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Eizan had no idea...that Ami would kiss him like that. He's not sure, but he thinks she might even have feelings for him. It just wasn't her. And especially since SHE was there.

Jimmy was walking by and noticed Eizan looked like he saw a ghost. "Hey dawg! What's wrong wit ju?" he asked. Eizan shook his head. "Ami...she asked me out to the dance then kissed me!" Eizan responded.

Jimmy let a chuckle escape. "And you said what?" Eizan scratched his head. "I said no," he responded. Jimmy patted his shoulder. "Eizan? You crazy."

Okuni walked past the boys, acting careless. "Hey! Okuni! Is it true?" Jimmy asked her before she ignored him. Okuni gasped. "What?? What's true?? Nothing is true. I mean uh- why?" she hesitantly said. Jimmy rolled his eyes. "That Ami flirted with Eizan. That's actually some girl," he said. Okuni laughed a bit. "Yea, it was awkward, but funny at the same time," she said. Eizan placed his head down and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Ami was shopping for her dress. She ran through many gowns of all kinds. She had no idea which one to pick. Just when she was about to grab a neon blue dress, a girl with short blond hair took it first. "Oh no," Ami thought to herself.

"AMI!!" Torrence yelled happily and hugged the young girl. "Uh, hi Torrence. I see you are back from, uh-California," she said, with no enthusiasm whatsoever.
"I know! And I heard there's gonna be a dance at Shuriken! I am sooooo coming," she said, checking her nails. Ami growled. (Well inside her head of course).

"You can't come unless you have a date," Ami pointed out happily. Torrence's smile disappeared. Then she smiled again. "Oh that's right! I have a boyfriend, so he can take me!" Ami groaned.

Another meanwhile, Jimmy and Eizan were looking for a date out in the world.

"See Eizan, I am the master of dating. Just look at girls like you need 'em and then you'll meet 'em! Easy," Jimmy said cocking an eyebrow to an Asian girl. She giggled.

Eizan however, did not like the idea. "But Jimmy, I'm real bad at flirting," he said.

"Just TRY," Jimmy said. Eizan took a deep breathe.

"Hey baby, wanna hang out at my school's dance?" Jimmy asked a girl wearing a parka. (In summer??)

"Sure! 'Cause your cute!" To that, she waved and left. "See? Now you try," Jimmy said. Eizan went to a girl who wore boots of fur. "Hey uh- baby, wanna come with me to a dance in my school?" he asked. "I don't date boys who are the color of my school bus," she sneered and left.
Eizan stood there puzzled. "What did she say?" he asked. Jimmy sweat-dropped. "Nothing you should know Eizan. Now come on! There's plenty more out there!" Jimmy said. Eizan sighed. He was not very fond of this.

Meanwhile, Daisuke sat all alone by the lake, throwing rocks again. Stupid you, your never gonna get a date. Your always on to girls and especially Ami, he thought.
Your so stupid. Everyone's got someone to take. Marcos has a date, Jacques has a date, even Nobunaga has a date! Oh you stupid.

Suddenly, he thought..." HEY! I know someone who has no date!" And he ran to wherever she was. Right by Katana school she was. "Okuni!" he yelled. She gasped silently and scowled. "Get out of here! NOW!" she whispered loudly. He, however, ignored her and went on. "You have no one to take to the dance, right?"

Okuni rolled her eyes. "I'm not even going," she responded. Daisuke ignored her again. "Well, I was wondering if...WE can go together. You are cute by the way!" he yelled happily.
Okuni slapped her forehead. "NO!! Not a chance!" she yelled. "Who's there?" You can already guess it was someone from Katana school. Okuni hesitated. No choice, she jumped on Daisuke, pushed him behind the bushes and kissed him. (Scene from Danny Phantom!) Bruce Chang opened the bushes and stuck his tongue out. "Blah! Gross! Loser love!" And he ran off. She stopped and sighed in relief.

"That was awesome!" Daisuke yelled. Okuni rolled her eyes and smacked him.

"Aw, see Jimmy? I'm terrible at flirting!" Eizan yelled. He had just finished trying to get to many girls, 10 to be exact but they all smacked him or pushed him aside.
"Dawg, you ain't terrible. You just not trying hard enough! You gotta act strong and bold to win a girl's heart!" Jimmy explained.

"No Jimmy, I'm just not as good looking as you. Maybe I won't go to the dance. I'll just stay home being the miserable creature I've always been," Eizan complained hopelessly.

"Trash! And yes, I AM good looking, aren't I? But that's not the point. The point is, YOU need a girl, and you HAVE to go to the dance. If not, then...I won't go," Jimmy said.
Eizan looked at him. "Would you now Jimmy?" he asked, feeling warmth in his heart.

"Yea, shut up. Now let's find a date for you before I'm gonna have to cancel my date."
"You have a date?" Eizan asked. "Yup. Ami." Eizan widened his eyes. "Oh...I see," he responded. Jimmy grinned and the both walked back inside Shuriken School.

Okuni was not enjoying herself. She felt lonely and sad, almost feeling suicidal. Yea, she was smart, yea, she was sweet, yea, she was intelligent, yea, she was funny, yea, she was unique. But, she did not believe she was pretty. (But I do). No one has asked her yet and her mom said it was very impolite to ask someone out without knowing if they liked you too.
She wished she would find her soul mate one day, but to her, there was no such thing as love. And perhaps never will to her. It hurt but not as much as being lonely. Without her lovely family, she felt empty especially her heart. But being the strong and ambitious girl she always was, she kept holding it inside herself. Not like she wanted to but she wanted everyone to know she was fine and that her negative feelings were far behind her.

She'd always dream about her guardian angel to come for her and guide her, take care of her, and hold her in his arms, but Okuni knew guardian angels only exist in fairy tales and stories. They couldn't be real.

Ami picked the perfect dress. Wait 'till those boys see her wearing it! They're gonna drool until they drown all of Shuriken School! She was so excited. It was gonna be perfect. Her happy mind had been annoyingly interrupted by Torrence's yapping voice.

"I'm gonna be the prettiest girl of the dance! I'm gonna be wearing this beautiful dress and I'm gonna be simply gorgeous!!" she said happily as she checked her nails. Ami growled and grew devil ears. "So anyway, who are you going with?" Torrence asked Ami. Ami smiled and closed her eyes proudly. "Jimmy B. And he's the only cutest boy in this stupid school. So, I'm a lucky girl to be going with him," Ami said as she pushed her hair in back of her with her hand.
Torrence smiled. "Good for you!" she stated happily. Ami checked her nails. "Who are YOU going with?" "I'm going with Eizan!!"
Ami froze.

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