling asleep doing my homework and dropped my book. It hit my picture frame," she explained, and I heard the tinkling of glass as she picked up the item in question. "A shame, really..."

"We'll get another one for you when we go into Port Angeles tomorrow," he said, almost reassuringly. He was being awfully kind, considering what had happened earlier in the afternoon. Perhaps the Chief wasn't as tough as he looked, or perhaps he put all the blame on me. The second option seemed more likely.

"Thanks, Dad," she said, letting out a yawn. "I think I'm going to get ready for bed. I don't want to break anything else."

"Alright, Bella. Sleep well," he said, and I heard her bedroom door close.

Not even five seconds later the curtain opened back up.

"Edward, what are you doing here?" she whispered frantically, though she opened the window to allow me entrance. She either hated me enough to wish death upon me, or she wasn't mad. I'd find out which soon enough.

"I wanted to see how you were, and I was afraid to call," I admitted.

"Justifiably so, but you scared the hell out of me," she said, looking anywhere but into my eyes.

"I'm sorry about your picture frame," I said, glancing over to the broken glass on her desk. It was a picture of much younger Bella with a woman who could only be her mother. They were on a beach together.

"It's fine," she said dismissively, following with a long pause. "My window's boarded up..."

I grimaced. "I noticed."

"He didn't think it was appropriate for our rooms to face each other when I didn't have the ability to close my curtains. He thinks you're a pervert who would watch me sleeping or something."

"Good to know," I grumbled. Her father used to actually like me, once upon a time before his daughter moved in with him.

"But we're going into town tomorrow to buy materials to fix that. My beloved window won't be like that for long, thankfully," she said, stroking the wood. Of the window frame, of course. I needed to get my mind onto a safer topic, but it wasn't easy, now that I'd been so intimate with her. "I've always loved that window, so it's kind of sad to see it like this."

"I understand," I said, looking over her sad face. "I've recently developed a certain affection for my front window as well. I'd hate to be without it for any period of time."

She blushed, and I knew that she caught my meaning.

"So this isn't a permanent thing?" I confirmed after a moment, gesturing to the poor boarded up window.

"No, thank goodness. But Charlie's just trying to protect me, so I can't really blame him."

It seemed that they both went easy on each other.

"I suppose not."

She didn't say anything, and I cleared my throat awkwardly; I found myself wanting to follow Mr. Banner's advice, surprisingly enough.

"So, um..." I paused to clear my throat again. My palms were sweating. "I was wondering if maybe I could take you out on Friday?"

Her mouth fell open in shock, and she didn't say anything. Was she not expecting this? Did she not want this? I explained to give me something to do other than shift awkwardly as I waited for her to answer.

"I think we went about this kind of backwards, and I know I should have asked you on a date before we made out, but better late than never, right? We could have dinner. Or see a movie. Or both. Or neither. We could do something else entirely, if you'd like. I'm completely open to whatever you want to do. I mean-"

"Edward, I can't," she interrupted, looking sad. She felt bad for me. Kissing me was a one time thing. Maybe she liked me before, but I wasn't any good at it so she changed her mind...

"Oh. Alright." I didn't know if I should speak again, or just leave. What was the protocol for being rejected so bluntly and without explanation?

"I wish I could, but..."

She wishes. Meaning that she regretted kissing me. She did it because she wanted to like me, but she didn't like kissing me. It was the only excuse, really.

"But Charlie grounded me for a couple days. I can't go anywhere except school for three days."

I wanted to cheer.

"Three days including today, or starting tomorrow? Because if it includes today, then you could be free Saturday night. You know, if you wanted to," I added in at the end, failing at my attempted nonchalant attitude. My grin would have given me away right off the bat.

"Um, you know, I have no idea? I'll let you know at school tomorrow," she smiled in reply. She wanted to go out with me...

"If you still can't, then maybe we could have a picnic on Sunday? I know this really cool place around here, and it's a nice place to just hang out..."

"We could do both," she suggested, her cheeks bright red.

"We could," I agreed. I wanted to kiss her in gratitude. She still wanted me, and I was amazed by her.

Then she paled. "If my Dad will let me."

I gulped.

"I think he will... We have an understanding of sorts, but he won't make things easy on you."

I gulped again. "Should I... ask him for permission?" She scowled. "I mean, I still want to see you even if he doesn't approve, but would it make it easier on us if I asked? Would he go for that kind of thing?"

"I don't know. I've never had this kind of situation before. It couldn't hurt? But not now! He'd kill you for being in the house now!" she exclaimed quietly, and I had to chuckle. I might have been foolish enough to act like a fool in Biology, but I wasn't stupid enough to approach the Chief from within his own house, especially at this time of night, and especially just after The Incident.

I smiled softly at her confusion, obviously wondering what had me so amused. Her unpredictable reactions were why I adored her so.

