Summary of this chapter: Ash's cousin is coming to Pallet Town for visiting with her Houndour.


It was great and nice weather in Pallet Town of Kanto Region. At the home of Ketchum's lives, Ash's mother, Delia Ketchum, was doing her garden while Mimey, nickname for Mr. Mime, was sweeping the floor with the broom.

For the past few months or so, She was very proud of her son that Ash has finally complete all seven Battle Frontier that she told by Professor Oak. She also learn that Ash will be back home with Brock and Misty who came with them after three sisters have return from their vacation but three of them are been punished by Misty's eldest sisters.

However, when Misty called from Cerulean City that after she been doing great job as a gym leader but she really want to go on more journeys with her secret crush Ash, Pikachu and Brock until her fifth and eldest sister named Meranda came back from her journey and give her permission to go with Ash and Brock. Delia knew that Misty likes or rather fall in love with her son from the beginning and always thinks Misty as part of the family.

As speaking of family, Mrs. Ketchum smiled in sadly as she took out a picture from her apron pocket and looking at picture of her son as little boy and he's holding a baby girl who's sleeping in the picture that has blond hair with two tiny buns.

Delia sighed. "How the time flies." Then looking up at the clear blue sky and thinking in her mind. "I wonder how she doing right know?"

Meanwhile at near the exit of Viridian Forest, a mystery trainer who's happens to be female and her pokemon Houndour walking throughout the Viridian City that's leads them out of the city and both of them were heading to Route 1 that's leading the road to Pallet Town.

Houndour's trainer decide to rest on big rock while her pokemon went for drink on the river stream.

"Let's take a break, Knight. After a long walk from our journey, we might get our legs blister." She said as she sit down on the big rock.

"Bark!" Houndour bark in agreed with it's trainer and walking to her and laid down on cool, clean grass while she took out her map book from her backpack.

"Hmm…according to the map, we getting closer to Pallet Town in 1 or 2 hours." She said and put her map book away then took out something else and looking a photo with smile on her face. "It's been years since my cousin and his family came to visit at my hometown."

Houndour was curious at it's trainer as it looking at the picture she holding. As it looking at the picture that show three people: Two adult, little black hair boy, and it's trainer as sweet little girl.

"This is my relatives, boy." She said as she revealing her pokemon Knight is male. "The adult male is my uncle, the female adult is my aunt, and the boy is cousin name Ash Ketchum. These three are living from Pallet Town where we staying."

"Bark." Knight understood.

"You and rest of my pokemon are going to love there. Pallet Town is great and quiet place to visit." She said as she got up from the rock. "So are you ready to go?"

"Bark-bark!" Knight barked as a yes and then two of them start walking down the road path.

Later then, two of them have finally arrived at Pallet Town as they're continued walking down the path toward to the house of Ketchum. When they got to the front door as female trainer press the doorbell button and wait.

The door opened as she saw Delia answered. "Hello, Aunt Delia."

Delia surprised and happy at the same time as they hugged together. "My dear niece. I'm so glad to see you again. I haven't see you and your mother since you both came to visiting with us."

"It's great to see you too, Aunt Delia. Is Ash and my uncle are home? I can't wait to see them again." said Delia's niece.

"I'm sorry. Ash is still probably at Hoenn region with his friends at and as for your uncle, he still hasn't return since he left for special mission that he got called from Sinnoh Region." said Delia in saddest about her husband that she's missed him so.

"Oh. I see. But that's okay. I can still wait for them." said her niece and her Houndour barked agreed.

"That's so nice of you, honey. And who this pokemon of yours?" Delia asked as she looking dark dog pokemon.

"Aunt Delia meet my pokemon Houndour. But I name him Knight." She replied as her pokemon barked greeting. "He's very loyal and as well overprotected pokemon to me and my team."

"Oh, my! What a polite pokemon you have. Oh! You two must be starve. I'm just about to made lunch of delicious soup recipe that one of my son's friend give me."

Then the three of them went to kitchen. Her niece give pokemon food to Knight as he chow down while she and Delia ate their soup. Delia even introduce her to Mimey (Mr. Mime). Mimey really like Delia's niece since she very nice and kind human to it.

"So Aunt Delia, when will Ash be come back home?" she asked.

"I'm not sure, honey. I haven't called from him since I been told from Prof. Oak that Ash beat all seven Battle Frontier members." Delia replied.

"Really? That's amazing." Her niece surprised. "But what happened after Ash got seven

Battle Frontier badges?"

"From I heard from Prof. Oak that once Ash has seven of them, he'll offered to become a role member of Battle Frontier but my son decline that offer since he want to go on more journey." Delia told her niece.

"Wow! Ash is amazing." said Delia's niece.

"He sure is. I'm so proud of him and I'm pretty sure my husband will be proud so much too."

Just then, they heard the phone ring from living room, Delia went to the living room and answering the phone.

"Hello. Ketchum residents." Delia polite.

"Hey, mom!" Delia gasped happily that it was her son, Ash Ketchum, on the phone as she's switch on the phone screen.

"Hi, sweetie." She smiled as she saw her son along with Pikachu on his shoulder on the screen. "And hello to you too, Pikachu."

"Pika!" Pikachu said 'hi' to her.

"Mom, my friends and I are going to spending the night in Viridian City at the pokemon center. So we'll be home in Pallet Town by tomorrow afternoon." Ash told her.

"That's great, honey. Oh! Ash, guess what? Your cousin's here at your house for visiting."

"She is? That's great, mom. I can't wait to see her. Can I talk to her? And I think Pikachu wants to meet her as well." Ash laughed.

"Pika. Pikachu!" Pikachu nodded.

"Of course. Hold on. Honey! Ash wants to talk to you." Delia called out to her.

"Coming." Her niece reply as enter the room and got the phone. "Hey, cuz and hello to you too, Pikachu."

"Pika! Pika!" Pikachu was in heaven as his eyes turned into heart when he saw Ash's cousin as two trainers laugh at lovesick Pikachu.

"So, Ash, when you and Pikachu will be back home?" she asked her cousin.

"My friends and I will be back home tomorrow. I hope you like to meet my friends very soon." Ash told her.

"I would love to meet them. And Ash, when you and your friends get here, I would like to ask you something." she asked him.

"Sure. I'll see you at tomorrow, cuz." said Ash.

"See ya, tomorrow." She said as they're hung up the phone.

As the night appeared, Mrs. Ketchum let her niece to spent the night in the guest room. Then, it's time for two ladies and Houndour to go to bed. Knight was already asleep on the rug as he felt his trainer patting him gently on his head and that made his tail wag.

"Sleep well, Knight. I can't wait to see my cousin and his friends tomorrow when they get back." She whispering to her sleepy pokemon as she slept as well.

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