"I'll wait, but only because you say so," I told her with a wink, loving the shade of pink she turned in response.

"Yeah..." she said, looking away from me in embarrassment. I couldn't have her doing that to me now.

"Hey," I said quietly, placing a hand gently under her chin until she lifted it up to look me in the eyes. "You're gorgeous," I began truthfully, and her cheeks reddened more. "And your blush highlights that beaut even more. You don't need to hide it from me."

She nodded, albeit a bit hesitantly, and blushed further, a wide smile gracing her lips. I wanted to pump my fist in the air. Watching the Carey Grant movies last night came in handy—I was a suave rule-breakin' hooligan, after all, it seemed. I just needed to somehow keep it going and not screw anything up with her.

"Well, I probably should go to sleep like I told Charlie," she said after a moment, and I reluctantly let her pull away from me.

She stood there looking at me for a moment, and I had a repeat of the conversation I had with myself the last time I needed to exit from her room.

Should I kiss her goodnight? Give her a hug? She wasn't puckering her lips at me, so I just reached over to give her a hug as she leaned up to kiss me and my chin slammed into her teeth.

It would be a challenge not to mess up with her.


I was grateful that Mr. Banner only had to have his arm in a sling for the rest of the week, as I most certainly did NOT enjoy driving him everywhere.

He complained, he advised, and he smelled like he wore too much Ax body spray. I knew it was rumored that he had a young girlfriend out of town, but did he have to overdo it with the cologne to act younger as well?

"I suggest that you try to stay within the speed limit, Mr. Cullen," he interjected irritably as I pulled out of his driveway on the way to school Thursday morning.

I wanted to roll my eyes, but of course I didn't. "I'm ten miles under right now, Mr. Banner," I responded instead.

"Yes, but when we went to the store yesterday, I saw you creeping a couple miles over on the highway. I have no desire for you to attempt to kill me again."

I sighed and simply agreed, keeping a diligent eye on the speedometer to make sure I stayed five miles under the limit at all times.

And slammed on the breaks when a deer crossed into the road.

"Umf!" came from the seat beside me, and I saw Mr. Banner clutching his arm, which had been rammed into the the side window.

"I'm sorry," I squeaked out, blushing just as bad as Bella had the night before.

"Yes, I'm sure you are," he said harshly in response.

No more words were spoken through the remainder of the car ride.

I pulled into a slot close to the front door, being as the parking lot was almost empty--Mr. Banner had wanted to arrive forty-five minutes before the first bell rang. I sat for a moment, waiting for him to say something or exit the car, but he didn't. After three minutes of silence and stillness, I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened my door.

"Wait a moment, Mr. Cullen," he said, the same harsh voice as before.

I paused, slightly nervous. What had I done wrong?

"Mr. Cullen... Edward..." I turned and raised a shocked eyebrow at him. He never called anyone by their first names. "What have your parents done to punish you, Edward?"

"Uh..." I began, unsure of where he was going with the conversation. "Not much, really. I had my phone taken away, and I have to give you a ride wherever you need to go for the next couple days. I mean, not that it's a problem or anything, sir, I don't mind chauffeuring you around, of course-"

"You don't need to kiss my ass, Mr. Cullen." And we were back to my last name again. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone off on a tangent like that. "I was just asking, because I wanted to know if you took what I said yesterday into mind. Are you going to attempt to be a gentleman and treat Ms. Swan to a real date, or do you plan on mauling each other in my class again. I feel I should prepare myself, after all."

Words escaped for me a moment as I stared at him, until I could finally make my tongue function enough to answer. "She's grounded."

"I see. So you spoke to her while she was grounded?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. I paled. Would he tell the Chief? Neither of them had any love for me after The Incident, I knew.

"No?" I lied unconvincingly.

"I see. So you have not followed my sound advice then?"

"I, um, I don't know?" He was confusing me.

"Perhaps you should come up with a solid opinion on what your actions were before you're interrogated by the rest of the student body following your abhorrent activities yesterday, Mr. Cullen," he said, lugging himself out of the car and leaving me sitting in stunned silence.

Was he really trying to help me avoid the masses of Forks High?

Perhaps driving Mr. Banner wouldn't be such a bad thing after all, if he was really trying to look out for me. Or at least for Bella, as she was more likely to receive his symphathy.

As if hearing my thoughts, I heard her truck crawl into the slowly-filling parking lot, and could see her beautiful face through the windshield. I was by her side by the time she parked, opening the door for her and taking her backpack and her hand to assist her down.

"I'm free Saturday night," she told me, a slight breathless tone to her voice.

I grinned in response, and kissed her shiny pink lips.

And when her mouth reached mine, I knew it would be possible for me to fall in love with Bella Swan.


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